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  1. Just a case of m2e rules in my head transfering over...there are more place effects in m3e so it makes sense it's a move now
  2. I dont like the idea of the effigy having either unless the emmisary got it as well......bone piles and gravedigger work for me!
  3. I've been looking and looking for a way to break the game via scarlet temptation, and I dont see it. Nothing in ressers that targets WP is super alarming. Back to nico, I would love to see some love thrown his way, a few more keywords, both in and out of his summon pool would be great. None of the minions in ressers feel super good to the point of not being a summon so in my mind it could be any of them...(not like we have a mature nephlim or desolation engine) they are all solid and any would be a welcome addition to nice. Dead mans hand will be included in every tournament my girlfriend and I run so I'd love to see people playing nico, lilith, collodi and ramos. They should be as powerful as non DMH masters.
  4. Aww damn, that makes me sad....can we get this adjusted?
  5. I completely agree, currently burning is still doing work for the opponent on Reva and Vincent, while I dont think burning immunity would be good for the game on them, I think that burning FROM PYRE MARKERS shouldn't be something to worry about. Making revenant and wildfire have abilities that they "may" get burning from the pyres would fix the problems I've seen in both crews. Reva still drops down super fast and requires extra stones to stop the damage, but that's what "take the hit" is for. She needs stones and/or cards to live, she shouldn't have the added worry of burning when facing down a nekima or viks or lady j (or god forbid a ranged crew....the horror!). Karis and reva are in the same boat.....and the boat is on fire.....
  6. If it wasn't a bonus action and 3 inch range, I'd agree. Needing a 4 to get it off is nice.
  7. So I have found a bunch of examples where the ruling would be quite hazy of what to properly do when it comes to places. The easiest fix would to state in the rulebook whether it is a move or not. So if a model with laugh off would be placed, is it a move? If a model is placed by the dead riders attack ability, could a belle gain fast off pounce? With flight being a place effect on both charge and walk, would any movement effect abilities go off? (I realize hazardous got clarification on this, but would the other effects?) For example, the aversion(woe model) is getting charged by a model with flight, because flight is a place and not a move, its antipathy ability doesnt go off. I think place needs to tell us either it is or isn't a move. @matt
  8. At least 1 of the 10t ones is versatile lol we have to pay extra for our 2 in ressers.
  9. Hey guys, when campaigning for some condition removal for ressers I was counting up model counts in each faction that can remove conditions, and we tied at only 2 (non master)!! So I'm gunna start your fight for some more condition removal! Every other faction has between 4 and 6! Sound the drums!
  10. Yeah at a 3 inch range 0 bonus action than needs a 4, on a 7 ss out of keyword and a 6 inch range that needs a freaking 7 on a 6 point model out of keyword.....at least you can end 2 conditions with him....not great. I just went through every faction and they ALL have between 4 and 6 models that can cure conditions, with the exception of ressers and 10 thunders....I will bring this to 10T forums attention as well. (We both have only 2)
  11. If I didnt have to download the faction for yan lo stuff, I would have forgotten it exists! All joking aside, the new master in 10T looks super annoying to play against!
  12. It was fun but making concentrate single use nerfed that list too as triple focused was what I did after all the pushes. The alpha strike didnt come till turn 2. So I personally see the entire nerf to VS pointless. Just hurt his own hires and made him coming in as a 2nd master pointless. I'd hire rusty Alice for ranged support over him.
  13. 50 SS Enforcer


    Adjusting the costs of the crossroad 7 makes them unable to play all together.
  14. I mean, black blood does, so why wouldnt vengeance?
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