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  1. elrodogg


    Wyrd customer service is amazing... problem solved.
  2. For sale is a painted TTB Kickstarter Hannah. Check it out bid often or even just buy it now. http://www.ebay.com/itm/202031165185?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  3. I have a metal one of each I can trade or sell.
  4. Price lowered. Please give these Gremlins a home.
  5. Congratulations! You have a prime opportunity to get into Gremlins with essentially a complete faction! All of this can be yours for the asking price of $500 plus shipping costs. A bit about the lot. I will include the display base that the army was photographed on at no additional charge. I am ONLY selling it as a complete faction, so please don't waste either of our time with questions about parting it out. Anyhow... here's what I have: Wong Somer Mah Tucket Ulix Brewmaster Zoraida Lovely Assistant 2x Mosquitos Voodoo Doll Apprentice Ulix’s Doggy Old Cranky McTavish (conversion) Sammy Lacroix Trixie Francois Burt Jebson Lenny Rami Lacroix Merris Lacroix Macho Roja Whiskey Golem 3x Waldgeists 2x Lightning Bugs 2x Boars 6x Stuffed Piglets 3x Piglets 10x Bayou Gremlins 2x Slop Hauler 3x Rooster Riders Pigapault The Sow Gracie Old Major Warpig Performer 2x Moon Shinobis Young Lacroix Unpainted & Partially Extras: Remainder of the Ophelia Lacrois box set Somer Avatar (partially painted) Remainder of the Mah Tucket box set Lightning Bug Raphael Lacrois
  6. Like the title says, I have a translucent Dreamer and Lynch crews for trade and am looking to sell or trade for a Zipp / Sky Pirates crew. if interested let me know.
  7. Couple of items sold... keep the buy offers coming.
  8. Where are you based? If the price+shipping was right I could take Loco and the Student of Conflict off of your hands.


    I'm in Iowa, area code 52240 if you need to calculate shipping.

  9. Hey everyone, Looking to move some stuff I won't be getting around to painting or playing anytime soon. I would love for it to find a good home. Its mostly oop metal, so I don't expect to trade retail for retail. Looking for any collection of current plastic outcasts (probably my next faction). Also looking to trade for translucent or day-glo Neverborn crews. Last, looking for a couple of remaining ressurs for my collection. Specifically, a necrotic machine, a vulture and a couple of spare flesh golems. Guild Crew - largely metal - much of it painted albeit poorly. lady justice Hoffman Hoffman avatar 4 guild hounds austringer scales of justice executioner Ryle abuela Brutal effigy - sold 3 death marshals 3 guild guard 2x guild sergeant, student of conflict (outcast general totem) - sold 3x guild rifleman desperate mercenary guild pathfinder with one trap exorcist warden Hunter Guardian 3x watchers Sidir santiago, papa loco, - sold perdita, pistolero de latigo francisco, enslaved nephilim pistolero nino Ramos/Arcanist (please note all OOP metal models): Ramos – painted Ramos Avatar - painted Electrical Creation - painted Mechanical toolkit – painted Brass Arachnid - painted Howard Langston - painted Soul miner - painted Johan - assemble Joss - assembled 2x Large Arachnids - painted 12 Spiders (3x mounted on 40mm base) – 6 painted, 6 unpainted
  10. Ever since the release of rooster riders, frenljns have done fine with schemes. Insignificant isn't as bad as one thinks.
  11. Time to share my latest project. I wanted to do something different this time around and went for a very limited color palette themed Ressurs crew and am pretty happy with the results. The idea was to keep it to the blues, greys and silvers. Also went with as many classic metal models as well. Anyhow, I hope you like it. I'll post more pics as the crew expands (McMourning is on deck).
  12. Looking to purchase some oops metal Guild Autopsies. Anyone looking to sell? Painted, primed, whatever, the condition doesn't matter.
  13. Just finished my very first Malifaux faction in time for BKFaux this weekend. Complete with display base (turns out it might have too small... or my crew too big... oops). Anyhow, just wanted to share the Bayou's Brightest with everyone!
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