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  1. Has anyone used the scion with lynch? Seems to me he could do really well there. Condition removal for two aces, the ability to do an additional interact per turn and a pseudo heal.
  2. I honestly think you would be better off by just getting the starter and run through the scenarios. Not to sound pessimistic but your system will have very little in common with a normal game. I just started recently myself and so far my group has all gotten to try a lot of different models (we allow 1 proxy per crew so people can try them out). Malifaux really is rather cheap compared to games like 40k or warmachine. Schemes and stones have a great guide for buying on a budget.
  3. So generally unless you have something specific planned you don't mind your aces being out of the deck for a turn, bar one. And if you do have something planned you will usually drop your aces on that (wanna see a trick) so they will get shuffled in. Thanks for the explanations.
  4. Because bunraku are so tailored to collodi that they rarely gets mentioned.
  5. Only with collodi so far. I didn't like her when I used "a little food, a little water" on her and tried to use her in the bubble or as delivery for a stitched. After I just let her do her own stuff away from the rest I've changed my mind. She is excellent for running down scheme runners and quite durable. She can also put markers down herself in hard to reach places thanks to unimpeded and mw 6. Additionally if I use her with weaver she can strum and move 21" for a surprise entourage.
  6. Vasilisa with malifaux provides is fantastic as both schemerunner and anti scheme.
  7. I've been looking at lynch for my next master and I have a question. Ace management. I believe the idea is to get them as early in the turn as possible and make sure you've discarded them all again before the turn ends. If you end your turn with aces in your hand do you discard them at the start of the next turn, and so loose them for the rest of that turn or do you keep one or two, even though that means looking a higher card? I can see wanna see a trick ensuring they go back in the deck, also mulligan, but it seems to me you will often end up with one or two on your hand when the turn ends, especially if you didn't activate lynch last. Is there something I'm missing or is ace management just a judgement call every time?
  8. Bunraku Rougarou Mysterious emissary Bunraku are great for personal puppet and their snatch works very well with the Rougarou. Emissarys terrain really boosts collodi's damage if you walk an already activated model onto the terrain.
  9. A thousand faces. I love that upgrade. I only started playing a short while ago so I haven't tried playing without it, but I know I almost always bring two as they give me so many options. There's a lot of other neverborn upgrades I wouldn't use if I couldn't get them through a thousand faces
  10. Not at all I was just arguing that lynchpin is a group of its own. But as ludvig stated that's not true. You can make a crew revolve around a model, but that doesn't make the model itself a lynchpin when you look at the card. A bit of nitpicking. You've changed the number of categories to seven but the introduction still says 5 plus schemers. In the removing scheme category you've got an and but no scheme after. Otherwise I think it's s solid read☺
  11. You're probably right that lynchpin isn't a role in itself. I just seem to always have that one model that my crew really wants (weaver for collodi, lawyer for lucius), but you're right that they themselves are just buffer/controller and not a separate role. Regarding lucius I've just gotten him so I might be playing him wrong, burly I find his walk really helps me get my models up the table on turn one and two. Also I have to agree with the definitions not being too constrained.
  12. I can see condyion removal and healing as it's own, but I would keep it under buffer, even though condition removal is something I'm extremely wary of not bringing, I really hate not bring able to remove a critical paralyze or a blight stack or whatever it is that's gonna mess me up. Still it's just s buff/debuff function and like heal its something you can get by without. Especially as neverborn where my only real options are johan (whom I don't own) or scion. (Emisarry too, bbut then you switch condition for hp loss). As for chaff I'd say the requirement is that you have some cheap extra activations you can buff up. Or really cheap blockers with htk or armour. I think collodi's marionettes are a great example of chaff. Marionettes aren't impressive in themselves, but with arcane effigy an a wicked doll close by they can get a damage track of 2/3/5 mi 5 with poison and burning one, that's really good for 3ss. Adittionally, if you have a weaver you can shoot one 20" up the table in one go for a scheme next turn.
  13. Interresting read, I agree with a lot of your points. I do have a couple of points though. I don't really get why you put frame for murder under killing schemes. Sure it's about a model dying, but it's a model you want to die and avoid killing, so I'd not say it requires a beater (unless you put it on a beater and launch it at the opponent to force him to kill it) . I think you should mention lynchpin models. Is there a model with an action or ability that the entire crew revolves around and who would make the crew a lot less effective if it dies. If so do you have some way of keeping it alive or can you take an extra? A lawyer or guild sergeant in a lucius crew is a good example. If you only have one to give positive flip to his horror duels you can't afford to loose it as it would make your extra actions either risky or a drain on your hand. Also I have to agree with nikodemus. If you put a scheme down and then push 3" in the opposite direction, you can put down another as there's more than 4" between the two schemes, because a base is more than 1" wide. (Base size doesn't matter as a 50mm base is still just under 2" so you still need 3" push).
  14. Nice writeup, thumbs up from here
  15. Guess I could have been more precise. I meant that grab will always pull an opponent in so teddy can flurry and if you flip or cheat the second mask you can force paralyzed and then get off smell fear if something is close enough to be hit.