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  1. Book 5 general release

    That sucks for those of us who never wants to own a physical copy and prefer the digital I honestly can't see how waiting with digital release would help the LGS as I'm guessing those who get a digital copy won't buy a physical anyway and those who wants both can still buy it from the local store
  2. Book 5 general release

    What really?! They seriously won't sell the digital version until October then? That seems way off
  3. Book 5 general release

    Can't you buy a digital version during GenCon? I don't want the physical copy anyways so I'd hate having to wait for general release, also a digital copy wouldn't include shipping By the way, does anyone know if wyrd store uses a fixed exchange rate or follow the current rate?
  4. Alpha and upgrade cards.

    My bad I read alpha wrong and focused on the during activation part.
  5. Alpha and upgrade cards.

    I'm quite sure you can't discard oath keeper or imbued energies though. Both of those require you to do it at the start of the models activation and the model being obeyed doesn't activate. Collodis idle hands condition *might* but even here I'm quite sure you're past the start of activation requirement.
  6. Learning to play

    If you play smaller crews (less than 35 stones iirc) you use henchmen as leaders instead of masters, that's why they have a cache. I'd suggest you start with squatters right as strategy and line in the sand plus eliminate the leadership for schemes. There is also a format called henchman hardcore which is 20 stones and 4 models each. Also I found it really helped to make markers for all conditions so I can put them on the model cards and remember them better.
  7. Claim Jump - list of models

    Changelings can do it with their (0) as long as you have a friendly model within 5".
  8. Returning player would like some advice.

    Another good thing about starting with outcasts is that if you decide to branch into other factions most of the nice mercenaries will already be in your collection and ready to use.
  9. What to buy next?

    I'd say changelings. They're fantastic models for only 4 stones and extremely flexible. Weaver is really good too, but I find she's better with collodi, Pandora and zoraida than your masters
  10. gaining grounds 18 beta

    I agree, but I only started playing malifaux this year so I'm unsure if gaining grounds is usually released in beta form for everyone or how they handle it. If it's always been a closed test I'd be surprised if they suddenly change it
  11. gaining grounds 18 beta

    I read that beta for GG18 will be available after GenCon, does anyone know if you can just join in or is it a closed beta?
  12. Games more fun with lower powered masters?

    I personally prefer cutthroat competition and trying to create the best crew and most delicious combos I can. One of the things that I like about malifaux is that the power difference between best and worst is relativly low and that you have a lot of models that fills the same role in different ways. So what is powerful for one person might suck for another as the model just doesn't fit his play style. For example I loathe stitched together, they always seem to let me down when I really need them and two of my opponents are way too fond of using obey on them, or even worse, Yasunori. I will admit that I often have a hard time justifying it to myself when I bring any other neverborn master than collodi, as I almost always look at a scheme pool and think "collodi can get 10 pts here for sure".
  13. What to buy next?

    Is nekima worth it if you don't have young or mature? Her personal upgrade will be useless and she won't be carrying the nephilim specific ones either I'm guessing
  14. Collodi Tactica: Many String-Based Names

    He is fantastic. I think he's one of the best models you can include in a collodi crew, doesn't matter if you go fated or props he works with both. I usually throw down 3-4 scheme markers with marionettes and effigies and then I either summon with cards from my hand if I have them or go fast to focus summon twice with 3 card flips. If I still haven't managed to get any changelings I sometimes use my will to summon three more times with +flip. I've not had a game yet where I didn't have three changelings at the end of turn one. If you're going fated and lucky effigy he will usually be close to full wounds after summoning. Also I always deploy him to one side so I can get a hungry land marker down that he can heal from. If you've got one down on turn one you can use the 2" push from marionettes to make sure he heals up. Hungry land is awesome when combined with collodi's triggers for additional damage and to deny ffm.
  15. Changeling Attack Range

    True. I guess I'm just used to LoS being a requirement for everything. I think I'm falling on the side of 14" range too