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  1. madaxeman

    M2e Kaeris

    Its a good theory, but having tried it, its a lot harder to pull off. It depends on getting 3 models in alignment not just 2, and also makes your activation order immensely more challenging - as Howard ends up waiting to activate after being teleported. If you think of it as an upgrade giving Howard an option for a 10 inch+ place as his zero action.. thats oretty cool as an upgrade and nly means you need to fit in one or two cheap, fast or tanky beast models to your crew to make it work. I've found that its also still so rarely used that opponents don't really know what it will do.
  2. madaxeman

    M2e Kaeris

    Try Blade and Claw on Howard. Gives him an insane threat range combined with any forward-deployed small Beast as a swap-places option.
  3. madaxeman

    Schemes & Stones Ramos Crew Spotlight

    Not the end of the world if its spiders in the melee... ! Given the strike markers come off once they have dealt any damage at all to anyone, getting multiple attacks might still be worthwhile I'd have thought. Interesting to see what the 'casters think and why Mages weren't on the list maybe?
  4. madaxeman

    Schemes & Stones Ramos Crew Spotlight

    Interesting ideas in the 'cast. Wouldn't the Mages be a better component for the Vox Populi crew though than the Captain and a minion - all three have up to 3 ranged attacks per turn that have an up to 6" push that deals damage as well as pushing into the terrain - and also benefit from activating late in the turn (ie after the strike markers are down) ?
  5. madaxeman

    Win, Lose or Boar - 7 July 2018

    Have we got timings for it as yet?
  6. madaxeman

    Win, Lose or Boar - 7 July 2018

    Im in
  7. madaxeman

    Models better out of faction

    Surely the really 'hard part' is that the Scorpius is rather too squishy for something that needs to be very close to multiple enemy models, and also needs to activate at a pretty specific point in the turn in order to do its thing? Harder to kill, ranged "expunge-like" effects or some sort of movement/turn sequence trick would all help it, and you could easily make a thematic argument for any of them as well I suspect
  8. As someone who's been bogged down by those vines and battered by that big angry thing.. what works ?
  9. madaxeman

    S - All 5 Malifaux Gamin - now sold

    4 hours to go..
  10. ebay auction, ended Friday evening (30th March) UK time All 5 Malifaux Gamin models, painted and based featuring one each of all of the current Gamin models (apart from Banasuva of course - but let's face it, he doesn't really count). Ideal to build out the very popular Sandeep "Beacon of Knowledge" box set, or indeed any Arcanist crew (particularly the Construct-favouring ones like Ramos, Kaeris or even MS&U favourite Ironsides) quickly and easily. This set of Gamin also saves you spending the thick end of £80 on five separate boxes of Wyrd's usual 3-to-a-pack Malifaux models when you actually only really want / will ever use one Gamin of each out of each box. With a low starting price equivalent to £1 each, that's a pretty hefty saving - especially when you think that the alternative is paying for 10 models you will probably never actually use anyway. But which would I'm sure be absolutely lovely and very well worth buying so don't let me put you off if that's what you want to do (if anyone from Wyrd is reading this). The Fire Gamin is an original metal figure with the Poison, Metal, Ice and Wind Gamin all being the newer plastic kits. All are assembled and very nicely painted, then matt varnished as well. They all have a fairly neutral basing scheme which I'm sure can easily be converted to be compatible with your own choice of scheme if you so wished. The Wind Gamin has been pinned to appear as if flying. And, more importantly, to allow you to pick him up and move him around the table confidently and without fear of breakages. All come with Malifaux stat cards - the Metal Gamin card is even an updated errata'ed one (without H2K...sob..). The Wind Gamin card is original and so is missing the recent mini-nerf to make it not quite so filthy, so you can either download the errata from the Wyrd website or maybe even just try to remember that they do actually now die when they are killed (rather than being buried) and that you get the 5" push on any model in your crew immediately. All five Gamin will be well packed in bubble wrap to stop them squabbling with each other in transit. Add £1 to postage for the rest of Europe is you are thinking of bidding from outside the UK ebay Link is here
  11. madaxeman

    M2E Marcus

    I used the Night Terror yesterday for the first time and was very impressed - it's super-quick so can get near to Marcus very quickly, can take a beating, and the "reduce range of CA actions" is a decent threat to many enemies which impacts their play even if it doesn't actually go off. It's also a very amusing jumping off point to use for Howard carrying Blade & Claw, as you can put it almost wherever you like on the table, and then drop your Howard in 30mm beyond it for what is an effectively 11", zero-action increase to his threat range.
  12. madaxeman


    OK, so ... on Twitter (if you are..), every Monday how about posting a photo of a model with the hashtag #MalifauxMonday It's easy to do (especially if you pre-do a few weeks of them on Tweetdeck), and it could maybe become a "thing".. ?
  13. madaxeman

    Night Terror - Madaxeman

    Picked up half a box of these with a clubmate who also wanted just a couple of them. Rather a tricky model to assemble to say the least, and it did also need a bit of filling (using white plaster - shown in one photo). The fiddly bits are so fiddly that at one point I started to wonder if fixing an entirely unmade sprue to a 30mm base would be regarded as competition-legal. Anyway, glad I persevered, as the end result - which is basically black matt undercoat and a series of drybrushed layers - is one I'm pretty happy with.
  14. In theory a core Poison-themed-crew model that... isn't immune to Poison itself that needs to be in the thick of the action but only has 6 wounds (OK, armour 1...but still) has a pretty half-hearted expunge when surely this should be it's "thing"... ...and the expunge can only be used once a turn as it's a zero action ... and even though the expunge only can do two damage, it still only has a rather feeble range of 1" ... and even though the expunge has a built in trigger to Paralyze, this really will only work if the Sorpius is in place for 2 consecutive turns to take advantage of the auto-slow (see point 2) Eh? I suppose the upside is that Wyrd have got a large choice of things to fix one to make it a better model!
  15. madaxeman

    Arcane Vanilla?

    Yeah, Sandeep is messy to play.. but that is probably a different thread. I guess I was more meaning the horror duel-esque stuff that makes it difficult for you to play your own game, or the "everyone in this aura gets negatives to this, that and the other" bits. Arcanist stuff seems generally about making our own guys hit a bit harder, whereas other factions seem to have a couple area ability-denial models or masters. (I think... !). Marcus has the +2/-2 WP aura, but other than that what sort of wide area enhancement/denial stuff do we have?