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  1. not using the interact was a problem when I started so that is a good point I will change it to fit that in. I really like the escalation idea and I planned on running one soon thank you for the outline but I want to start free just so the people I am showing it to gets a feel for the game before they invest into it. Thank you for the input it is much appreciated 😊..
  2. Hello everyone I am not sure where to post this so I am just putting it here.... malifaux is my favorite miniatures game and I am trying to grow the community in my local FLGS. I have run one or two small events but no real miniature games yet. I am thinking of doing 20 or 25 SS On a 2x2 over 2 or 3 rounds. And just basically kill each other. This is just to show people the core of the game. I will be doing other demos that will go deeper into the game and tournament and so on.. I am trying to become a henchmen for my area but I don't want to put that much effort into a game that no one is playing. I have been looking for good advice on running demos and can not find any. So does anyone have any good tip or ideas or just general information that they would be willing to share. Thank you for your time
  3. Hello Our group play malifuax and love the world. We play D and D and want to try TTB to change it up from high fantasy. Can any one tell me what we need to get started please. I was looking at some of the book and was wondering when the last edition was released and if a new one is on the way anytime soon? Thank you
  4. Hello all First time on here. Where do we submit our pictures at ? Thank you
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