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  1. I spend cash for my mini and today someone told me that Kabuki just adds it as freebie. Dissapointed xD Anyways, I hope that I'll be able to use one of minis I already own this time 😧
  2. rzaba

    monster mash.jpg

    I think that your diorama has better painting And nope, I have no idea how I did that, yesterday I was just sure that I have to make it on time. Overall I regret that I didn't do better pics.
  3. rzaba

    Happy Birthday Archie

    I've never had one, but know that when I'll taste it for the 1st time I'll be thinking about this diorama
  4. rzaba


    this is great
  5. rzaba

    Happy Birthday Archie

    great as always, I love your painting style Especially th violets on his arms and tentacle, and that tentacle stripes. Anyway, I have one question: did she make the latte from that big pumpkin? Must taste good.
  6. rzaba

    Potato...Monster Mash!

    aaaaahahahaha xD epic!
  7. I added it few minutes after the deadline because I wasn't able to load the file, hope it'll be accepted xD
  8. rzaba

    monster mash.jpg

    Sabrina summoned some guests for her Halloween Party
  9. 2 hours left, maybe I'll make it xD
  10. Thanks, I loved your mini too. It was so sweet, I'm curious what will you show now
  11. my miniatures are unpainted so far
  12. ok i have 80% base, only painting left xD