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  1. I strongly disagree. But also spending a 5 ss model to make a 9 ss model only 60% effective is still profit for the lone marshal. Things like 0" ml are there to encourage good positioning by both players and in this case probably to offer a weakness to an otherwise very strong ranged model.
  2. Adran

    Coryphee duet

    Well its not too hard for a duet to distract a model. Its certainly easier to distract a model than it is to do 3 damage to a Df6 Armour+2 model in 1 activation especially if the model that can ignore armour is given Distracted by the duet...
  3. But haven't they generally had to spend 2 actions of that model to close the gap to the lone marshal? and if it escapes, won't they have to spend 2 actions to get to it again? (I'm sure there are some that can cover that 8+ inches as quickly, but the majority of them will struggle, and typically won't actually have managed to hit it during the disengaging strike anyway, so the lone marshal is 12- 14" away and able to shoot, and most models won't cover that gap in time to re-engage it in the 1 turn?
  4. Alternatively it is a model that can attack the enemy 21" away from him. Twice. As a general rule you shouldn't be letting cheap models engage him. He is also almost Impossible to stop from disengaging since he still moves even if you flip severe against him, and unless you are a 2" engagement that means he can either hit you with the hoofs, or disengage and then move 7" and shoot something a further 14" away. I think this is just learning to adjust. This was occasionally an issue in M2 with models that didn't engage at all, but it didn't come up very often. You also had models with 1" engagement that couldn't and still cant stop people interacting with markers unless you stand on top of them.
  5. Gravity on earth is strongly affected by the moon. Werewolves are strongly affected by the moon. I propose Werewolves are strongly affected by Gravity. Gravity stops you getting further from the earth. Growing bigger makes (part of) you get further from the earth. I can see reasons why in a strange gravity environment you can't instantly grow bigger. And if you can't see why altering with gravity can't stop things from dancing together or apart, then I have no hope here. (If you have a good rules reason that's good, but I read this as a case of "it feels like gravity shouldn't do these things, so lets get rid of it". I have no idea of the intent, but I'm not convinced by the fluff arguments.)
  6. Adran

    Lady Justice issue

    As I said, he is more mobile. There are a lot of people out there who don't like their master being a glorified Scheme runner (reading threads about Seamus and Tara). And that's sort of how I view First mate at the moment. His is an apex anti schemer, and a good schemer. His leap is better, but barely. Needing a suited 3 compared to a suited 5 to reach a TN is rarely going to matter. He is a pain to deal with if he is using his mobility, and his presence affects your choice of schemes, but if I face an infamous crew I don't expect any scheme markers to last more than 1 or 2 activations anyway so you just don't use them and then he doesn't draw cards. He would need quite a bit to bump him up to master level power I think. He is largely going to spend AP on either the attack or Interact. His defenses are good, but I expect him to eat a lot of focused charges if he is around in the middle of a fight, because if you're only going to get 1 swing, make it a good one. Honestly, I see him as a decent 9 ss model, when you want the mobility, but in no way does he compare to Justice I may well have my mind blinkers on because for much of the beta I was comparing the first mate to the midnight stalker, and laughing at how much worse the first mate was. He no longer looks worse than the stalker, and I've not played with him for several months, but I just don't see him anywhere near Justice in power level, or even intended to do the same role. I also have always rated Justices defensive trigger higher than lots of other people, since my main opponent largely played her in 1st edition (when it was harder to get off), and would regularly manage to trigger it against my crew because he used his hand in a way to support it. To me it deters a lot of attacks against her just by existing on the card.
  7. I think this would be a bad choice, as giving armour to a list that already fields a lot of armour just encourages the opponent to take plenty of armour ignoring, making it a generally poor improvement.
  8. Adran

    Lady Justice issue

    I don't get it. Lady J is better than the First mate. She has a much greater damage output but with less mobility options. Minimum 3 with triggers for extra attacks is much better than minimum 2 with built in critical strike and the option for different triggers for extra attacks. So while the both have the chance to get 7 attacks (And its easier for the First mate) one of them will be doing those 7 attacks with a minimum 3 and a decent chance of them being to damage, the other will be doing them at minimum 2. So for a similar out lay of resources Justice will probably do more damage in her 4 attacks than the First mate would do in 7. She has less potential card draw but plenty on the card to make up for it (and when ever I used first mate, granted in a Zipp crew, my opponent just didn't drop scheme markers for him to use. he either picked non scheme marker schemes, or waited until the very last few activations before they would score to drop the markers in a place where the first mate couldn't get to).
  9. Adran

    Arcanist Counters

    Not for certain, the manifest rules for avatars were in the M2e rulebook. But it does show it is the current intent.
  10. Yes, that's how the rules work.
  11. Well almost everyone is within 1 health of its cost across the factions, so I'm not sure what you mean by them costing 3-5 ss more for models with comparable health. There is a whole faction forum discussing Ten thunders in general and specific models for this open beta which may well answer some of your questions (it certainly has plenty of people that have played with/against them talking). I've only used Misaki once, but her mobility and threat is pretty cool. I certainly don't think your initial view is the truth (I've not used them enough to say they are balanced, but I would be surprised if you found any models that were more than 1ss off a comparable model, and certainly not 5 points off).
  12. Isn't that just proof Sparks hides the explosives in the hat...
  13. Adran


    I've not put him on the table, so this is just all theory, but whilst the solo aura is very strong, it does work counter to the rest of his card (or rather its yet more "you don't want to cheat") so less effective on him than on a different model. This song is all about you does look very strong, Prehaps if it was once per turn, but at the moment I can imagine games where you just do this as much as possible. Alternatively you could remove versatile from him, which is almost the same as upping his cost. I am surprised at how tough to remove he seems to be. I'm not sure he needs to have Df6 in addition to all the anti cheating tech. (Although its les good against ranged crews, but then Solo will still help to protect him). But as I said, I've not put him on the table so it might be a case of he doesn't perform up to the possibilities.,
  14. I seem to remember it was a Chronicles story from about 3 years ago. The art for the Pit fighter Doctor was that for the alternative McMorning, (Dufresne) before she was a model.
  15. At the time of writing the markers are destructible concealing. This means they have no ht (and are 30mm) and you need both ht and the blocking trait to create a shadow and they have neither. If you draw a LOS through the shadow marker then the model you're drawing line of sight to has concealment
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