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  1. No problem mate, appreciate everything you do x
  2. Whoops, created an online game on the web app and saved/quit the lobby before anyone joined and now i get this screen: Stays like this no matter how many games I add.
  3. When I create an online game I then lose all of my games on my phone app screen. It lets me scroll up and down a seemingly endless grey box. The games show up when I log in on a PC and if I delete them my app seems to be fine. Using sony Xperia 1 ii on Android 11. Tried clearing cache, uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times.
  4. Only just seen this! Thanks for the lovely comments! Once the UK stops having lockdowns we're gonna be filming season 3 where Tom's using Nellie and I'm probably gonna use Hamelin for this! Dunno how that's gonna go, should be an interesting game though!
  5. In the newest harlefaux show podcast I talk about my version of "The Benny Bomb" and how I go about making a rat king turn 1. There's a multitude of variations to this but this is the way I like to do it, take from it what you will, build upon it if necessary, I thought it'd be helpful for people new to the rat master to get a visual idea of the mechanisms. The-Benny-Bomb.pptx
  6. He was told it by an opponent at his 1st tournament so he's never queried it. I'll give him the good news now 😁
  7. One of my regular opponents believes that you can only spend 2 pass tokens in a row to skip activations then you have to activate. I can't find any reference to this anywhere in the rules so I believe you could skip as many activations as you have tokens. Is he right or does anyone know where he could have gotten this idea from? Cheers
  8. Yeah they can be affected by each others shockwaves, just not by multiple shockwaves generated by the same action, or the shockwave that's centered on them. Also, your bokor can't reduce the shockwave damage so you'd be better using them as the target so they only take 1.
  9. Just go for it! I've never tried half of the things he does in that vid before, tried a lot of new things with this crew. I'm sure whatever you paint will be great! I've only finished spritz and gumdrop, the rest are WIP. I got the scale 75 fluor paints and I'm trying to have one pop colour on each model. They're like gel to paint with, really strange. Took me a bit to figure out how to use them.
  10. Finished mine a couple of days ago, followed that tutorial for the fish and bottles, not brave enough to try NMM so just used a light silver for a chrome look.
  11. Cool, that's how we played it, Ta
  12. Played a game last night where it was a mechanized Mah list v kirai, never really faced incorporeal before so have a query. Incorporeal states: "this model ignores terrain while moving and is unaffected by hazardous terrain" Now I get that they'd ignore pork chops vent steam as that specifies that non construct enemies treat the area as hazardous terrain. Would they ignore Sparks' scrapyard mines as that doesn't mention the word "terrain", only that "enemies treat the area within 1 of scrap markers within 6" as severe and hazardous (damage 1 and injured +1)”. Also pittraps are markers and not terrain so does incorp ignore these? I feel I'm reading too much into this as the seem like real nooby questions but can't seem to find any answers on the forums. Cheers.
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