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  1. And some more progress┬▒ Finished the bayou gremlins from the Bayou Boss set, the limited one is on the way: The Pigapult: Also finished some scenery lately, I allready posted this in another thread but for completeness of this thread I will also post them here. I am now working on the Nightmare Whiskey Golem and finishing the creative taxidermy set and also Sammy is awaiting some paint.
  2. Allright, the cabin is finished. Not sure which piece of terrain I'll make next. It will either be a water tower or a shipwrecked riverboat. The Swamp cabin: Cheers!
  3. That's absolutely correct. After the first photo I gave it a very light brush with some plaster to give the wire a less smooth appearance, next time I might do this a bit more. Some WIP for now: It's actually almost finished, just need to create the swamp base. Needto make some more tufts for that, i'll post a pic as soon as it's finished.
  4. Made some fences, the cheap and easy way!
  5. For June: The Sow 8pts, Gluttony 8pts and Som'er Teeth Jones 15 pts. I'm going to be a bit more ambitious for July. I want at least the following models painted and hopefully some more Cheers!
  6. Hi all, I've been mostly painting and to some extend playing gremlins the last couple of months. Currently I'm working on a bayou board and Scenery to go with it. I'd like to show my progress in this thread and hope to get some extra motivation to finish this plan. It is quite a lot of work but so far very has been rewarding. For the board the plan is to make it completely flat and in this way be able to create a different table every time you play it with the individual scenery pieces. Some scenery I have made so far: Moonshine Still (before and after) A bay
  7. Not the best picture (might replace it later on), but he's finished. Now only 2 more Bayou Gremlins and another Skeeter from the box set. The LE Bayou Gremlin also arrived so might as well finish him then. To be continued...
  8. Needed a break from pigs and green. Gluttony, not really as satisfied as I'd like to be with him but for now he is finished. Maybe I'll do something about his facepaint later...
  9. Thanks Rikk. I always just mix up paints as I go for each mini individually so it's quite hard to formulate an exact recipe. I use almost only Vallejo. The base is a very dark mixture of Beasty Brown, Pale Flesh and black. I add more Pale Flesh for every other layer. For the Sow I used about 5 or 6 layers. Up next will be Som'er and Gluttony. After them the Wong Box, Pigapult and some more Piglets should be next.
  10. Ulix pulling a fresh piglet out of the Sow, that would be hilarious and at the same time a very disturbing image
  11. For the tree I used 2 sizes of wire (about 1mm and 0,5mm. The thicker ones you twist in the centre untill you are satisfied with the main trunk thickness. I guess I used about 12 for this. Make sure to leave enough length untwisted for the roots at the bottom and branches at the top. You will want these to be rather longer than too short and clip these later on. For the branches at the top you take 2 or 3 of the main wires and twist these into seperate bundles. At this point you can decide leaving out sidebranches where you want them. Clip these to proper length after modeling them into s
  12. I think adding a pair of socks would make it more recognizable as a clothesline. Love to see the endresult you have a very appealing paintstyle!
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