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  1. Collodi Tactica: Many String-Based Names

    First off I would throw away widow weaver. Except for colloddi she doesn't support anything and she's quite fragile. With handbag that's 10 stones to give a -1 or- 2 wp is very pricey. Also her summoning isn't that impressive and even with doll collection you use a marionette, a ton of ap and a lot of cards, plus probably a stone (or two counting faces) to get a teddy. Then I'd put in emissary instead. His attack kills an abomination on moderate and his terrain can really mess with the opponent. If you can kill ashes near a terrain marker (usually by obeying obeying it there with colloddi and then killing it) dust storm can be obeyed to move in the hazardous area and will die on a 6+ flip with no modifiers when summoned. Secondly cover! Cover! Cover! Levi has a so cover really helps, also he needs to either stone or have a to get the trigger, so he shouldn't get too many abominations. Also you can throw marionettes in his face to tie him up for a turn. Kill the waifs if you have the chance. It will force him to play a lot more defensively.
  2. The adaptive can opener

    As santaclaws01 said, if the ignore armour is from the attack of a friendly model Then you can ignore, obey doesn't affect the attack or change the allegiance of the model, so yes you'd ignore the armour.
  3. Stumble Around again

    After succeeding, after failing, after resolving and after damaging all happens at the same time (step 6). Defenders trigger resolve before attackers. This can be important if, for example, misaki hits the shinobi as he would push away and she would push my after and so still be able to hit with her next attack. I can really recommend the master timing table from schemes and stones. It gives a better overview than the table in the book.
  4. what's your crutch?

    @Ludvig I think I'm trying to say the same, in your example Mortimer getting taken out turn one could cause a loss as he's integral to the crew that player has made. I don't know enough about ressers to know if there a good builds without Mortimer, but I'm guessing a lot of players wouldn't find them if there is, as they always just put him in the list without looking at alternatives. For me the worst thing a crutch does is preventing you from trying new things. Also as other people have said, always putting in condition removal can end up harming you as those points might have been spent better if the opponent doesn't really bring conditions and if the removal dies early you could have trouble playing around things like paralyze, because you've always just removed it and haven't tried playing around conditions.
  5. what's your crutch?

    Just curious, what do you mean? I can see some arguments for this, but I think it mainly hinges on your definition of a crutch. For me a crutch is a model that I throw into a crew without thinking as it almost always helps me win, and sometimes that ends up costing me games, either because it gets taken out early and I need it to make the rest of my crew work, or because it really didn't suit that scheme pool or list. It can also prevent you from trying out new things.
  6. Malifaux - what next?

    I really don't think doubling points would do that much. There's always gonna be a model curve from good to bad. I don't think the balance between most models is truly significant and usually tiny changes like adding a suit or restricting an action to once per turn, is enough to balance models. As for the really bad things, cheaper costs isn't going to help. Any stone upgrade could cost 0 and you still wouldn't take it on your master. I've seen the "higher points leads to more granularity and thus better balance" several times before, and I'm still not convinced. And if it really was the case, why not cripple the value? Surely an even greater price range would allow for even better adjustment and balance. And suddenly we have 40k 3rd edition where you played 150p pts games with upgrades that cost 1 point. Besides in malifaux increasing the price variation is going to lead to more pre game fiddling and longer list building time, which I'm not a fan of.
  7. Dark horses.... Tuco

    I look at Angel eyes and then I look at a trapper and the trapper is better for 2ss less. He's arguably more survivable thanks to freikore and reposition being build in. He shoots harder, potentially further and just as precisely (except that he randomizes, which I'd a big deal). He has a (0) to get out out of engaged and he's a minion so a lot of our masters have ways to boost him. She can offer some ranged support and shoot into melee, but not enough to justify 9 stones. For that price I can get Hans instead. Honestly I just don't see her bringing anything to the table as she is right now.
  8. Malifaux - what next?

    Honestly I would love if they focused on cleaning up wording, elevation and timing instead of releasing new models next year. A major errata to balance some of the models that are falling behind would be welcome, but its honestly not even close to top priority in my world. A lot of the models being seen as weak by most can be used effectively if you think a little out of the box. Especially the totems.
  9. Wave 5 - GG 18 Tier List and Faction Standing

    I've faced it three times now and the storm plus risk and reward is disgusting. Having a guaranteed trigger that lets you cheat on to damage means you can get those blasts off as long as you have the cards, and since you only need to be even you don't need to cheat as hard to hit. This does mean she's more reliant on a good hand though, so shang will probably show up more thanks to rush of magic. Add charm warder to this for permanent disguise and she's really, really strong. Plus you can use terracotta to swap to stalking bisento after you've decimated the enemy crew and take out the big things that are left. What I find really interesting though is that she can finally be used in outcast. Marlena Webster is nasty with her and scramble on yamaziko is disgusting.
  10. Lucius - advice for tournament

    I'm really looking forward to taking Vogel in a list with the jury. Guaranteed trigger on fancy cane and laws of nature seems really good. Also the pathfinder is disgusting with the jury near him. Suddenly you can have blasts that ignore armour and htw. I know you need to pitch a card to get the trigger, but I think it's worth it.
  11. what's your crutch?

    @Gnomezilla you forgot to add handsome and stylish.
  12. what's your crutch?

    @I'm a Teapot! Hans? That is interesting, he's usually not very popular
  13. what's your crutch?

    @WWHSD true but there's also quite a lot of games where you don't need it. Generally I find that unless I play against neverborn, ressers or hamelin I don't need it. I still take it out fear for what could happen, but often I could have used the points better
  14. what's your crutch?

    That's because you don't play Pandora. No need for your own deck when your opponent throws his at you turn two.
  15. Malifaux app update question

    An upgrade list like the model list. That is what I need. And the book number for every character and upgrade like in crewfaux.