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  1. I had a blank at who the last outcast master was. I'm not sure how to describe Tara's playstyle, its a strange control summon amalgamation. I quite enjoyed it when I used it, but its possibly a marmite playstyle based on the number of people who didn't like it during the beta.
  2. We seem to only have duel faction masters at the moment, I'm not saying we can't have duel faction minions but we haven't seen any yet. And I think there is a big difference between someone who hunts monsters, and someone who Is a Big game hunter. (The big game hunters are more interested in a trophy kill at least to my mind). But who knows they might sneak a keyword onto the monster hunters when they are released. I don't expect a TOS crossover, but Charles Edmonton looks like the sort that might have joined the Society.
  3. Adran


    The only difference I can see is that if Lilith leads, you can hire Barbaros. Otherwise its which one you want to count as the leader for things like Assasinate.
  4. Its much harder to sum up the faction these days (not least because everything is new) because the faction is less cohesive now that key words are a thing. On the whole the faction is quite ranged (Bandits and Friekorps in particular). The Viks are combat focused, but in melee and mobility. Misakis is as well, but in a very different way. (EDIT -Oops wrong edition...) Levi is a master to slowly grind down the enemy, trading wounds and shuffling his wounds about a bit. Zipp is a fast mobility denial master, but a lot of his keyword comes from Bayou, so as far as outcasts is concerned is Zipp only. Hamlin is a control master requires you to make rats, and then use them at the right time to not give too many pass tokens to your opponent, and keeps refreshing his forces through them. Jack is a "ball" master from what I have seen, he wants a lot of his crew close together to take advantage of what he is doing. The combat crews are probably the more straight forward to start with in that you know you want a fight on your terms, where as the other 4 masters play the game slightly differently (as I'm sure you are aware Collodi did last edition) but individuals will have their own preferences on what they want. Another way to look at the faction as a whole is to look at the versatile models as they can be taken by everyone at no extra cost.
  5. Adran

