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UK Super League

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Hi all,

I am looking to run a UK Super League starting in the next few weeks. A traditional league format that will run over a number of weeks, have trophies/prizes and goodies.

The rules pack is being written up currently and will be published soon.

Check HERE for the Facebook event

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Posted (edited)

Hi all,

Now that the Super League is underway I am migrating all of the information here and this will be used for all updates going forward (I will still publish to the event but it will link here).




All results, crew selections and scoring breakdown should be emailed to malifauxevents@gmail.com

*PLEASE NOTE* Matt Cole has dropped out of the event and is Replaced by Craig Colley, same faction, as such the contact details for Matt have been updated with Craig's discord details. If in the fixtures you are matched with Matt please reach out to Craig

Rich Walters s4lt#6688
Karl Barley Messenger
Radek Bry Radek#3848
Jamie Varney JFV#8598
Steve Johnston SteveJ#5911
Matt Lewin Flippin'WyrdMatt#5531
Luke Cocksedge Shakes1066#1797
Yan Pietrzak Yan_Pietrzak#1193
Matt Cole cracol#6370
Luke Athiko Gloomy#9398
Rice Chaudhry Insomniakwulf#4444
Lewis Phillips LewPhil91#2664
Ollie Hedges  
AJ Barr Aj.barr#5470
Ross McGinness Rosskov#7990
Adrian Mills adrianmills#5328
Dan Brown dannydb#8008
Kai Young  
Stef McGlen StefMcGlen#4774
Andrew Humphrey Mr_J_Bandit#3543
Steven Thompson Sergeant_MacB#3223
James Noillavert Trevallion#9332
Carl Lee Cleezy#5033
Alasdair Cunniffe Crumpet_#1673

he faction breakdown and Discord IDs are below

Edited by Cleezy
Updated details
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Round 2 results

Dan Brown 5 v Jamie Varney 3 (Colette v Zipp - Bayou)
Adrian Mills 3 v Craig Colley 4 (Greed v Kirai)
Radek Bry 5 v Kai Young 0 (Zipp - Outcast v Seamus)
Karl Barley 3 v Stef McGlen 3 (McMourning v Lynch)
Rice Chaudhry 3 v James Noillavert 6 (Somer v Lucius - Guild)
Carl Lee 4 v Steven Thomson 2 (Misaki v McCabe - Explorers)
Andrew Humphrey 2 v Ross McGinness 7 (Von Schill v Ophelia)
Alasdair Cunnie 3 v Luke Athiko 6 (Ironsides v Reva)
Steve Johnston 2 v Ollie Hedges 5 (Von Schtook v Hoffman - Guild)
AJ Barr 2 v Matt Lewin 5 (Mah v Pandora)
Luke Cocksedge 3 v Lewis Phillips 3 (Titania v Euripides)
Rich Walters 4 v Jan Pietrzak 3 (Zipp - Outcast v Youko)

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