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  1. Yes, the after a model is killed effects will happen before the model is removed from the table. Yes, I believe you would go through the whole dmage process from the Demise explosives, before you remove this model.
  2. Stunned: This model cannot declare Triggers and its Bonus Actions count against its Action limit. End this Condition at the end of this model’s Activation. So it doesn't stop you resolving triggers, jut declaring them. The declare Trigger stage in a duel is before the resolve outcome stage, so Zoraida has already declared the trigger when she gained stunned, so it doesn't effect the rest of that action
  3. Some people post them here, you'll sometimes get people writing battle reports. Several podcasts do talk about tournements they play at and crew lists, but not very many people do any of these, and its not something that is tracked anywhere.
  4. The initiative flip isn't a duel, so yes you can. Edit Worth noting that the Black Joker says you can't cheat fate if you flip it, so its rules will still apply in the initiative flip
  5. Adran

    Lucius and Dashel

    I've not read the latest Faction book to know his rank. I just know that during M2E there was the eternal debate of which of these two models was really Dashel since he started off as a sergent. That, and every time Waldo comes round to stop me doing this, I feed him an old first edition stat card, and he wonders off again before he can stop me.
  6. Adran

    Lucius and Dashel

    This is what I do, the old metal Guard Captain, with the old metal drill sergent continuing with his totem role.
  7. My first viewing of this is you want to try and make the fights happen on your terms. Try and drop pyres on the idol spots, so the Nephlim that interact catch fire and gain injured as well. Likewise if you can, when you move the idols, try and leave them in a pyre marker. Deliver a message is tough against Nekima. Its an easy 1 point but its a hard to get second point. Detonate Charges is a possibility. OOK union miners for the file false claim makes this a much easier scheme to score. Claim jump is a bit of a gamble, the game might have a lot going on near the center, you just won't know until the cards flip. Vendetta is certainly possible, but you can't really decide on that until you see the lists Dig their graves is not easy. You are probably wanting to deny the nephlim access to corpse markers, (probably with the burn it all trigger), making it harder to score. Looking at that, the easy 1 point from nekima for Deliver might well be worth it, and then kill her rather than score the second point.
  8. Card draw is always good, so you can probably always find a use for lelu. Lelu and Lilitu are Nephlim that rely more on area damage and healing. Althought the damage of Lelu is comparable to a young (2/4/5 vs 2/3/4 with built in poison). The young can do more damage with the right triggers, but a lot of the crew is after those so they are less likely to get them from your hand. there are certainly some crews where they will out perform the young nephlim in damage and durability, probably games where your mobility aren't as useful. They probably aren't your Nephlim plan A when you start the crew, but they are a solid plan b, especially once your opponents start learning how to deal with your plan a. The fact that you can create them during the game gives a huge amount of options for you to change your plan. Plan B is probably a weaker plan than Plan A, but its much harder for an opponent to counter both Plan A and Plan B. SO I wouldn't leave them at home ever. I might not hire them all that often (Urami, Almagam, Augmnented and M&SU might be lists that I do look at hiring them) but the option to switch focus mid game is a good one.
  9. After suceeeding trigger only would allow you to do it if you won the initial duel. Othewise it makes no difference to the trigger. The layout of M3 has all the text in italics as costs to perform for the trigger (action or ability) to be allowed to happen regardless of anything else in the trigger. (See costs page 12) The trigger makes you do the first thing (the cost). If you do the first thing, then you are allowed to do the second thing. Its just because this trigger has such a large amount of text for the cost that it looks a little strange, but its consistent with the rest of the rules.
  10. Or the other text You dismissed as not in the rules instead of the text you added to the rules is the way. Or you read my answer and see damage suffered is a game term that has different values at different parts of the process.
  11. the underlined text isn't part of the rules either. The two parts of the rules differ. I don't know how it would affect drink blood, but I'm sure the rules I told you are the rules written. There are potentially 3 different amounts of damage suffered for 1 attack, the amount that the attack says it suffers. The amount it suffers after damage reduction The amount it actually suffers. They are all steps in the rules
  12. "If It would suffer damage that would bring its health below 0, any additional damage is ignored". It means that the model never actually suffers the 6 damage. It was going to suffer 6 damage, and then the rules say, No you can't do that you only have 4 wounds. Now this timing step might be after Drink blood has calculated its "damage suffered therefore wounds healed", but the model in question never suffers 6 damage, any more than if this 4 wound model had Armour +1 and the initial damage was 7, it suffered 7 damage.
  13. They aren't living, but they are beasts so they will drop corpses, but can't be made to join the death Marshalls upon death
  14. Except that the damage rules also tell us that it ignored 2 of that damage, and so actually only suffered 4 damage because that was sufficient to bring it to 0 wounds.
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