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  1. Angelshard

    How to fight Nicodem as Collodi

    Against nicodem I would go hyper aggressive. It depends a lot on scheme and strat though, and wether you're tailoring against nicodem or want a more general anti ressers crew, but here are some suggestions. Throw out widow weaver, if you're only using her for -1 wp for colloddi she doesn't do enough to justify 8 points. Add vasilisa with a little food, a little water and a coryphee. Switch colloddi to fated. Turn one you throw brutal buff on colloddi and chain into vasilisa. Depending on how defensively he's placed his models you go fast or not and walk her and the coryphee up the table. Second activation you run colloddi up and use your (0) on coryphee to position her for charge. Then chain into her and go for a fast charge on whatever you think is best (Phillip and the nanny only if they've activated, otherwise leave them alone). Also I would really recommend the mysterious emissary, he's fantastic in a colloddi crew.
  2. Angelshard

    Lucky Effigy's Condition and what is a flip

    @Rillan even though I agree with you I'm afraid you need a really good argument, there's a reason this discussion has gone on for four pages with no agreement.
  3. Angelshard

    Help choosing master for gg18

    Lynch is fantastic in ours. But I also really want to try colloddi with doll maker. Being able to move models to the table quarters that you need, without your opponent being able to counter it, seems quite strong. Titania is my go-to in public execution. Either pact or indignation, both works great.
  4. Angelshard

    Lynch in Neverborn.

    I hope you can use it Also I'd suggest you look at lynch as more of a card giver and enabler (due to models with low stats being better if you cheat last) if you want to try wonky things. It won't use his full potential, but it can be fun and let's you use models that you would leave at home
  5. Angelshard

    neverborn nemesis

    My issue is more with specific models than masters. Sue, yasanori, strongarm suit, mech rider and amina naidu all makes me sad, regardless of the master
  6. Angelshard

    Lynch in Neverborn.

    The thorn charging a depleted near a scheme marker lets you flip 12 cards and draw 2 for two damage to the depleted. (Unless you're insanely unlucky as you flip 4 negatives for damage). That's 25% of your deck seen for 2ap and a 0. Scion is really good with lynch as you can throw two aces for condition removal. Plus hand control makes it easier to justify an 8 for his interact tactical. Mysterious effigy can really save his bacon and makes cheating bastard even more obsolete than it already is. This one is really situational but I've done it once: If you're running hinamatsu as a flanker and she catches a scheme runner she can farm it for cards, by cheating in aces, instead of killing it. Few runners can hurt her and 4 cards plus locking down a scheme runner is fine for 9 pts. Just be aware that people will take this very personal and get really annoyed.
  7. Angelshard

    Welcome to Malifaux and Fate Woven conflicts

    Schemes and stones has a great master timing chart on their blog that really helps.
  8. Angelshard

    Hunting Down Nicodem

    I'd argue that titania is the best pick against ressers in general. Royal indignation means you can tank all the minions summoned. Audience lets you pull their key pieces to you so you can kill them. Pact lets her kill most ressers masters if she can reach them. No healing shuts down a lot of ressers abilities. Aeslin shuts down a summoning master if you can get her within 6". Her emissary means you can maintain activation parity, to a degree, and can also cause a lot of damage thanks to trigger. Adittionally the pounce combo can usually kill any ressers model, as they typically have mediocre def, so you hit them every time.
  9. Angelshard

    How do Neverborn deal with Zipp?

    Some suggestions. Colloddi can have a beckoner as personal puppet and next to colloddi. After he's damaged by zipp she can take 1 dam to lure him back. Hire Anna Lovelace. She prevents his move trigger from ending near your master. Kill Earl! I cannot overstate this. Kill him by any means possible. He is the key to neutering zipp. Use a hard hitting enforcer with ret eye to prevent his trigger. Then kill him. Aeslin stops his place trick dead.
  10. Angelshard

    Hunting Down Nicodem

    Titania with royal indignation and audience can tank most of his crew and place his screen away, opening a charge lane to him.
  11. Angelshard

    Translucent challenge

    One of the problems is that those three all really wants additional specific models. I think I'd focus on Pandora and use teddy, illuminated and coppellius to assist her box. For lynch I would go cheating bastard and add sorrows and teddy. Cheating last helps them stay alive and both can benefit from lynch wp duels and huggy can use his 'obey' to make an opponent fail against teddy terror. Dreamer it's the new upgrade and use teddy I guess. Maybe candy can help too, I'm my too sure.
  12. Angelshard

    Inescapable trap scoring

    I also read it as both options being viable, even if that does make the scheme rather easy.
  13. Angelshard

    Underdogs & Overcosted stuff

    Wicked dolls can be really good in a colloddi crew with 3 stitched and a couple of effigies, going above htk is really good. Also they combo well with hinamatsu and a performer for massive damage.
  14. Angelshard

    Self Loathing vs Kentaurinoi and more

    Is poison and burning also a damage result? Regarding kentauroi it says "if this action was generated by a charge." I'm not sure it counts as the lance action being generated, but I can see how you could transfer the wording to self loathing.
  15. Angelshard

    Very basic question on final dual total

    The reason is that there's ways to get additional rams. You're correct in that you can only ever add one suit from your flipped or cheated card, but masters and henchmen can pay a soulstone to add an additional suit to their total, you can have one build in and some models can get additional suits from abilities.