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  1. As for an actual contribution to the discussion, now that Lilitu can grow into a Mature Nephilim I believe we should get an official female alt. for it. I realize you could use one of the various Nekima models as a stand-in, but still... Another option (for the ladies?): Mr. Greystoke - male alt. Myranda For ToS, I think a female Charles Edmonton would be pretty cool. Call her 'Charlene' or something.
  2. She could use an updated sculpt, or relinquish the name for a female alt. lawyer as suggested. THIS! Not that I have any invested interest in the crazy cat lady aesthetics or anything...
  3. Might be interesting to try out, but I will echo that by changing the Schemes that significantly at this stage of the game would require a lot more playtesting and drag out Open Beta even longer. Might be better suited as an option/point of discussion for ME3's Gaining Grounds/equivalent. An idea: maybe another way to add the bluffing aspect back into the current pool of Schemes to a lesser degree is allow the first point to be scored as its written now, but have two options/ways to score the second point? That way, even if you show your hand early when scoring the first point, your opponent will not know by which means you plan to score the second?
  4. Sounds like this is more about a perceived issue with Lynch's rules rather than a matter of soulstones slowing the game down. Personally I don't find Lynch too tanky. I play against him pretty regularly and, for the most part, as long as you can target him without having any Brilliance tokens he folds pretty easily (pun intended). Once the tokens start stacking, sure, it gets more difficult to land a blow. Apart from this, soulstone use is basically his only other defensive mechanic. He's got a very modest Df and Wp of 5 and no defensive triggers. Rig The Deck I suppose could be used creatively to help mitigate incoming attacks, but that's true for the whole crew, not just Lynch.
  5. Curses! If only I could get the time off! Next year...
  6. I would argue that if I see my opponent bringing a Master, especially a typically hardy, high Wd count one (looking at you Ressers), who is also packing a full 10SS, I'm probably going to shift my tactics to work around the Master, rather than attempting to eliminate it. Sometimes you simply run into a situation where killing a model is not worth the resources to achieve. I mentioned in another thread that in a game vs. Pandora I decided early on that I wasn't going to attempt to kill her simply because Terrifying 13 is a resource intensive nut to crack without Ruthless. I'd rather spend my AP elsewhere where it will efficiently earn me VP. Decreasing the SS cache cap isn't going to speed up the game to any significant degree, because you'll still find yourself in situations like this even at a 7SS cap. Instead try not to put yourself in a situation wherein your opponent gets the opportunity to spend all those SS they're stockpiling. Focus on other means of earning VP apart from killing the Master (or Henchmen for that matter) - better use of AP at that point.
  7. Played a game vs. Pandora over the weekend and I got to say, her crew is scary good if you're not prepared for it. Probably didn't help I was facing a duel Master list (Pandora + Dreamer), but that's a side point. Pandora alone was dishing out Stunned like it was candy (no pun intended, truly). Consequently, along with the rest of her crew passing out conditions, it felt like nearly every action against me was getting a due to Opportunist. And Misery is not useless by a long shot - it made things significantly more frustrating to position for Schemes and to keep models locked into engagement. By no means did Pandora's crew feel broken, but it was challenging to face at a minimum without running tailored models to counter it. I'd like to point to crews like Dreamer's, wherein their only near-universal survivability 'gimmick' is Terrifying. Sure, his crew can heal off failed Wp duels, but only when engaged with the model. Ruthless will still ruin their day just as easily as a Pandora crew, but remember that's kinda the idea. There will always be hard counters to any specific crew/model, but there will also be models/crews that by default are not equipped to handle it. I don't have the numbers to say how many Ruthless models are available in each faction, but it's not (at least based on my experience so far with ME3) as widespread as you might think. The point is, Pandora and her crew are more survivable than you're giving them credit for. Terrifying 13 vs. any non-Ruthless model is almost not worth pursuing, as you are potentially needing to dedicate real resources into landing attacks. And frankly I would kill for Manipulative to get stamped on some Nightmares. Plus utilizing Opportunist to pull conditions to gain to opposed duels (i.e. defensive flips), makes for a pretty hardy crew. I have to disagree. You have your reasons for gravitating to her crew/playstyle, but in my opinion her 'identity' under ME2 was basically 'negative play experience'. She was the source of several rage-quits I can recall during tournaments I hosted and several players in my meta deliberately stopped running her to keep from "being dicks". Long story short, it was not fun for most involved. There are reasons some Masters (not just Pandora) have changed under ME3, and sometimes it's been prompted by consistent negative reactions from the playerbase. Pandora's 'identity' may be different now, but I'm sure the change was made with the best of intentions in mind. I initially felt similarly about Marcus' changes, seeing his new playstyle negatively as a departure and loss of who he was under ME2. However, after a little adjustment of my own expectations, putting him to table now has proven simply a different, but still enjoyable play experience; not inherently negative. If you try out Pandora and find her to not be to taste anymore, that's fair. But her 'identity' isn't lost, it's only evolved alongside the new edition. Not all changes will appeal to everyone, and there's still a long way to go before everything in ME3 is finalized.
