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  1. Awesome, thank you! I would never have found it there in a million years, and it's placement there makes no UI sense... at least I don't have to feel ashamed for overlooking it. 🤣
  2. I enjoyed seeing all the new additions. Looks like you've been busy! Your style is clean and readable, with a good balance between neutral tones and the occasional brighter reds and blue fire as appropriate, and with strong unifying palettes for each faction.
  3. Impressive with their striking colors and glow effects, and overall attention to detail. Congrats on achieving game-readiness for several crews while maintaining a high level of craftsmanship, and please come back with more!
  4. Nice figures, and I enjoyed seeing a cat crew painted up.
  5. Before I log in, my view of the Wyrd forum has a dark theme. Actually, it's a white background, but the content--the topics and the posts within threads--have a dark theme. Once I log in, everything is white. I prefer the dark theme. I carefully looked over all the settings I have access to, but I can't find anywhere I can set my theme preference. Perhaps I'm overlooking something. Can anyone help me set this?
  6. Absolutely beautiful! 😍 Called my girlfriend over to admire with me. There is more and more to see, from the eye-catching details like the shimmer of the dragon scales, the water effects, and freehand tattoos and textiles, to the oh-so-pleasing palette, to the thematic unity. The Ten Thunders figures ask for this kind of treatment but how often to they get it? I hope you enter or have entered these in a contest and share what Malifaux figures can be in the right hands.
  7. Excellent painting and style, and you've built up a wonderful collection over time. Hope to continue to follow along.
  8. Nicely done figures. The onis really shine and show the extra care you put into them. The batch underpainting you're doing is the way to go to save time, stay sane and get a consistent look in terms of shadows etc. 👌
  9. Really nice. The rail crew is especially good, and like Chou, I would enjoy seeing a bigger pic.
  10. Excellent! Thanks for sharing the step-by-step. The results are.... "lovely" is not quite the word....gruesome is better! 🤩
  11. Beautiful crews. Ramos's crew's colors are great, and I love the shiny robots.
  12. Great-looking figures. Well done!
  13. Wonderful crews. The figures come alive with your vivid style. The ice and fae crews are my favorites.
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