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  1. He can, but 80% of the time it's better to summon two AP and an activation than to pass Nicodem's AP to another model, as you probably know. Comparision with Nellie doesn't seem valid to me, as they are played in different kind of crews. Nellie can't summon and her crew is elite, whereas Nicodem's crew we are speaking of consists of engine elements and summoned disposable minions.
  2. As a side note: when I look at Nico's Undertaker I see that he was designed to be a different kind of summoner: the one who does not use his resources to summon, but the one who CYCLES his resources, so he never gets out of steam. This sounds like bonkers, true, but unlike other summoners he has no interesting way to spend his AP other than on summoning. So the initial idea was probably ok - to make one-dimensional master, better at summoning than any other - but it derailed later, after more models has been released and enabled abusement of Nicodem's core mechanics. I agree with Fetid Strumpet that the easiest way to mitigate it from the very beginning was to restrict his summoning to a certain keyword. But now it's a bit too late for that.
  3. thatlatinspeakingguy

    Fluffy quotes for all of you

    Ok, let see what you can get for Yan Lo. To make it more difficult: don't make any reference to his facial hair! We don't want to hear more beard jokes!
  4. thatlatinspeakingguy

    Considerations for Summer Errata

    Come on, lets be serious. It would virtually turn him into 8/8 master with incorporeal, ItW and 5 AP. He's strong enough right now, although I would like to see Fortify the Spirit baked into his card. Maybe in 3rd edition they will use smaller letters on stat cards Agree about Datsue Ba, at least a wound more would be welcome. As for Sloth, he is indeed horrible, like many C7, unfortunately.
  5. thatlatinspeakingguy

    Considerations for Summer Errata

    In the perspective of summer errata, which models would you like to see get changed? And I am speaking here not of a soulstone change, but something more substantial. Here are my considerations: Buffs Jaakuna Ubume – contradictory design rendered her too weak in the current state of the game: you want to activate her early, but then she looses her Manipulative. I would like to see it exchanged for Vanished (an ability granted by Charm Warders). One point increase of her Defense would be welcomed too. Draugr – interesting concept, but it turned out it does not work at all. I would let them keep their Ht changing ability (to eventually hide them somewhere) and current damage track, but the rest of the abilities, actions and triggers should no longer be related to their Ht. None of them is incredibly strong and now you actually pay 8ss for third part of them. I know we tend to have slightly overcosted/understated minions for good reason but that was a step too far. Nerfs Now, I would like to state that I don't want to see anything in our faction toned down unless other factions are going to received a deserved hit too. Moreover, I know that Nicodem is perceived as a problem, but I don't feel familiar enough with him to speak confidently about the possible solutions. So take what I say with a grain of salt. I don't think that Nicodem needs to be addressed in person, like other problematic masters, but it is rather the corpse generation engine that requires to be toned down. Nicodem's strength is proportional to the amount of corpses laying idly around, and faster he gets a lot of them the more likely he will snowball to the victory. Non-Ressurs complain mainly about Asura, but I feel that it has much to do with a general bias towards wave 5, which is perceived by many players as another step in a wrong direction. Personally, I don't think we could compete with other factions without her in wave 5 environment and I don't think that she has to be addressed in the first place to tone down Nicodem. I would say that the main offender, at least since My Little Helper has been released, is Corpse Bloat. It gives you two corpses out of nowhere, which translate into more cards and activations. So I propose to make it 1 ss upgrade, remove (0) action from it, increase the range of its second action, thus changing it into purely offensive upgrade. Two free corpses less on turn one seem to be a big deal in a perspective of a snowball effect of summoning and drawing cards. Or maybe I miss the mark completely?
  6. thatlatinspeakingguy

    Nellie & Friends (and more gangs to come?)

    Depends on the master and on your understanding of what is themed. If you are looking for specific keyword, like Journalist for Nellie, then you're quite limited in case of Nellie, as there's not enough journalists to do that. But if you simply want some aesthetic consistency, then you can certainly expand your Nellie crew quite freely. Maybe law-themed models would suit journalists? Guild Investigator and Jury are both great models and great sculpts in that theme.
  7. thatlatinspeakingguy

    What masters catch your eye in factions you don’t play?

