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    Yan Lo Tactica?

    Unfortunately Beckoners can only be taken in Ten Thunders with Lynch. They're not dual-factioned like some of his crew. Lynch takes them via Darkened keyword.
  2. Hermit

    Tara low budget start?

    I'm going to say that if you bury the Death Marshal the model in the box comes back out prior to the Marshal going away. The wording on Pine Box says that if the Marshal is "removed from play" which burying it would constitute.
  3. I started out playing Neverborn/Ten Thunders and recently picked up Tara and all her thematic models and I am absolutely loving it. My next step is slowly acquiring everything that Karina summons! I can't wait.
  4. Hermit

    PullMyFinger going away?

    I've done several tools and sites for the game Netrunner and I would be more than willing to provide a host for the data located at PMF if you're interested. Could most likely figure something out to get the info scraped if there's no good way to export it. Let me know!
  5. Hermit

    Jakob Lynch - A Comprehensive Guide to Gambling

    I don't think they are crap. They're just not worth the 7 stones they cost. Compare them to Rotten Belles. If Beckoners cost 5 stones they'd be great and I would probably always take 1-2. But 7 stones is asking a lot, considering that's a whole additional Illuminated or even Autumn Knight you could be bringing.