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  1. Nice rep! That is one funny lookin' emissary the pigapult gives some pretty strong scheme possibilities which you certainly got to show of here, well played
  2. Gremlins are indeed both a bit crazy and very good fun nice rep, one thing I'd like to see would be a few closeups, while overview pics are nice, some close shots of the action is always welcome
  3. Neat rep, and two of my favourite casters too! The Brewmaster quagmire combined with killy crew sounds like a good idea
  4. Excellent report, I love those pics, very helpfull.
  5. Fun to see you stick with Levi. I take it you don't find his newtering that bad? (I think it was a bit harsh)
  6. rough match, and I do agree on Your assessment og Leveticus, his change has made him not that strong sadly, and I for one no longer enjoy Our entropic friend
  7. Maybe a stupid question, but where do I find the changes to Leveticus? All I've found so far is a tag in the errata section saying his card is rewritten.....
  8. Nice rep, talk about you getting a heap of activations quickly,and even the piglets do work it seems
  9. Certainly interested and might be able to do a game every other week or so (when I don't have the kids)
  10. Lovely repishness, and some amusing pre game character dialog. Makes me want to roll out Von Schill (never tried him)
  11. Excellent rep, and a thematically pleasing force wong is good fun, no lovely assistant though?
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