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  1. He was told it by an opponent at his 1st tournament so he's never queried it. I'll give him the good news now 😁
  2. One of my regular opponents believes that you can only spend 2 pass tokens in a row to skip activations then you have to activate. I can't find any reference to this anywhere in the rules so I believe you could skip as many activations as you have tokens. Is he right or does anyone know where he could have gotten this idea from? Cheers
  3. Yeah they can be affected by each others shockwaves, just not by multiple shockwaves generated by the same action, or the shockwave that's centered on them. Also, your bokor can't reduce the shockwave damage so you'd be better using them as the target so they only take 1.
  4. Just go for it! I've never tried half of the things he does in that vid before, tried a lot of new things with this crew. I'm sure whatever you paint will be great! I've only finished spritz and gumdrop, the rest are WIP. I got the scale 75 fluor paints and I'm trying to have one pop colour on each model. They're like gel to paint with, really strange. Took me a bit to figure out how to use them.
  5. Finished mine a couple of days ago, followed that tutorial for the fish and bottles, not brave enough to try NMM so just used a light silver for a chrome look.
  6. Cool, that's how we played it, Ta
  7. Played a game last night where it was a mechanized Mah list v kirai, never really faced incorporeal before so have a query. Incorporeal states: "this model ignores terrain while moving and is unaffected by hazardous terrain" Now I get that they'd ignore pork chops vent steam as that specifies that non construct enemies treat the area as hazardous terrain. Would they ignore Sparks' scrapyard mines as that doesn't mention the word "terrain", only that "enemies treat the area within 1 of scrap markers within 6" as severe and hazardous (damage 1 and injured +1)”. Also pittraps are
  8. Yeah, just realised there was a random spelling mistake in there. So Johan hit mech for 7 damage (severe of 6 +1 from RJ). The resulting blast stepped down to mod damage which is 4, I placed this back on Johan. Mech then died triggering demise: explosive 3, which caused a further 3 damage back on Johan.
  9. Ran this list again tonight into zipp (lost 7-5 but a close game): MechaMah (Bayou) Size: 50 - Pool: 4 Leader: Mah Tucket Twelve Cups of Coffee Totem(s): The Little Lass Hires: Big Brain Brin Sparks LeBlanc Mechanized Porkchop Soulstone Miner Survivor Survivor 2 Survivor 3 References: Bombs In Yer Belly Key highlights: Load porkchop with bombs and run him at something you want to die, Johan managed to RJ damage and do 7 to kill him but the resulting baldy and explosion did 7 DMG back. This left a nice trail of s
  10. Hi, I'm Chris from aforementioned podcast. I actually tried a full foundry list last week (mah, lass, brin, sparks, porkchop, 3 X survivors, SS miner) last Wednesday. So much potential in this, I had one survivor focus shoot a skeeter in cover then another one teleport over and punch it to finish it off. The survivors were great at pulling my models in and out of position. Porkchop is a beast in combat and sparks putting bombs in bellys really puts your opponent off attacking certain models. Managed a 4-3 win over zipp by just killing stuff before it activated and scheming later. Definitely a
  11. Hi, typed this up for someone on AWP but thought I'd post it in here too for those who aren't blessed with the gift of social media: This is (hopefully) pretty in depth but I'm not a real tech person and most of this came from trawling through websites and trial and error. I highly recommend getting a seperate mouse if you don't have one already. If anyone has any issues I'll try my best to help. Step 1 Download these three things: Crossover from the google play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details… Vassal for windows: http://sourceforge.net/projects/vassa
  12. Sounds fair. I really need to assemble my bokor then 😉
  13. Not to hijack the thread but one other question about pigapults/stuffed : The stuffed pig that is summoned after deployment (from pet project), is this counted as already activated in turn 1 and does it generate a pass token for your opponent? I can't get my head around the start of game timings as "mindless" says it "counts as having activated this turn and neither player gains or discards any pass tokens". But is the deployment phase before turn 1 as it is before the "start of game" phase,where pass tokens are generated. Apologies if I've overcomplicated this.
  14. I've had 3 or 4 games with wong/Pigapult now and have been playing it as Wong = no shockwave, marker, Pigapult = shockwave under launched model (as per consensus on here) as it makes the most sense to me. Totally missed the trick that the stuffed would gain a glowy before dying!!! I've been loading them up with "the glow" before launching. Now they can be extra glowy!
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