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  1. rzaba

    Iron Painter - 2018 Results and Prizes

    I turned all my Barbies into voodoo dolls, so this one would be perfect for my collection
  2. rzaba

    Iron Painter - 2018 Results and Prizes

    Me too, wanted to have the coolest trophy ever But it's fine as it is
  3. rzaba

    Iron Painter - 2018 Results and Prizes

    I dunno why, but I coded in my head that this year we will get dolls too and tbh it was big motivation for me xD I don't want to whine or something, I'm happy with my prize, but I'm just saying. I think that I read about them in post about Iron Painter 2017 and maybe that misled me. I feel like in The Mandela Effect a bit.
  4. rzaba

    Iron Painter - 2018 Results and Prizes

    I'm very honored! Big thanks to judges and Wyrd staff, it was a pleasure to participate in this contest Congratulations for all the other winners and 'I Think I can...'-ers. Going trough all the rounds was great experience for all of us
  5. rzaba

    Round Five Voting Information

    So, ekhm, did you all made it do Wyrd Headquaters?
  6. It was obvious from the beginning that we all fight for the 2nd place 😛
  7. rzaba

    Round Five Voting Information

    Lucky bunny for everyone
  8. rzaba

    Round Five Voting Information

    Eh, I don't mind the delay. Somehow I was thinking that the results will be on Wednesday anyway xD I hope that you'll all travel safe and be able to rest a bit from all that convention fuss
  9. Dunno why, but I was sure that I have to wait for the announcement till Wednesday
  10. yeah, it's definetly creative and unusual. I like when people do something new and different and you managed to do that, props for that
  11. Man I love your pixel art scenery
  12. rzaba


    The question is fine, many people ask about this Actually it was inspired more by scene with Mushu from Mulan (my fav Disney movie). I saw Olfo (the Hobbit miniature) in my local shop when I was looking for alternative idea for this round entry and then I had idea with the shadow, which reminded me about Mushu scene. Inspiration from Mulan led me to some kind of inspiration from Lord of the Rings (I really like dwarven settlements of all kind, especially from LotR and Dragon Age, so the setting naturally led me to dwarven mine). When I told my best friend about my idea, he remimded me about the scene with Sam So overall, I had in mind LotR, maybe not that particular scene, but in the end it's a tribute to the trilogy and the Hobbit (while working on this diorama I was listening to The Hobbit Main Theme and The Misty Mountains, love that mashup). Here is the Mushe sene:
  13. I looOOOOoooOOoooove this piece! So cute and sweet
  14. rzaba

    Smoke and Mirrors

    great idea!
  15. rzaba


    Very nice job Painting as always top notch How did you do the spider webs?