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  1. Thank you. 🙂 The miniature is from Nocturna Models. "The Sorcerer". Sadly it is out of production, as far as I know.
  2. Something non Wyrd I'd like to share. Another try at OSL:
  3. Firestarter and the whole M&SU bunch I painted so far:
  4. I really love all of your cats! The fur looks great!
  5. Two very nice, small games that deserve a bit more attention.
  6. The gunsmith girl for additional firepower:
  7. Some Mages. Ready for play. I am not perfectly happy with the magic effects and their glow yet. Any Ideas how to improve that?
  8. Oh I have not been here for a while. I am still enjoying Malifaux. I painted Toni just a few days ago.
  9. I have not painted many Malifaux Minis latley. But her is a Dead Outlaw:
  10. Great Diorama! Very well done.
  11. @gjthordarson Hi there, Let me try to remembre... I mostly worked with a mixture of Orchre Brown and German C. Black Brown from the Vallejo Model Color line. I also used a bit of Orange Brown for some parts. I also mixed in Pale Sand for the higlights and more of the German Black Brown for the shadows. (All colors from Vallejo Model Color line)
  12. An Zombie Cowboy for my Outcasts: And something else I recently had to purchase and paint, because he is awsome!
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