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  1. Romych

    Halloween time.

  2. Romych

    Halloween time.

    Happy Halloween! I have painted some minies. They are of original sculpting but I plan to use them as Malifaux proxies when I play at home.
  3. Romych

    Dr. Grimwell & KO

    Thank. This blood is easy to do on tutorial https://romychbrush.blogspot.com/2015/10/malifaux-resurrectionists.html
  4. Romych

    Dr. Grimwell & KO

    Hi guys In asylyms, they say, the difference between a patient and a psychiatrist is in who has been the first to put on the white coat. Joking aside, I have recently painted Dr. Grimwell 's crew from Malifaux asylum for our war games club. This will help me to bring more variety in my demo games when players choose factions.
  5. The next demo will take place on 22th September, 12:00 to 18:00. The venue is club "Avalon" Moskow obl, Solnechnogorsky rayon, Andreevka, ul. Staroandreevskaya, 59.
  6. Romych

    How to paint snowmen.

    Hi guys Summer has just come but it’s chilly outside. As a true Russian, I am missing winter and snow. So I have put my balalaika away, put my favorite ushanka-hat on, called for my pet bear for help, and decided to make a couple of snowmen… 😃 Joking aside, these Malifaux snowmen appeal to me. Before painting, I added arms that would look like branches to the snowmen. These were thin roots of an unknown tree I had come across outdoors. First, I airbrushed them light grey, then applied some white so that several grey shadows were left. For their teeth I chose the gradation from brown to bone white. To paint the snowmen’s carrot noses, I started with a mix of red and orange. Then I made it lighter, layer by layer, until I reached a mix of yellow and orange. Finally, I covered the noses with several highlights in the form of small lines. This made them look gnarly like real carrots. I used a gradation from black to brown for the branch arms. For top hats, I mixed black and blue. I used black again to paint edges of bases and the snowmen’s charcoal eyes. I added white to the black and blue mix and highlighted the top hats. I put white dots for specks of light on the eyes. Then I painted ribbons on the hats: I started with red and moved on to orange. This version is almost ready. After that I decided to take risk and make some additions, and I believe the risk was worth it. I am quite satisfied with what I’ve got in the end. I applied a mixture of model snow powder by Green Stuff World and Vallejo’s Water Effect onto those parts of the bases which were visible under the snowmen’s bodies. In fact they recommend to use PVA to make the snow stick. I tried but did not like the resulting effect. The snow has turned somewhat yellowish when the glue had dried. But this may be because I used a wrong brand of the glue. Additionally, I covered the snowmen’s bodies with the Water Effect using a brush and dusted them generously with the snow. When it had dried out, the Water Effect looked like an ice crust covered with snow. Personally I associate Malifaux with nightmares. That’s why in the end I sprinkled the snowmen’s sharp jaws with Blood for the Blood God by Games Workshop. So here is the result.
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