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  1. I'm still in love with your Kirai - those colours 🥰 And you fixed the gap!
  2. Have you ever done a "showcase model", i.e. one painted purely for the best artistic result? If yes, do you have a photo ?
  3. @Jesterface T. @Regelridderen Thank you . It's really simple, yes! It's also great for people who are not into painting too much. Here are the Weird Science guys: Test Subjects Big Brain Brin Soulstone Miners This is the imgur album. Current WIPs
  4. Hi , These are some Bayou and Neverborn models I painted with sketch style. C&C are welcome . Mah Tucket The little lass Bushwhackers Rooster riders Trixibelle If you are interested in the paint process, I have an article here. At the moment, I'm painting the Weird Science box and two Soulstone Miners, they should be done soon and I'll put up pictures here .
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