    Hot Pigapult question

    Wong is using the model INSTEAD of placing a shockwave marker, so the model is in effect the shockwave marker, which isn't the wording on the Pigapult. So I don't think they would suffer the shockwave effects. I believe the shockwave damage is caused by the model with the action, not just one the damage pulses from. And I'm currently unsure if you use a model on 1 wound with uncontrolled magics if they die before the shockwave happens or not. I think they do die before you get to do the effects, so they are removed before you resolve the pulse section of the shockwave, and so there is no pulse.
  6. Either look through here for the individual threads for the links to each round, or go to the gallery tab and you should be able to see the iron painter 2018 gallery
  7. Henchmen can't hire masters. (Page 42 of the rules)
  8. I've spent the last day thinking about this, and I'm not sure quite how true it is. I mean its clearly not true for 1 card on turn 5 as that's going to be better in your hand than nowhere unless you already have a full hand (and even then the chances are the card cycle is going to make your final turn better). And likewise in turn 4 drawing 1 card is going to at least as powerful as removing it from the game unless you are either facing discard effects, or you expect to go through your deck more than once in the next turn (Because if its a bad card you just hold it to discard at the start of turn 5 and you go through turn 5 with an equivalent deck). The actual power of a card in hand is hard to determine, because it depends a lot on the crew you built, and how much they need cards in hand. If you have a crew with several models with Flurry, or other discard a card to do x effects, then that card in hand even if its too low a value to be used in a duel, is an extra one of those effects. Removing a 1 from the deck on the first turn probably gives you 4 deck uses with that slightly improved deck (again, playstyle and crew make a big difference here, as if you involve in lots of duels you can get 6-8 deck uses with that improved deck) . The odds of opposed duels are slightly funny (as I've recently found out looking at them in a TTB thread), and I wouldn't like to hazard an actual guess at how useful that mean improvement of 0.11 is (It appears that the value will depend based on the difference of the stats in the duels between the 2 crews, so if you have built an elite crew with high stats, and your opponent has a crew full of low stats, the improvement is less than if you both have a crew with high stats). But likewise, the two effects scale differently. So drawing 1 card in turn 1 might be useful, but drawing 10 in turn 1 is likely to be a lot less use. Where as I think mass removal is a more linear effect (so the 10th card removed is probably helping you about as much as the first card removed on average as long as its in the same deck shuffle.). (Cheers for the number Solkan they appear to back up this view) Sorry I can't really add any maths to justify my point, but I think removing cards is likely to work out better than drawing cards when you can remove multiple in a turn, but also when you are likely to be making lots of duels with your opponents, and have crews that are similar in stat value. But crews containing a lot of Lucid dreams are probably not going to be wanting to make as many duels because on the whole, Lucid dreams appears on relatively easy to kill models that you probably want to keep safe (Alps and Daydreams are the cheap sources of lucid dreams, but neither is very good at surviving if attacked, so to keep them working on lucid dreams you don't want them involved in opposed duels). I think the correct level of Lucid dreams in a crew is a number that will be argued over a lot, and actually depends on how you play. It is a powerful effect, but I do think its one that people don't really understand exactly. (I think its biggest effect is on damage flips rather than opposed duels, although it obviously does have an effect on opposed duels.) I'm happy to be shown I'm wrong, because I know I've made a lot of assumptions, and I can't work out an easy way to model these assumptions. I also know the deeper I look at card mathematics, the more I discover a lot of the assumptions I've made over the past 10 years of playing malifaux aren't always true.
  9. Firstly, my standard disclaimer, these are beta rules and they may change by release. Shadow hunting allows the Bandersnatch to take actions whilst buried IF it started the activation buried. So you can't crawl into shadow and then straight away start attacking from that model. It does not allow you to control the enemy model. What it does allow is to draw range and line of sight from the model with the upgrade. You can declare a walk action, or an interact action, but they won't do anything while you are buried because moving when you are not on the table does nothing, and dropping a scheme marker next to you whilst you are off the table also does nothing. In reality, all it is going to do is make your venomous strike a 3" ranged attack drawn from the modle with the upgrade. Or drop a web anywhere within 6" of the model with the upgrade.
  10. I'd say that the rules on page 14 specify you can only move vertically along climbable terrain when you are doing a walk action. Although its in the part when it is explaining about ignoring terrain. I agree the climable trait doesn't clarify and it would be nice if it did, but to know how to move vertically you need to look at page 14. Staircases have their own rules, and I would say that you can move along them in ways other than walking, because you don't spend movement on vertical movement. The railings on walkways question entirely depends on how you have defined the terrain. If they are ht 1 climable, then yes, you can't lure over them. If they are Ht 1 severe, then you could lure through them. If you've not given them any traits at all, then they don't have a game effect.
  11. To get 10 a turn you are looking at 42 ss worth of Models. To get 7 lucid dreams a turn you are looking at 24points minimum spent on daydreams and alps, or 27 spent on stitched and daydreams. Yes Dreamer can be summoning them,. He is limited to 5 summoned models out at any one point. And he also has to try and unbury his summons Which isn't too hard, but its more things he is focused on that aren't directly scoring points I would say alps and daydreams don't look all that hard to take down if that's what you're trying to do. Having faced it twice now, will you allow the dreamer player to freely use those models to trim the deck, or will you change your game plan to not allow them to survive that long to be removing 7 cards on turn 2? Also I think its one of those things that starts off catching people unaware, but it takes more effort on the side of the dreamer player than you might realise once both sides know what it does. I think if you played that crew and didn't ever use lucid dreams, you wouldn't think its a crew that works pretty well. Abilities that change the probability engine are very hard to judge, because the perception of their power, and their actual power are often really different. You can't use chi on the current wording of Gamble you life. Its not a duel. Gamble your life is a really hard ability, because it needs to be a gamble, but it ought to be in the favour of the model doing it to some degree. I think that last 2 editions it was either too much payoff, or not enough of a gamble, but that might be because I was always on the other side of them so I didn't really look at all the times they didn't do the gamble.
  12. You're not the first ,and you probably won't be the last to confuse moving your Mv value, and taking a Walk action. There is a section round movement. The walk action, the charge action and the disengage action are all actions that will move you around the table and are available to all models. There are plenty of other abilities in the game that can cause movements either of the acting model or another model (such as leap, or Lure). Some of these actions can cause a walk action (Guide spirits). If something refers to the walk action, it will only happen if you take the walk action, no other type of movement will trigger it. If something refers to when you move, then it doesn't matter what sort of movement you took. As pointed out, you can only climb during a walk action (page 14), so in all other movements you would fall down suffering falling damage (Although Flight still stops this damage) and be unable to climb up. Page 15 says that Place effects are movement effects. and page 33 tells us that unbury is a place effect.
  13. The only comment I saw is that the biggest problem with the statue is it relies on Armour and scrap markers to survive, and if you know you are facing Mei Feng, you are probably going to hire anti armour and anti scrap marker abilities. But that's going to depend a lot on how much anti tech you find you play against in your meta. The short answer is, its too early to say for certain. Some people may have tried it and not liked it, that doesn't mean it won't work for everyone.
  14. If you optimise the removal of cards the question comes to what have you forsaken to do so. (Many of the models that perform this action are not very strong in attacking or durability). In M2E I used to be able to build lists that would allow me to have a turn with a deck containing just 13s and a red joker. It was a list that would really struggle to win games because so much effort was spent on creating that deck, you didn't really have very much left to do with it. I would argue that most common defences still apply, such as Armour, hard to wound and shielded. You can probably list more names that don't apply, but there aren't very many instances of protected and butterfly jump for example. That said, I do hope that this isn't the final version of the ability.
  15. Whilst I've not used Lucid dreams in its latest incarnation, it does seem hard for it to both be streamlining the deck by removing all the low cards and also be setting up unbeatable gamble your lifes with the use of a fiendish gamble. There certainly was plenty of discussion and feedback on the ability during the open beta, which lead to changes during the last few weeks (Which included the addition of feindish gamble, because several of the testers were complaining about Lucid dreams being bad). I've no idea what its final version is going to be, but I'm expecting Stitched together to remain a high target priority for me (just like they have the last 2 editions) what ever happens.
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