  8. Not to distract from the overall discussion, but @Yajnho I feel you are missing a lot of the intricacies of Dreamer's crew and how easy it is to summon models - or at least get them unburied. From the top, Waking Dreams states "After an enemy model fails a Wp duel caused by a friendly Action or Ability, one model with this Ability may Unbury in base contact with the enemy model after resolving the current Action." You lament that "Lord Chompy Bits literally cannot bring a buried model into play if engaged..." - You do realize Terrifying is an ability, right? Granted Chompy might not be able to trigger a Wp duel during his own activation if engaged, but he certainly can during your opponent's activation if targeted! And there's a lot of Terrifying to go around in a Nightmare crew. Actions like Terrorize, Biting Insult, and Glimpse of Insanity all make for good unburying catalysts - sure, they don't do damage, but they bring other benefits to the table. And if an Alp gets unburied, the action might as well do damage because you're generating 1 auto-damage, plus a free attack from the Alp himself! Twist Reality becoming a action is not as big of a hit as you think. For the bulk of Closed Beta is was a projectile attack - having that restriction removed is a relativity recent "let's try it out" maneuver. It's a good tool to trigger unbury, but by no means your only option. There are a lot of other assertions you make, especially about Dreamer himself and his versatility that I simply will have to disagree on. He and his crew are in a good place, and his summoning mechanics are not as bleak as you make them out to be. I think the bigger issue with Dreamer's summoning is a relative lack of options to summon and clearly some options taking precedent over others. I feel bad for Stitched Together in particular - I want to get these guys on the board, but I don't think they're worth 6ss to hire and most often I'm summoning Alps, Daydreams and Insidious Madnesses. Otherwise, more to point, I particularly don't see an issues to Dreamer's summoning mechanics. Other folks have expressed concerns with the ability to take interact actions when the model is summoned/unburies, but I feel like is a design choice - it gives Dreamer a leg up on some Schemes while others prove more difficult. I believe all Masters suffer/benefit from this phenomenon to some degree, as individual playstyles and crew mechanics mean they gravitate to some Schemes/Strategies over others. I can't speak to summoners as a whole, because I only deal with the one.
  9. Agreed. My intent was not to shift the topic to debate summoners, but rather to add context to my thought process regarding a potential tweak to Stunned. I actually edited my post to better reflect what I was trying to say. Trust me, I don't have a problem with Dreamer as is. I just figured I'd throw the idea for Stunned out into the void and see if anyone thought it was worth pursuing/trying out.
