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  1. I'd say his attack lists him by name, so no laz assimilate on that. I think hinamatsu brings a lot to the table in terms of flexibility. He might not be the best damage or tank, but he's a great jack of all trades, his trigger alone makes me want to bring him. Being able to hurt a rider after turn three or laughing at francois with those stupid stilts or just having a second armour breaker is worth a lot in my book. If you place a wicked doll next to a target his damage increases greatly and with mi6, +on flip and cheating ace down he's quite likely to hit at least three times against most things. I agree he might be best against neverborn. But I can see plenty of other matchups where I'd want him. Plus he's a henchman for collodi so you don't have to use vasilisa and still could threaten show of force.
  2. With wooden claws it's an armor 2 def 5 9 wounds that can heal up to four times from brutal or hodepodge. I think that's fairly survivable for 9 stones. Also I can finally take a collodi crew where show of force and last stand aren't just two schemes my opponent knows I won't go for. That in itself is really great. I struggle to find a use for it with other masters though. The cuddle to the 0 action made lynch much less interested in this model.
  3. I honestly like it better this way, I'm loving it against misaki to stop stalk and guild to stop stringers, plus a friend is getting zoraida so I think it'll come in handy there too.
  4. Only shuts down those actions on hinamatsu, all your other models are unaffected, so the loss isn't that big as there a plenty of other ways to move hinamatsu if you really need it and the model is very self sufficient already. The big difference is that hinamatsu is a henchman. Collodi usually can't buff those. The problem, I find, with buffing a lot of small minions is that they die fast and tend to clump up, making them very vulnerable to blast, also you're dependent on collodi being within 6" to make it really effective, limiting your influence on the board. Hinamatsu can be buffed up and then shoot off to kill that schemerunner 12" away. I haven't tried with vasilisa yet but I'm going to run them together tomorrow to see how it works.
  5. I can still see a lot of potential in this model. With collodi I'm often starved for ap anyway so not being able to my will hinamatsu isn't that bad. If I run collodi fated I can give it arcane buff vastly increasing its damAge potential or draining my opponents hand. I can give it armor 2 and effigy heal, either lucky or brutal, making it a tarpit and it can still benefit from strum when needed. If I go bag of props I want a beater that can take care of itself, hinamatsu can do that. Additionally I finally have a model I can use vasilisa with, I've never gotten enough out of towing a stitched, now whatever model my opponent is hiding at the back is gonna die, vasilisa gives hinamatsu a threat range of 32" or basically the entire board. Also I can see an interesting combo with doppelganger and changeling, not sure how effective it is, but if they copy four katanas the condition isn't removed (the enemy doesn't suffer additional damage either so it's a very low damage spread) so when hinamatsu attacks, the enemy will already have a stack of +1 damage on them. I could see this being useful against something like a rider in turn 4. Deal 2-3 damage in pings and then go in and deal 4/5/6 damage that can't be reduced in your first swing. With lynch I'm not sure it's really worth taking anymore, but I also think it was too good before, I'd like to see a middle road for its 0 action. With zorida you could attack the doll to stack up condition on the target before attacking it next turn. A bit niche and probably not worth it. Finally I think there's too much focus on our masters not being able to obey enemies compared to all the enemy actions you can shut down with hinamatsu. Prompt, stalk, obey friendlies, deliver message, they're all gone when hinamatsu is around. I find that to be quite good.
  6. That is a trick that will only work once and only against specific masters, also you've spent 43 out of fifty ss and your only offensive models are collodi and a single stitched. Personally I find that stitched together are a bit overrated. Sure the attack is good but it will often require you to spend cards to get through and I find my stitched rarely survives to reactivate. Its walk of 4 means you often need something to carry them to where they want to be. All in all I find them to be very resource costly for what they do. I love them as ffm targets and I include them if I have a good way of giving them + on attack flip without spending too many resources, but I don't think they're the almost auto includes as many seem to do
  7. @Clement I can see your point and I agree with for the most part, however as wizuriel said it does prevent taking other upgrades. Not sure how much of an issue this is since it seems to me the models in question get quite a lot out of their boosts, more than what a 0 upgrade that didn't count against max upgrades should give. The other part is that discourages using the models outside their own faction as the upgrades are faction locked.
  8. So now inhuman speed only works against enemies. I can see that it might have been too strong with lynch if you had an ace on your hand turn one, but I think hinamatsu is starting to feel a bit lackluster.
  9. I honestly don't get the hate against "without a master ". I've used it twice now, once with lynch against shenlong and once with collodi against Colette. Both times it was great. With lynch I started with an ace on my hand and used it to cheat in four cards turn one and two by charging my own illuminated. That's four cards while moving up the table and dealing 0 damage to my own crew. Against Colette I was able to shut down her usual prompt targets with my aura. I played fated collodi so most of his ap was used to "my will" my own models and I didn't really feel I lost out on trigger since I still had idle hands (which I usually prefer anyway). I'm really looking forward to trying it against mechanical rider. Forcing her to be more defensive after turn three instead of just diving I and completing schemes on my half of the table is gonna be good. All in all I feel hinamatsu adds a lot and while the damage output is less impressive than I'd hoped, it's consistent and with trigger it's quite impressive .
  10. The main issue I have with the 0 upgrades is that they can cause some problems, like lelu being worse if he's summoned vs hired or captain dashel mot being able to bring his upgrade over to a lucius nb crew. Personally I don't have problems with stat cards being updated as I don't mind playing with printed cards (already do this for some of the upgrades in ripples of fate) . But I can see why this would bother others. I think an app ala war room would be a fantastic addition to the game, especially if it allowed crew synchronization so I can see my opponents models remaining wd and conditions.
  11. Widow weaver is amazing with collodi. I'd argue that lucky is better than brutal in both fated and props, sure it's more random, but having a stitched on one wound flip a ram in a defense duel is amazing and happens surprisingly often and collodi flips so many cards he often heals more than he did from brutal. Plus the damage track of 3/4/7 is nothing to sneeze at, even if it's mi3. Mysterious emissary is another model that is almost always in my collodi list. Walking enemies into his terrain with collodi is devastating and the fact he is a puppet can turn him into a solid beater. Plus summoning full wound changelings is never bad. Personally I love bunrakus for personal puppet. Using snatch when collodi is under attack works wonders. (He's also often my ffm choice as people really wants him gone).
  12. Mysterious emissary is really, really good. Especially with collodi and Pandora. Putting down hazardous terrain and then using collodi to walk an enemy into it can ruin anybody's day and Conflux of sorrow is just insane. Also the ability to summon changelings is quite handy and only requires a 7mask. Plus your opponent will be less suspicious of you plunking down scheme markers as Emisarry use them for summoning.
  13. Thanks for the answers☺
  14. Have a couple of questions that came up in a game last night. 1. If a blood wretch with "the rage builds" attacks collodi and he uses decoy to sacrifice the personal puppet, does the blood wretch still draw cards? Both abilities are "when dealing damage" so I think the controller of the active model chooses which one goes first? 2. If widow weaver tries to summon a wicked doll and fail do you still discard the scrap marker?
  15. I recently switched myself and I'd say the jump from kill' em all to schemes is quite easy. You usually end up killing quite a lot here too. The main difference is that the kills are more focused and revolve around removing models that are preventing you from scoring or trying to score themselves.