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  1. Lol! Ok, well, that definitely helps with that. Thanks for the help!
  2. Ten Thunders vs. Bayou Asami Tanaka vs. Ophelia Wedge, Turf War Scheme Pool: Power Ritual, Hold Up Their Forces, Claim Jump, Outflank, Harness the Leylines Ten Thunders Asami Tanaka Amanjaku Ama No Zako Yasunori with Silent Protector Shadow Emissary Minako Rei Akaname Vs. Bayou Ophelia 3 Young Lacroix Francois Lacroix Pere Ravage Rami Lacroix Raphael Lacroix Big Brain Brin Merris Lacroix Bayou Gremlin The board had lots of blocking terrain, a couple pieces of severe, dense,
  3. Thanks for pointing that out. The player and I have actually talked about that interaction and his use of Bete. Hopefully he's got that squared away now... and hopefully I'll remember how that works in the future.
  4. Ten Thunders vs Neverborn Mei Feng vs. Euripides Wedge Deployment, Turf War Scheme Pool: Vendetta and Search the Ruins (Graham chose these as the two schemes to learn Euripides crew with.) Ten Thunders: Mei Feng Forgeling Metal Gamin Obsidian Statue Shadow Emissary Dawn Serpent Low River Monk Willie Vs. Neverborn: Euripides Primordial Magic Thoon 2 Cyclops 2 Gigants 2 Bultingin The board was setup to about 50% terrain with four forested areas that were severe, dense, and concealing. There
  5. Any news about the turnout/results of this Tourney?
  6. I theoryfaux too much, but sometimes I want to keep the list around until I can give it a try. For Tournaments I build possible lists for each round. What I'd like to be able to do is reorder my builds so the ones I'm playing are easily found, by just dragging it up to the top or on bottom of the lists. Possible? And thanks. I love the app and spend way too much time on it.
  7. Ten Thunders vs Resurrectionists Asami vs. Seamus Flank Deployment, Krampus Scheme Pool: Breakthrough, Harness the Leyline, Take Prisoner, Assassinate, Deliver a Message 55ss game Ten Thunders: Asami Amanjaku Ama No Zako Yasunori Minako Rei Huckster Ohaguro Bettari Akaname Vs. Resurrectionists: Seamus Copycat Killer Madame Sybelle Bete Noire Carrion Emissary 3 Rotten Belles Dead Doxy Resurrectionists win 3-2 - 1 for Strat, 2 for Take Prisoner; TT - 1 for Strat, 1 for Breakthroug
  8. Ok, this battle report is a bit of a sad one. I ended up going too hard with Shenlong on a new-to-3E player, which then turned into an NPE for both of us. But I'm adding it here to help those that might also find themselves in the same boat in the future. Ten Thunders vs Guild Shenlong vs. Sonja Criid Standard Deployment, Christmas Presents (Story Event #1 of the Mali-Food Tournament) Scheme Pool: Detonate the Charges, Search the Ruins, Hold up Their Forces, Outflank, Vendetta Ten Thunders: Shenlong 2 Aspiring Students 2 Low River Monks Yasunor
  9. Thanks for running this, Subotai. Had a great time and we raised a decent chunk of change for the Kansas Food Bank. Well done!
  10. Ah... got it. Doh! Thanks for pointing that out!
  11. You know, I was so focused on getting the Vendetta point by getting the Captain alone and then to half wounds and then making sure The Hag survived, that I didn't leave her around near enough to use her Unnerving Presence. If Vendetta hadn't been in the pool, I definitely would have focused more on Toni. I think she's totally worth it, though, because Toni and the Captain have defensive triggers. And her Diving Charge is great for the pounce when you need it. Good to use to get in on Gunsmiths as well. I like her a lot.
  12. Heard on the latest podcast that Des Moines will be hosting a tournament January 11. But I can’t find it listed anywhere. If this is happening, Bad Things, our local Malifaux team, might be able to come up and participate. Can you confirm the date and location?
  13. Yeah, saw that in later game when I looked at the card again and realized I goofed. Forgot to update my post. Thanks for pointing that out though!
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