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  1. Angelshard

    Our worst models

    I don't know that much about gremlins, but I do know that last year Som'er was considered a top tier master, what changed? Also it might just be me, but Brin seems like a solid model, condition removal without suit and two good (0) actions, plus a solid aura that can really hurt a lot of models ( I would love to have it against Vicks and laugh at no whirlwind). Is it simply because he's too squishy with df 4?
  2. Angelshard

    New player, what to buy?

    Both papa loco and pere ravage can be quite fun with her, they're easy to deliver and can put out a world of hurt if the enemy is grouped. First mate lets you devour whatever your doll paralyzed. Either costing the opponent resources or a model. Mctavish is still solid even with the price increase.
  3. Angelshard

    Ways to inter-mix factions

    @Ludvig I guess what I'm wanting is a more limited infiltration that only lets you bring over a few specific models. As it is now I feel a lot of the flavour I factions is being washed out. There are very few true factionwide weaknesses left at this point. Also I think the amount of combos you have to playtest is negatively affecting balance on some of the never models. Plus some factions are suffering from this, tt are getting a hit because they have so many dual masters that can bring in so many models. Gremlins and outcast got a few undeserved hits due to the merc rule and so on. I'm not saying it's all doom and gloom, I'll still argue that the game is quite well balanced and the power curve from weakest to strongest master is quite tight. But I think the factions themes are suffering and getting a little washed out. Also, after the fluff in book 5, I have a feeling that both dual masters and mercs are gonna be a lot scarcer, outcast are going to form their own faction town and misaki got most of her dual masters to swear allegiance to her.
  4. Angelshard

    Ways to inter-mix factions

    I agree with @-Loki- , mainly because I'm tired of seeing models take a hit because some out of faction master is too strong with them. Sure I'd be sad that some of my models might not work anymore, but rather that than feeling salty because a model got a nerf even though it was fine when in-faction. Also I feel that the model bloat is getting out of hand and toning down the available comboes is a way to counter that.
  5. Angelshard

    Supply Wagons

    Pandora with fugue state near their wagon. Laugh as his crew dies trying to push it. Lucius making interacts a (0) combined with Queeg's Welcome to hell means you can push it up quite fast. Doppelganger has "don't mind me" so she can push even if engaged.
  6. Angelshard

    Lucky Effigy

    I'm still going to argue that p.17 in the small rulebook makes it quite clear. "Bonus modifiers () force a model to flip additional cards and then provide the model with a choice of which card to use... Penalty modifiers () force the model to flip additional cards and then use the lowest value card flipped..." This also means that lawyers and Molly are quite bonkers. No matter the interpretation it's still a solid effigy. Stats are better than a 4ss model and the attack can really hurt an opponent. Plus his hit me aura is quite solid.
  7. Angelshard

    New player, what to buy?

    @emiba She needs none, she wants quite a few. Of course you can play her using only in faction models, but the option of hiring in strong models from other factions is part of her card, plus one of her upgrades. No you don't have to use the ability or upgrade, but you should certainly be aware that they exist and the flexibility they can give you. Not pointing this out is doing him a disservice, at least in my book. As to starting out, my impression is that it's a new guy joining an existing group, so I'd expect him to progress to 50ss games rather quickly.
  8. Angelshard

    New player, what to buy?

    Lynch, lillith and titania are all great as their boxes gives you models that other masters want. Lynch might be a bit squishy for a new player. Dreamer is a good master if he wants to focus on a single master at first, as he can do a lot of different play styles, but his summoning means he'd like a couple of extra boxes, at least, to bring out his full potential. Pandora is a bit difficult and her box isn't really used by other masters. But she's a solid master once you learn how to use her. Colloddi, Lucius and zoraida all have the problem that they want a lot of models that are out of faction and can't be used by other masters. For extra the usual suspects are: nekima, doppelganger, Mr graves, Lelu and lilitu. On top of that I'd add mysterious emissary (with a box of changelings, who are also great on their own), rider now that he's 10 stones and mysterious effigy. Generally speaking we don't really have any weak masters after wave 5 and most of our really weak models are in master boxes, so, unlike some other factions, it's hard to go truly wrong when starting out. This is because neverborn are awesome and the true masters of malifaux.
  9. Angelshard

    Lucius Devil's Deal on himself

    Welp I guess that stops it. Somehow I've managed to completely miss that part...
  10. Just to be certain, there's nothing preventing Lucius from using devil's deal on himself and then transferring the damage to a terracotta through ancient protection is there?
  11. Angelshard

    NB Lucius - Trying to figure him out

    @Ludvig my fault, been playing Lucius in guild lately and forgot😞
  12. @WWHSD I don't disagree, I take exception to the statement that these models make ressers op as a faction. I agree that they are good, but they're not above the curve. Yes kentauroi are strong as a nico summon (I think they're quite strong for Molly too). But they're just another tool, I haven't heard people stopped summoning punk zombies or necropunks yet. As for Lampads, again I haven't met them, but I think they're probably harder to get a second model out of than people think, not saying they're bad, just that they take a bit of setup
  13. Angelshard

    NB Lucius - Trying to figure him out

    Always take deep pockets. I cannot imagine a situation where you wouldn't. Mr Graves is a solid beater in a Lucius list, plus he gives you an extra push to move somewhere. With Lucius he's at Ml6 with plus and a 3/4/6 damage track. You can combine queeg with Serena bowman to give 3 minions extra plus (this is fun but rarely worth the extra stone). This doesn't work at all, promises is guild only! Terracotta allows you to get rid of surprisingly loyal and gives a solid defensive condition, just keep it back, plus you can give an enforcer 1k faces and switch it to pact for extra card draw, then have the terracotta switch to something else (or back to 1k faces). Guild Pathfinder can give your opponent a nasty surprise blast, especially when combined with doppelganger and/or changelings.
  14. It can walk through a wall or tower of any height. It still has to pay the height difference in movement to end on top. Look at answer 9 in the FAQ (I can't get my phone to copy from the app) regarding flight and incorporeal movement on vertical terrain. The same answer can be applied to scion.
  15. I think my main issue with this thread is the declaration that ressers are op. Especially when it's focused around three models. Guild got the jury, monster hunters and guild investigators, which are at least as good as those three. And they were just at the too of my head, wave five introduced a lot of strong models. Lynch got an upgrade that breaks one of the fundamental rules of the game (loser cheats first), which is disgustingly good. Sure Asura is strong, but I wouldn't call her stronger than the Jury, Benny Woolcomb or Hinamatsu. Kentauroi are good yes, but they're 8 stone minions and if you summon them instead of hiring them (which can only be done by 2 out of 8 masters) they're at low wounds and cost you a high card. Lampads I haven't met yet, but my guess is that they're a bit too niche to be truly effective. Especially when there's so much condition removal now a days.