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  1. I used all 8 on damage prevention, need to get some sort of stone engine going....
  2. Just played a game yesterday with the transmortis crew, loved the changes to studied opponent. Didnt happen every activation but happened enough to help me kill what I needed to. 8 soulstones kept the valedictorian alive the first 2 turns against a grootslange,bad juju and the first mate, along with zoriadas obeys on those 3. She killed bad juju, and an adze. Getting me 2 summons (sinew, for the tasty obeys on my Victorian for more attacks, great model, needs stones to live though)
  3. Would be cool on a stand alone model, possibly an alt version of the crews leader when they come out could function this way. But I feel an entire keyword would need to be designed around it. Maybe they are taking the ideas for the 8th faction....who knows.
  4. Care to explain? Is there a difference between drop and place?
  5. So say the Adze uses his ambush bonus action, he gets to move 3 inches. He is a model with flight, does he get to use it for this? Is a move a walk? It's not a push, it a not a place.....what does a move count as?
  6. Added trigger on datsu ba, happy about that one, no change log though.
  7. I only wish reva got a 2 inch range buff......sigh. or a trigger like zipps.
  8. Datsu ba got her trigger, not in the log. Thanks for using my suggestion!
  9. Zipp is a midfielder, and he has a trigger to get away. She just doesnt play the role.
  10. Buff the shit out of the crew and her if you remove the faction wide specialization, I see your point when facing anything else that isnt ressers.
  11. She lost her range and her defenses, she can heal....but she has been single activation killed 5 times for me in the beta. Other than her and a single vik, I have been able to protect all the other masters I play with her. (And to get her healing off, you arnt attacking things like a master should, you killing off your own stuff to guarentee the heal....not what a master should be doing.)
  12. Because she is bad. Her range isn't far enough and she sits in charge range. Her burning synergys are meh. Her crew doesnt support well enough. Defenses on her beater minion are laughable. Def. 4 for a7 cost 7 wound model. I dont want her upgrades back, I dont want m2e reva, just a reason to play m3e reva.
  13. Sorry, I dont agree. When your faction is defense 3,4,and 5, and your enemy is on attack 6 or higher it's pure filth. Add to the mix that the Marshal keyword gets added bonuses to undead. More filth. Then they get plus flips from advisary....more filth. They then can obey my models, get me out of position and generally screw my day up. Now you want to hit me back when I finally get to your master....for free?! Remove all the undead specialization and I might agree, but it's too hard of a counter as is and she is broken against ressers.
  14. Does great with the viks, stops the viks from getting slaughtered, and same with venessa. Shielded and damage reduction is always nice, add prevention to the mix and you can save your cards for attacking.
  15. Lady J is broken enough. Does she really need a mask built in when she can get 7 attacks off an activation? Not to mention her keyword is really good. A keyword is the balancing factor, not the master. Otherwise I'm going to see lady j as a 2nd master all the time.
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