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  1. You've got it all wrong, yasanori is the gremlins parody of the 5th horsemen, Kaos, (who the outcasts will get at some point) but left the group due to creative differences. 😁 ( I've still not got over the beta test ever even considering that yas should be a horseman).
  2. Something like that would be the end of the world as we know it...
  3. Its possible that the 2 masters you have can cover all the scenarios for you then. (I know plenty of top players that have largely played with only 1 master). Can you come up with any combinations of Strategies and schemes and board layouts and opponents that you think you would really hate to have to pick either of these two for? Assuming you still want to get a third master then I would either look for one that you like the look and style of, or one that offers you a different style. You don't seem to have a huge hole that you need the 3rd master to fill, so it doesn't matter all that much how it compliments what you already have.
  4. I'd say it was covered in the rules quoted by Trikk "Concealing This model ignores the concealing trait when drawing LOS. " The FAQ really answers a different question, of can a model that ignores the concealing trait still gain benefit of the concealing trait if someone else draws line of sight to it. EDIT - Although, as pointed out, the second sentence of the answer does echo the rules for this answer
  5. My first question would probably be "Are there any scenarios that you think you're going to struggle with with what you currently have?" At a guess I would assume you are probably going to stuggle most with dealing damage to an opponent, but that may depend on how you play what you already have. As a Master, Reva, McMourning and Seamus have the biggest damage tracks, but you might not find the keywords that damaging. The last key word is Transmortis, and the new boxes to make the keyword really playable are due out shortly (They weren't quite ready for Gen con I think).
  6. No the enemy does not because when Aeslin draws the sight lines she will ignore the concealing trait on the Underbrush marker.
  7. It is one of the few ways a model can be forced to miss an activation this edition. So whilst it is worse when directly compared to its old rules, it's relative power level is towards the top end of 'control'. That said I really disliked the most common use of it was to bury your friends, so I am glad that went after 2 editions of taxi.
  8. Joining the tormented is easy you just need to use *REDACTED* from the explorers society along with the cool combination of the new *REDACTED* for *REDACTED* and then combine them with *REDACTED* and there is your solution. Although if that doesn't torment you enough, then you could look back at 2nd edition, where it was very common to make other models Tormented by the use of the Guilty. (and from a story point of view, I would expect you either try and find a tormented model you can "blackmail", or you get a loyal operative, and work on trying to make them into a tormented, looking at the guilty and the Dead outlaws and the drowned as ways to join Jack Daws forces. Can you tell I recently re-read Puzzle box from twisted fates, where a group manage to "infiltrate" the guild by getting one of their own turned into a witchling stalker...)
  9. This order makes some sense if you have very limited model collections, but it misses the fun of altering the crew to deal with the specific issues raised by the board. There are certainly some boards that will give huge advantages/ disadvantages to some keywords, but give perfectly fine games for most crews. I would like to know what the table looked like before I hired a crew so I know if I can shoot(be shot at) long distances, or do need to cross severe terrain. I also try to build the board as not symmetrical. I don't think it matters as much this edition, as the attacker/defender choice is more balanced, but last edition there was definently a large bonus forcing your opponent to deploy first, so there ought to be a similar advantage to choosing the deployment zone.
  10. Isn't it just very rare. Viks don't have a henchmen, although I think they might be the only one at the moment if arik is in the core vonschill box now.
  11. I think it's only 7 models in the game, its the 4 bayou options, Molly, poltigiest and lotus eater.
  12. From what I remember the 1.5 rule book had minor editing to the stories, but otherwise it has the same stories as 1.
  13. I keep forgetting them because it's a front of card thing, not an action. Ok, tt probably just edge bayou.
  14. I may be forgetting something, but from what I remember if you put soul stone cache on a corephyee and it combines you lose the upgrade.
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