  10. True, but the train of thought is not about Deliver a Message per se, but rather the ability to take interact actions when summoned. For example, an Insidious Madness could, in theory, summon off an enemy model, use Scatter to push the enemy away and then drop a Scheme Marker. This could affect a number of Schmes for direct scoring or setup purposes the likes of Detonate Charges, Dig Their Graves, Deliver A Message (part 2), etc. Again, I'm not advocating to change the Schemes, or Dreamer's summoning mechanics/keyworded models, or anything along those lines. I'm simply proposing an idea that gives Stunned a little more kick that was spurred from reading about a summoner's mechanics. Heaven knows I've been playing Dreamer a lot under ME3, so I definitely would prefer keeping these options open to me 😁
  11. A little late to the party, but I had a thought about Stunned after reading a thread about summoning mechanics, specifically Dreamer's summoning. Currently, his summons are really effective at scoring several Schemes (Deliver A Message, etc.) since there are no restrictions on taking interact actions when they come into play in base contact with an enemy model. However, apart from being summoned in buried, they do gain Stunned when they come in per their summoning upgrade. Then it hit me - as a way to mitigate the effectiveness of Dreamer's summoning and Scheme scoring, what if Stunned negated triggers as written, but also negated interact actions? Granted this idea was bore in a vacuum, so I'm not sure if 1) Dreamer's summoning/Scheme scoring potential is actually that big of an issue, 2) what ramifications the change would have on other models that utilize Stunned offensively and, 3) if negating interact actions is inherently better or worse than negating bonus actions. Just a thought - I get why people want to change Stunned as to not negate bonus actions, but simply denying triggers feels maybe a bit too 'meh' of a condition to me. Maybe the interact actions approach is something to try. Or maybe not?
  12. Great feedback from someone new to the system. I think a lot of folks fail to remember not everyone has the experience/insight of ME2 to compare ME3 to, and accessibility to new players coming from other game systems is definitely a goal of the new edition. Also good to hear from more locals - I also frequent Giga-bites for Thursday night Malifaux.
  13. I quickly wanted to say thanks to @Kyle and @matt for adding some fun new 'easter eggs' along with the latest Beta files update. Jackalope's Creature of Caerbannog had me laughing at the subtle Monty Python reference. "We'll not risk another frontal assault. That rabbit's dynamite!" I know there's some concern about certain abilities and actions losing their flavor by being given more generic names, but when I see obvious call-outs like this, I'm not worried. As ME3 comes together, I feel like we're going to see a lot more name changes like this, whether as deliberate pop culture references or story driven decisions. With each new update I'll be looking for more hidden gems in the cards! What other fun, flavorful names and references has everyone noticed so far?
  14. I ran both Widow Weaver and Bandersnatch in a game last night and scored nearly full points largely due to Seize Prey. Outflank and Breakthrough felt far too easy to tag with them and I wasn't sweating the the random placement of Cursed Idols at all with their web 'safety nets'. I love the ability, both from a thematic and functional stance, but being able to teleport potentially across the board with no restrictions does honestly feel a bit too good. Perhaps limiting how far they can jump - say only to webs within 12" or 10" - might reign it in just enough? Technically WW can get more on the board in a Turn by hitting triggers.
  15. I played a game last night and tried out the new Lucid Dreaming. I used the action a little conservatively - only five times in total during four Turns. Removed an Ace, a 2, two 4s and a 6. All and all, it wasn't so bad - definitely less of an issue than I initially thought it would be. Luck is obviously a major factor with the action now, which will throw some people off as they prefer to play the game with the most control over potential outcomes. However, the ability is, I dare say, fun in its own way - the higher risk/reward of it all made me really think about when was the best points use it at. Is my deck running hot? Might be worth spamming a bit later in the Turn to flush out some inevitable low cards. Was my hand draw pretty dismal? Maybe I won't use Lucid Dreaming this Turn to minimize the potential loss of mid or high cards. Even though I shaved only just a few chaff cards from my deck, at a minimum it gave the illusion of making my deck better. Later in the game I felt like higher cards were coming up more often when I needed them, and Lucid Dreaming certainly helped cycling through my deck faster. To sum up, I believe the action functions fine as is. It's flavorful in the sense no other crew really have a mechanic like it. As some are claiming ME3 lacks in randomness and distinct, "fun" abilities, this one really fits that bill. However, it's not essential to play the crew and players who would rather not tempt fate don't need to utilize it. If luck is on your side, it can prove very powerful if spammed earlier in the game... but you run the risk of eliminating some higher cards that you'll need later. It's interesting at the very least.
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