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  1. Strangedane

    First feelings M3E

    Even though we are loosing a fair bit of Masters (well, we really aren't since I don't forsee anyone saying no to the dead squard), I must say I am stoked for ME3!!! I even ended up starting another faction - can't wait! I am especially looking forward to see how titania takes over some of Liliths abilities, Nekima as a master, and to see what happend to Colldi!
  2. Strangedane

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Can we expect the deployment zones to remain as they are? I assume so but since I am looking at new mats, I would like to be sure, as 3 new mats with printed deployment cost a fair bit
  3. Strangedane

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Please don't remove jokers! They add an awesome aspect to the game, there is always that little risk! I played 2 hours ago, had his henchman down to 1w and only had one attack left in that turn. Hit with RJ and smiled, only to draw Black joker on damage - my opponent and I laughed SO much! And I bet you that all of us have stories like that
  4. Strangedane

    First feelings M3E

    Did anyone read Chronicles 37? Seems all nephilim can grow on their own, no upgrade needed?!
  5. Strangedane

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I came over to Malifaux after Privateer Press shifted to MK 3. I have never been disappointed by Wyrd so far, and I have faith that they can make this work. I am, despite "losing" Lilith and Collodi, very excited! I choose to look at the opportunities (Nekima as master!? Shenlong might actually be a good fighter?!) instead. Kudos to wyrd.
  6. Strangedane

    Unboxing Malifaux - 'Vintage Pandora'

    Nice! Just got this model myself and this helped when assembling it!
  7. Strangedane

    Collodi Tactica: Many String-Based Names

    Quick question on doll markers; can I use one marionette doll and 3 doll markers to make 4 scrap? 1st try is 2dmg, 2nd try is htw, 3rd try makes a doll marker and kills the marionette, making a 4th scrap ?
  8. Strangedane

    Monday Preview - Wyrdscape Asian Bases

    YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! I was LITTERALLY about to write if we could get to see these! Cannot wait for these, really need them!
  9. Strangedane

    Thoughts on hooded rider at 10?

    I love the model and field him just for that - with a point decrease I am sure he will find his way into more lists!
  10. Strangedane

    Bad Things Happen - 11/13/17 Patch Notes

    Just updated, can only see upgrades s-z under models now?
  11. Strangedane

    Bad Things Happen - 11/13/17 Patch Notes

    Don't think the update is out yet
  12. Strangedane

    Bad Things Happen - 11/13/17 Patch Notes

    James; in the thread about the release of the app, 2 below this thread I belive, the developer wrote the following about the problem you mention " So good and bad news. Good new is that there is an update coming Nov 30th. Lots of updates and iPhoneX fix. We are still working on the Google Pixel issue (for now enabling camera permissions for the app will fix it). Bad News is that the app will likely stop working for most until the update. This will not happen in the future version and we apologize for the inconvenience." Hope that helps!
  13. Strangedane

    Lilith's offspring ;)

    A little side question on nephilim - are there any "real" skin color, in fluff or otherwise ?