    The more I play the more masters outside my two factions (Ress/OC) I like. The Arcanists - with exception of that particular faction... they just don't click with me, for a reason I don't really know. Maybe Ironsides... The Guild - not so much masters as other models (especially from the last two waves) make me want to play the Guilt. Jury, Investigators, Domadores, Monster Hunters, Quellers - great sculpts and strong mechanics. Among masters, Nellie is certainly the number one on my radar. Lady J has cool theme and nicely sculpted mini, but seems a bit one-dimensional to play. Lucius has both strong personality and interesting mechanics - and he allows for cross-faction hiring which I like very much. Ten Thunders - Shenlong is extremely interesting to play, but I would never dare to compete with my brother in mastering Shen's mysterious martial arts. Asami seems interesting and not overwhelmingly strong, despite she summons out of nowhere - I would like to give her a try. Lynch has probably the coolest theme in the game. The Neverborn - definitely the coolest faction, I could hardly name a master which does not appeal to my taste visually, maybe except Collodi and Lilith. If I were to play Neverborn, Pandora and Zoraida would be my first choices. I would like to buy Dreamer's box only to paint it and look at it all day long. Gremlins - Wong seems to be a cheap introduction into the faction, as everything you need beside his box for semi-competitive play is McTavish and Swinecursed. Zipp is extremely strong and interesting to play and Mah has one of the coolest sculpts in the faction full of hilarious miniatures - that's something! Masters I don't like: The Arcanists - well, see above. The Guild - Hoffman, because I don't like robots (no offence, stompybots lovers!). Ten Thunders - Brewmaster. Also Yan Lo, one of my favourite masters in Ressers. Not sure how to make him work in Thunders. The Neverborn - none. Gremlins - Brewmaster and Ophelia, who seems predictable.
  8. thatlatinspeakingguy

    Resurrectionist Henchman Hardcore

    I have never played that format, but I remember one list which was posted on that forum: Valedictorian, Izamu, Jaakuna Ubume, all with Unnerving Aura, and Graveyard Spirit on top of that. Good luck for melee crews with no armor-ignoring mechanics.
  9. thatlatinspeakingguy

    First Master vs Titania

    Titania's box is extremely solid, you are going to have hard time playing against it regardless what you pick. Reva is considered better than Seamus, but has no support she needs in her box, while Seamus' box is quite self-sufficient for a beginner. Anyway, play whatever you like more, and in long run Reva is better choice.
  10. thatlatinspeakingguy

    Waffls found a brush! Gallery and Paintlog

    Colours of rats are just superb!
  11. thatlatinspeakingguy

    Guild in the competitive scene right now

    Not sure if he was playing one list, but that's possible. The list that he used to completely obliterate my crew was something like that: Sonnia with some upgrades, Francisco with something and Expert Sleuth, Dr Grimwell with Expert Sleuth, Papa Loco, Guild "Nerf, please" Investigator, Effigy, Watcher, ?something more?. As you can probably tell, the list was build to capitalize on the fact that with Investigator you don't have to spend a single AP on Walk Action with Sonnia and with double Sleuth you are going to win the initiative on turn two. As a result, I was wiped out from the table around turn three and lost 0:9. But the list is so Sonnia-centric that if something goes wrong the game can be one-sided also for a Guilld player - and thus two rounds later my brother defeated Tim 10:1. Karma.
  12. thatlatinspeakingguy

    The undying box set

    Honestly, it sounds like the opposite: no particular synergy with Yan Lo, unless he is able to pass his own Chi to others - just similar mechanics. Anyway, almost certainly a solid model I am looking for.
  13. thatlatinspeakingguy

    Iron Scorpius 5 Ressers

    I like to play Yan into Ply and Ours, so the choice will depend on terrain and schemes. Both Nicodem and Kirai are solid choices into Ours. Seamus into Symbols, Reva into Public Executions. I'm not sure about Wagons - basically anyone who can multiple AP of your 50mm base model.
  14. thatlatinspeakingguy

    Guild in the competitive scene right now

    Tim de Groot soloed Sonnia at Polish Nationals and finished on 15th place - definitely not too bad.