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  1. ok, so i guess we were both agreeing...
  2. @Ludvig So you are saying that an executioner that made a walk can't discard the upgrade for a (1) charge in his own activation?
  3. 81) If a Guild model has the Vengeance Bullet Upgrade and is temporarily controlled by an enemy (for example: during Obey) can the enemy choose to discard the Vengeance Bullet Upgrade if it is taking an Sh Action against a model which can use Soulstones? Yes. Vengeance bullet and Ready for Work both read : "When this model declares ..." It looks like you can.
  4. Saturday 11th of March 2017. Format 50ss GG 2017 16 Spots Location: Eurocamping Nommerlayen Rue Nommerlayen L-7465 Nommern
  5. (2) You have to move in a straight line but not directly towards the target. "Target a model within LoS. Move this model up to its Cg in a straight line. This model must end the move with the target model within its engagement range or this Action may not be taken." (page 39)
  6. You mean i can "forget" to score hunting party the whole game and in the last turn remember i had it and then score my 3 vp?
  7. you can only remove enemy evidence markers.
  8. It does not, it will only score starting turn 2 if you revealed it turn 1 "At the end of every Turn after the Turn this Scheme has been revealed..."
  9. Mats are from Urbanmatz except the swamp mat which is from Frontline Gaming, Urbanmatz also has a swamp mat now which is darker than the one from Frontline and does not have cobblestone areas, both are of the same very good quality. Depends on your terrain which one will be more fitting. The 3-4 buildings are from Tabletopworld although they are the out of print ones, they have new and better ones now
  10. To finish off this amazing Malifaux Year in Syren, we'll be holding our first Henchman Hardcore Tournament as per alternate tournament format on December 16th 2016 at 8 P.M. 3-4 Rounds depending on attendance. Rules document can be found under Wyrd Resources Registration over T3
  11. I like him with Seamus. He can help out belles with the condition and can support Seamus up the field.
  12. I agree, Well, as i play Seamus, i don't mind some more love for my hat, but when ever i am called to a table because of an "what ability kicks in first" question, i take out my rules manual and open it on page 51 and read the General Timing box. as both upgrades state "after suffering damage" i was led to believe that attacker's ability kicks in first... Anyway, glad my hat is so awesome!
  13. Hello, I would be glad to welcome you at our second tournament in Syren, Luxembourg on January 14th 2017. It will be a 16 player 50ss tournament using the Gaining Grounds document. Registration happens on T3. https://www.tabletoptournaments.net/lu/t3_tournament.php?tid=17760
  14. those exact houses are out of print, but you will find their new range on http://www.tabletop-world.com/
  15. http://www.urbanmatz.com/c/3-x-3 Dirty roads by Urbanmatz is awesome for the carnival. You can find pictures of our dirty roads mat with dark carnival on it here