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  1. darkhoras

    darkhora's Guild

    Finished Scales of Justice model. It was a little bit chalenge to paint this miniature. Many different styles including flame, wood, skin, leather and so on. Also tried to create some blood effects. In future, it would be great to add dynamic lighting to model. But need to investigate this style and try several times to understand how it works.
  2. darkhoras

    My Hamelin Crew

    Overal cool. But as for me, sewer watters looks so clean... I preffer more creapy variants with rot, plague and so on.
  3. darkhoras

    darkhora's Guild

    Scales of Justice WIP.
  4. darkhoras

    darkhora's Guild

    Another Death Marshal finished! 50% of Justice Starter box done!
  5. darkhoras

    darkhora's Guild

    Thallarian Queller finished.
  6. darkhoras

    darkhora's Guild

    Peacekeeper finished.
  7. darkhoras

    darkhora's Guild

    WIP Peacekeeper.
  8. darkhoras

    Unboxing Malifaux - 'Thalarian Quellers'

    I receive my copy of both quellers... And I am confused... "Flame" on male are not well designed. It "ask" something to be placed under flame... For me flame looks like tentacle which tries to catch man... 😞
  9. darkhoras

    darkhora's Guild

    Hello, Thank you for your feedback! I don't have a lot of P3 paints, but I like that they don't require to much water to thin paint. It is almost ready to paint work from the bottle. I preffer GW paints. They are amazing! Vallejo Air I use for Airbrush on the first place. But I like to use them also with regular brush. They just require several coats in order to have good coverage on mini.
  10. darkhoras

    darkhora's Guild

    Coat: Base colour: P3 Battlefield Brown Drybrush: GW Calthan Brown & GW Khemri Brown Edge highlights: P3 Beast Hide Wash: GW Ogryn Fleshtone Hat: Base colour: Vallejo Model Air Cam. Medi. Brown (71.038) Wash: GW Devlan Mud Drybrush: Vallejo Game Air Beasty Brown (72.743) Edge highlight: P3 Beast Hide
  11. darkhoras

    darkhora's Guild

    Justice is comming. And here is a Judge
  12. darkhoras

    darkhora's Guild

    Guild. Lady Justice. Death Marshal #1
  13. darkhoras

    darkhora's Guild

    Guild. C Hoffman Crew
  14. darkhoras

    darkhora's Guild

    Guild. C Hoffman. Watcher