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  1. Her Swirling spirits ability has by far THE most turn 1 movement potential. With a mask or a crow she can move herself and: Datsu ba, Ikiryo and a Seishin (18) Ikiryo, Goryo, Seishin (17) 3 Drowned (18) 5 Seishin Ikiryo (18) Lost Love, Onryo, Shikome, Seishin (19) many more combos up the board 5 inches, her walk is also 5 inches.....something tells me she will never use a walk action especially turn 1. This in my opinion is her best ability. She's gunna be VERY fast. Her Into Mist ability on Jaakuna Ubume (or another 50mm Ikiryo, Goryo) could protect the entire crew from pot shots as you overtake the center line first activation into the game on wedge with the sacrificial Onryo to launch into they crew for some "Join Us" fun before he gets splatted for pulsed out adversary. THIS my friends is the WP monster crew RedChapel should have been. Also Belles look to be an amazing OOK hire.
  2. thank you thank you, I'll be here all week! (more like all edition) yeah I figured they would make an ability on this, I remember the days of old when launching a fast Izamu the armor at the end of turn 1 thanks to this move. Its iconic, they had to bring it back. I'll share my takes on the ability in the card discussion thread. Spoilers: I think its probably the most efficient turn 1 action on her card.
  3. What has been successful for you guys? What does turn 1 look like for everyone? Especially interested in Reva player, what does turn 1 look like for set up? Molly? McMourning? If you find success in your games and think you have a good turn 1 that sets you up for success, I would love to hear it! I currently just double pulse out focus to the entire crew (with any master), its nice but I think there might be better out there.
  4. Any title wishlists for resser masters? I'd like to hear everyones ideas! Personally Sebastian Baker upgrade from 2nd edition popped in my head for Seamus, giving him the performer keyword as well. I'm not sure how strong it would be, but its a fun idea. Swirling Spirits Kirai also pops to mind. Do you think Dead mans hand will be touched?
  5. Either(A) remove the ability to do this, and add a reason to take her, or (B) say we can do it and leave her be. (I prefer option A)
  6. Redchapel has been talked about on the forums for a while then.....
  7. I love most of the ideas coming out, but we need more eyes on this. Try and get some attention to the forums.
  8. I have 3 different sybelle models that I rotated in and out 2nd edition. I have many fond memories of using sybelle to win games, especially with cheeky "only sybelle" actions in 2nd. I was able to get it off on key models in crews (support pieces) like the mechanical arachnid before he could give reactivate out to howard or joss. You are right when you say if I recall correctly she could whip Seamus into a gun action too out of his activation, maybe early 2nd did this get fixed I cant remember correctly. Anyways, made a master class model take another action, was worth 12 stones with the upgrade. She is so over costed at 10 now. I'd prefer a rework rather than a stone adjustment honestly.
  9. Thanks, just wanted to know why he isn't living, didn't think to look at his lore. Was looking at all masters in the game for undead or living for use with the marshal abilities.
  10. We are discussing the redchapel keyword in the resser forums, they are mainly OOK picks and the keyword is clunky as all hell. Its ICONIC Malifaux and I know for a fact Eric Johns, one of Wyrd's founders, has a soft spot for Seamus. I'd love to see this keyword play IN KEYWORD instead of almost entirely OOK and VERSATILE. Come help the discussion!
  11. Is lord Cooper animatronic or something? no living, only construct tag, I doubt if he was a tyrant he would have the construct tag, so is he animatronic or is this a mistake?
  12. I personally think there isn't enough reason to bring keyword models, we just need more WP attacks. Seamus does a great job of attacking DF and nothing in keyword really attempts at taking wounds with WP really, seems like Scarlet Temptation is only in keyword to help Terrifying. What we need is melee ranged WP attacks and something strong on Sybelle. My thoughts, give sybelle either Self Loathing or Obey, both fit thematically and would help the crew dramatically. Not sure about triggers, if Obey, harsh teachings maybe? Bete needs more corpse generation in crew. Poisoned fate is cool, but not what bete wants to be doing 99% of the time. Remove for a 1 AP action to change her resist to WP on her daggers? trigger to take a swing, gain focus or card draw maybe? I would add some damaging abilities to the entire minion line in keyword that targeted WP and ways to drop corpses on the mourner or rotten belle. I really love the look of this crew entirely in keyword, its so iconic. Would love if it played well too.
  13. Mourner front of card ability weeping widow proposed change. Weeping Widow: Friendly models within 6 cannot have their Terrifying and Manipulative abilities ignored. At the very least we all seem to agree on that.
  14. I think bete gaining a WP targeting attack would fix her. Poisoned fate isn't great, paired knives needs to target WP, remove the + possibly add attuned so we can get the +2 rams. Scarlet temptation is great on paper, absolutely nothing in faction to take advantage of it. Personally, I'd love to see an obey on sybelle, but we have no examples of what an obey would look like on a 10 point model. Its stat 7 on 9 point models, but would be too strong with Scarlet temptation so stat 6 would be great, would need improved triggers or built in mask to match stone cost of model.
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