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  1. Hi guys! Any info about Iron Painter 2019? Will it happen?
  2. Got my ponies! I'm so happy, thank you Wyrd!
  3. I love it Definetly will participate, great idea!
  4. My next Wyrd project. I've resculpted her face a bit just to make her more human (definetly need to add missing left ear). Want to bring The Little Mermaid in her, so I'll paint her red tentacle hair, human skin and geen tail.
  5. I want unicorns too :c Can't wait to get my box!
  6. looks great! the red is perfect and the mini is beautiful, but we all know that
  7. Thanks for such beautiful comment I plan to start entering contests next year (this year I've won Iron Painter so I treat it as good kickstarter :D) and I hope to use many Malifaux minis for dioramas. I really enjoy Wyrd style and diversity, miniatures are so well made and present different themes and poses, hey are just perfect. For now I plan to make diorama with one of the Smugglers (the one with aligator as his backpack) and maybe some gators lurking around him. Tbh I can't wait to get my Wyrd goodie bag from the contest, just to see what kind of minis I'll get and think about all the sce
  8. I turned all my Barbies into voodoo dolls, so this one would be perfect for my collection
  9. Me too, wanted to have the coolest trophy ever But it's fine as it is
  10. I dunno why, but I coded in my head that this year we will get dolls too and tbh it was big motivation for me xD I don't want to whine or something, I'm happy with my prize, but I'm just saying. I think that I read about them in post about Iron Painter 2017 and maybe that misled me. I feel like in The Mandela Effect a bit.
  11. I'm very honored! Big thanks to judges and Wyrd staff, it was a pleasure to participate in this contest Congratulations for all the other winners and 'I Think I can...'-ers. Going trough all the rounds was great experience for all of us
  12. So, ekhm, did you all made it do Wyrd Headquaters?
  13. It was obvious from the beginning that we all fight for the 2nd place 😛
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