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  1. Yeah, both can do #goodwork in a lot of different crews
  2. I want propaganda back. Ideally on Nellie, but I want that playstyle back
  3. Abilities that cause actions to fail are expressly worded to do just that. (Manipulative, Butterfly Jump for eg). If that means that the Dark Protection needs errata rather than FAQ then so be it
  4. @Ludvig that's a bad argument. The ruleset is permissive, so MLH cannot cause actions to fail. Do you not see the dissonace in citing an ability that has been FAQ'd and arguing you can do things that are not printed on a card?
  5. Dark Protection does not allow the model to ignore the randomization rules, nor does it cause actions to fail. Given this, what happens if we have a Dark Protection'd Archie engaged with a Watcher, and I choose to shoot at the watcher with my big guild gun?
  6. Hi Kevin could you stick me down please. Will be paying on the day. Thanks
  7. I was probably cheating using my wits, or The Jury. So yeah bench Queeg for The Jury. I found Vogel to be a nice bodyguard for Lucius to devil deal with, and being a minion he takes orders well. The Beast subs in if/when a Thrall bites the dust. As 4thstringer says, anyone of Guilds uber 8 stone henchmen could take the spot though, sacrificing some utility for more oomph, which isnt a bad trade off at all.
  8. Personally, I'd take a Monster Hunter over the Austringer and Ferdinand Vogel over the Doppelganger unless I really needed her for something. Vogel is like a mini Lucius and he can switch into the beater role if a Thrall goes down. Monster Hunters are just ruthlessly efficient and Id probably try to find room for a second at the expense of the Lawyer. Lawyers are p good at 5 stones now though...
  9. How about a list with OSA in the arcanist assets slot? I ask because...I dont have the M&SU box...
  10. I'd say you need Phillip and the Nanny more than three different corpse marker generators. You can't summon efficently without a nice hand, and Phillip is a deck filtering machine. He's in Molly's box. Not sure who I'd cut between Asura or the Emissary myself, as I havent played with Asura yet. I'd stick with Mortimer, as he is in the box already and gives you the burst start to get your engine rolling. The Emissary is a strong utility piece, but he is quite fragile and needs to be quiite close to the action if you want to get the most out of him. Asura is the new hotness and is apparently ve
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