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  1. Adran

    Our worst models

    I would say the reason you don't see ama on the board is other people think she sucks. And, sometimes people are wrong. She may never be a model you will play, but that is not the same as being useless. I've not tried Seenahs way of using Parker, but from what he's said it does seem like it is a good solution to what were widely considered the flaws with ama ( in that she needs suits, and so spends lots of stones to get her results). A crew that gets extra cards and stones looks to get the potential from her. And she does have high potential. She also looks like the kind of model that is a good answer to the killed everything and then score, ( which is an approach I find relatively easy to deal with it in lots of games when I know its coming) In a comparison between actual use, and just theory, actual use wins for me. Because saying things like ml 5 can never hit really doesn't match my in game experience, and if they are saving cards to make it true, then I can normally use that hand control.
  2. Adran

    Action of (0) cost

    I don't think you're going to have much luck. From memory, models can copy sandeeps 0 actions, and Hannah can copy friekorps 0 actions but that's about it. There are very few copiers out there.
  3. Adran

    triggers timing (again)

    I think "after this model suffers damage" is not the same as "after damaging". But I can't find anything either way to confirm ("After this model fails" is the same as "after failing", but "after an action succeeds against this model" is not the same as after failing) Assuming my above is correct, then Sub Zero would resolve during step 5. And I think we have that ending an activation stops everything else from happening. (I'm hoping I'm not just remembering old rules) I'm going to say that your simple situation doesn't agree with the rules we have. Only "After damaging" triggers have the stick around clause, which does make it much more complicated. With out that clause, dead models would clearly all go away before any of those triggers happen. And I'm sorry if its strange. I'd love it to be cleared up, but it hasn't been.
  4. Adran

    Gunline suggestions

    Why is 7 activations a bad thing? If you look at what people played2 years ago 7-8 activations was the normal amount. 2017 gaining ground made activation control especially strong, but 2018 doesn't have the same focus. But lots of people are still playing based on what they did last year. ( or if you're a cynic, because the people who won events last year used those lists). I have played and won games with 4 or 5 activations, and if the right game came up, I would still consider that small a list. ( But it would do very badly in lots of games). ( You can just take peoples word that you want lots of activations, which is normally right, but if you want to learn why it's right, and when it's right, then the easiest way is by trying other ways. It will probably result in more loses early on, but overall give you a better understanding. The difference between 7 and 8 activations may not be noticed, and you are likely to notice 1 strong activation over 2 activations that don't do much for you.) Tldr: try it , it might work better, it might be worse.
  5. Adran

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    As a commander level backer. I think my pledge is still cheaper overall than that site. I may have been able to pick up some cheaper add ons, but we get the limited edition cards on the kick starter add ons, which seeing how popular the malifaux ones are probably makes the add ons still cheaper. And, I back things like this to see them come to fruition, rather than just to save money,
  6. Adran

    triggers timing (again)

    Well he can take lots, but only one after one of the model dies. So he can do it until he is on 0 wounds, after which he can't do it any more, or he can do 1 attack against a model on 0 wounds, and he will fail to damage because you can't damage a model on 0 wounds.
  7. Adran

    triggers timing (again)

    Dead models can process triggers. But I think the model needs to be on the table at the time the trigger would trigger unless it says otherwise. So yes francois can take that last shot that he has killed himself to make, but only because the rules tell us that after damaging trigger will happen before the model is removed. The don't say the same for after resolving, succeeding, or failing, so normally they won't happen I'd the model is killed. Edit -MOD HAT I am on my phone, but I'll look at the thread on a pc to see if it needs tidying up.
  8. Adran

    Riotbreakers ++Please Move in an Orderly Fashion++

    Doesn't it just stop ap generation? So no it won't stop actions creating actions. It only stops fast, nimble # experts and so forth.
  9. Adran

    triggers timing (again)

    If you have an after succeeding or after resolving trigger, then no it wouldn't resolve if the model was killed. Because they are killed during step 5 Exactly how the timing goes if you have an after damaging trigger and an after resolving trigger and the model is killed is unknown. My best guess is you delay the removal of the killed model so yes it would then get to activate a trigger it couldn't normally. For what it's worth you would still be killed in the same spot, even if you moved before you were removed.
  10. Adran

    triggers timing (again)

    You missed one important point. Triggers happen when they say they happen. It's only if they happen at the same time that you have to go to the defenders trigger go first. So some attacker Triggers go before defending Triggers anyway.
  11. Adran

    Penetration flips

    Note- I don't have the final rules. It was you needed to equal the armour to do 1, and extra for each margin of 5.
  12. Adran

    How to differentiate war pigs?

    I would either use basing, or colour ( probably of the riders). (Well I actually use loki's suggestion, but it's probably not that helpful when you have 2 war pigs). My war pig is an old metal one, but I've based it to be crashing through a fence. Running one through a pile of moonshine bottles is another suggestion. Something that shows them out of control fits them.
  13. But the other 7 masters seem quite happy about it...
  14. Adran

    can kirai summon off a one wound model?

    It lets you summons zombies off corpse counters, which you can the use to summon her spirits from, killing the zombie and creating a corpse counter.
  15. Not for anything I knew of at the time. I remember Dead of winter made Tara a master. Nytheria got the wild ones, and miss fire and Alexei solkiv. (Also made Marlow the new governor General, and released titania) Divergent paths gave us 3 new characters, Marlene, Fernand Vogel and Serena. Home front won the ulix crew and made a new TOS syndicate. Obsidian gate made a new kings empire adjunct. I can't remember what stitched in time won. And the campaign before dead of winter (Can't remember the name)won alternative Kaeris sculpt. Edit stitch in time was a story boon, but don't know who for, and a gen con TTB event won Toni ironsides as a master.