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Mei Feng vs. Euripides 12.14.19


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Ten Thunders vs Neverborn

Mei Feng vs. Euripides
Wedge Deployment, Turf War
Scheme Pool: Vendetta and Search the Ruins (Graham chose these as the two schemes to learn Euripides crew with.)

Ten Thunders:

  • Mei Feng
  • Forgeling
  • Metal Gamin
  • Obsidian Statue
  • Shadow Emissary
  • Dawn Serpent
  • Low River Monk
  • Willie


  • Euripides
  • Primordial Magic
  • Thoon
  • 2 Cyclops
  • 2 Gigants
  • 2 Bultingin

The board was setup to about 50% terrain with four forested areas that were severe, dense, and concealing. There were 6 small buildings interspersed over the map with the top of each wedge being covered up by a building. There were also several pieces of scatter terrain that were climbable and gave cover. TT’s plan was to have Willie and Shadow Emissary throw Shockwaves into groups, hopefully draining Neverborn’s hand and then having the Dawn Serpent set models on fire and scheme run. The Obsidian Statue would toss in fire as well, but crank up the heat each turn.

Round 1 - Neverborn won initiative but had TT begin. TT split forces to flank but ran the forgeling and Mei Feng to middle TW marker. Low River Monk moved in to support Mei Feng from about 7” away. The Shadow Emissary and Obsidian Statue helped screen the Low River Monk from obvious threats. On the other side, Willie was lining up his Vendetta target, Thoon, with the Metal Gamin and the Dawn Serpent ready to do some scheme running. Neverborn spent a whole lot of activations moving and setting up Ice Pillars hoping to hamper movement.

No scoring after first round.

Round 2 - TT wins initiative. The Forgeling moves up into Severe Terrain within 2” of Thoon. Thoon then activates and charges the Forgeling and covering up the Scrap Marker. Thoon red-jokers the damage flip and the Forgeling dies dropping Scrap for Mei Feng. Willie moves a peppers Thoon and a Cyclops with Dynamite. Cyclops takes damage but Thoon cheats in to win the movement duel. A Gigant double moves to try to cover up the Scrap marker that the Forgeling dropped but doesn’t quite have all the movement it needs. At this point, Mei Feng activates, rail walks to the Gigant’s not covered Scrap marker, then I misplay, but don’t catch it until I try to do this again Round 3. I had her Freight Train the Gigant into the Cyclops and Bultingin getting the trigger to drop another scrap marker. She then railwalks to it and Vents Steam. Both the Cyclops and Bultingin take the freight train damage and are now engaged by Mei Feng. The Bultingin activates and goes down swinging, since the Vent Steam is hazardous, and it dies.

TT: 1 and Neverborn: 1 each for Turf War

Round 3 - Neverborn wins initiative but gives TT the first action. Metal Gamin positions to drop a scheme marker for Search in Round 4. Dawn Serpent takes a couple shots from a Gigant. Euripides moves to center and starts popping Ice Pillars at the Statue, Monk and Emissary. Willie peppers the Gigant and Thoon with Dynamite. Misses Thoon twice. A Cyclops tries popping Mei Feng, hitting once, but flipping Black Joker for damage. Mei Feng returns the favor, killing the Cyclops which flips the turf War Marker. Her 2” push gets her in range to charge the primordial magic, which she kills, which flips the central Turf War marker to neutral. With another 2” push, she gets in range to attack the Gigant, taking it down to HTK. Another Cyclops comes around the house by the central Turf War marker, and tries pegging the Dawn Serpent and misses. The Emissary does Prophecies in Thunder and trades out four weaks for four moderates. Then he Shockwaves Euripides doing another couple points of damage, then he flies up to the center line to get ready for Round 4 Search the Ruins. Thoon pelts Willie, and sets up an Ice Pillar near him, forgetting that Willie’s activation will take it down. Thoon should’ve moved then charged Willie and burying him, or charged the Dawn Serpent and burying him. It was the player’s first time playing Euripides, so he was still learning how his crew works and all the little particulars and abilities that are part of an M3E crew. Dawan Serpent activates Heals three health and sets one model on fire, then flies over house to position to chase the Bultingin who flips the Turf War marker back to Neverborn and then moves towards the centerline towards the Emissary. 

TT: 2 - NB: 2 both for strategy.

Round 4 - Neverborn wins Initiative. Thoon scoots forward and lays a scheme marker for Search. Willie throws dynamite at Thoon again, but he dodges it again. I now know, I should’ve activated Willie later, and made my opponent drop cards from his hand somewhere else. His Gigant tossed rocks at Willie and took him down to two health, then declared Vendetta. The Emissary lays down a scheme marker then pegs Euripides with a shockwave. Euripides pops out of an ice pillar by the Statue and the Monk. He swings at the Monk twice and misses. The Monk hits Euripides twice and applies two distracted. The Cyclops pops an ice pillar down then lays a scheme marker down beside it. The Statue takes a couple swings at Euripides and misses. The Bultingin moves up to the centerline on the opposite side of a building that the Emissary is near. Mei Feng moves up and kills the Gigant, then focuses. (Plan on using Mei Feng to pop over to the Cyclops and kill it next turn before it can drop the scheme marker for Search.) Metal Gamin drops a scheme marker and focuses. Dawn Serpent drops another scheme marker and then heals again after flying back over the house, preparing to harry the Cyclops or Thoon if needed to deny points.

TT: 4 - 3 for TW and 1 for Search; NB: 4 - 2 for TW, 1 for Vendetta and 1 for Search the Ruins.

Round 5 - TT wins Initiative. Mei Feng activates and kills the Cyclops. Euripides tries to disengage from the Monk and Statue. He tries to Glacial Shove but can’t get the pillar to hit the Statue and the Monk. He needed to do this to get the second point for Search. He should’ve popped to another pillar nearby and then lay the scheme marker down. Lesson learned. Willie tries to hurt Thoon for a point in Vendetta. Thoon dodges yet again… I would’ve never thought at the beginning of the game that Thoon would dodge seven straight dynamite shockwaves. Thoon drops a scheme marker but does not charge Willie to put him down. The opponent did not know that Willie had Vendetta on Thoon, or otherwise he would’ve charged Willie and tried to take him out. The Dawn Serpent moves up and kills Thoon and flips the central tw marker to TT.

TT: 7 - 4 for TW, 2 for Search and 1 for Vendetta since Willie survived and Thoon didn’t; NB: 4 - 2 for TW, 1 for Vendetta and 1 for Search the Ruins.

It was definitely a learning game for both players, with new crews. Opponent is ready to adapt and try out the Euripides’ crew again, but is planning on bringing in a versatile model, Serena Bowman.

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No scoring after first round.

Wow, really? How unusual. ;)

I played Euripides yesterday (2nd game of M3E with him), I guess you will soon learn to bury people with Thoon, that's one of the most dangerous things in the crew! And protect primordial magic! I buried Santiago in late turn 2 and Fransisco in start of turn 3. That makes half the enemy crew try and free those models instead of doing strategy or schemy stuff.

It's a fun and different crew, which crumbles if people can ignore HtK.

Mei Feng using freight train on enemy models... ouch. :D

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