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  1. Malifaux App Launched!

    Region lock Luxembourg - on Android
  2. Public execution Standard deployment Guarded treasure Vendetta Take prisoner Take one for the team public domonstration Sandeep: Vendetta (Viyia Guardn°1 on Howard Langston) Take prisoner on Ramos Ramos Vendetta (Arachnid swarm on Vidyia Guard n°1) Take one for the team on Howard Langston I'll stick to the stuff that maters and scored vp. Turn 1, a Wind gamin goes up the left flank between the board edge and a house to block the path to Howard Langston. Howard Langston triple walks next to the gamin ready to kill it an get a free shed blood on one of his models on Turn 2. Sandeep Places himself, summons an ice gamin with the on friendly models attack flips, sandeep summons banasuva and arcane storms Howard Langston. Banasuva steals frozen hearth from gamin to get +1 damage, hits Langston twice, Howard is down to 3wds. T2. Howard langston kills Banasuva who explodes and kills the wind gamin, Vidiya Guard n°1 is pushed then activates, discards imbued energies for fast, discards a card for focus, charges and kills Langston. 3vp from Vendetta for Sandeep, 1vp for Ramos from take one for the team. (yes, it's not Frame for murder anymore, Ramos player missed the part stating AFTER Turn 3!) On the right flank Vidyia Gaurd n°2 discards imbued enegies for fast, discards a card for focus, walks and charges the Mech Rider. Red jokers the damage with damage cannot be reduced. Later in the turn, Kudra places herself with Sandeeps (0), charges the Mechrider and kills him. Sandeep receives 1vp for the strategy. Score 4-1 T3. Ramos summons a bunch of spiders who transform in a swarm. Sandeep and vidyia guard n°3 kill the summoned swarm. The other Swarm charges and kills vidyia Guard n°1 (3vp for Ramos form Vendetta) noone recieves a vp form the strat : score 4-4 T4. bunch of new spiders another vidya guard dies spiders and ramos totem die Sandeep receives 1vp from the strat : score 5-4 T5 Some more spiders a made, more spiders die, Banasuva comes back and stands next to Ramos. no other enemy model in range to deny a vp. Sandeep receives a vp from the strat and 3vp from take the prisoner. Score 9-4 Ramos got hit very hard on turn 2 by losing both the rider and Howard Langston. As usual he will still be able to put up a fight with some high tomes in his hand. While the strat is interesting, it revolves A LOT around killing. So a lot of crews will not be playable in this strat. Strat where only one player can score are sometimes interesting, but if they come up too often they will imo not be good for the game, just like frame for murder was not good in the suit. Vendetta, not sure what to think of that scheme. losing the deployment flip is a huge disadvantage. Ramos was very lucky the Vidyia guard n°1 was on the left flank where he had put his swarm. Take prisoner, well that will be free vp for some masters... The scheme belongs in scheme Museum imo Take one for the team is good, BUT, it suffers from one problem we did not have in this game, that is obey. Obey masters will get 3 free vp for it on guild hounds, whisps or any other 3-4ss models. Changing it to "killed by and enemy model controlled by an enemy crew" is what i would change on it. Guarded Treasure is just to risky as a scheme. If at least you would not need to remove the markers, that would help.
  3. 50 ss GG 2017 Tournament December 17th 2017 LCA Club House Place de l'Eglise 5899 Syren Luxembourg Doors open at 9h00 Round 1 9h45-12h00 Round 2 12h45 - 15h00 Round 3 15h15 - 17h30 registration on T3 https://www.tabletopturniere.de/eu/t3_tournament.php?tid=20399
  4. Guarded Treasure non-Enforcers?

    I am impressed, scheme looks good. needs testing as it looks pretty hard to do even for elite crews, but on paper it seems to do what was intended, winch is promoting elite crews, and not being picked every game..
  5. Ply for Information and Symbols of Authority are a step in the wrong direction if activation control is a problem that needs tacking in gg18. They make things worse, not better.
  6. Suited Schemes and Meta Control

    Symbols uses 50mm ht5 impassable blocking markers. Unlike squatters, where you can park one model next or on top to a marker to prenvent interactions with it, in Symbols it will be hard to defend / have board control with elite crews. So in the end, it will still favor more activations rather than fewer, both to defend your markers and to take markers Ours and it's predecessors have always favored large crews and summoners. This might be better, but it still falls into the category of "more activation (even summons) is better than fewer". I think that being able to only ply on models that have not yet activate might help, i still don't like the part with the suffering damage.
  7. Suited Schemes and Meta Control

    Right now the new strats favor activation control and on top are double punishing as only one player will score points from the strat. Ply for Information gives a huge advantage to the player out-activating the opponent and only 1 player will score points. Symbols of authority gives a huge advantage to out activating your opponent. Especially with leap/place/push effects. Ours still favors activation control as you can move scoring models around to help denying the strat points to your opponent after he can't move any models anymore Guard the stash and extraction did not care about activation control so much, at least you could not deny your opponent points as easily unless you had push/move effets. If we replace strategies (and schemes) which in gg17 did not directly favor many activation's, it will only get worse in gg18. @Kadeton Maybe a scheme scoring after any player has activated his last model would be an option for certain schemes. As for suited schemes, i would rather see a single suited scheme + numbered schemes than 1 always scheme + 4 numbered schemes in a pool.
  8. New Scheme Idea

    I like the idea of not having suited schemes next to the aa scheme anymore. I would rather see the AA scheme linked to a strategy rather than a month. As for the pairing , i don't have an informed decision right now. It might be good for scheme balance, but maybe not as good for pool variety. If pairing would be the way forward, i would then pick 4 "AA type" schemes and put them on suits. In this case, a pool would have 1 suited scheme, and 4 paired schemes (2x2) and no AA scheme.
  9. Take one for the team

    There is "better than others" and there is free vp. Arcanists were not better than others at leave your mark with raptors and practiced production, it was free VP for them, even though technically you could deny it, in reality you could not. You can't reliably resist CA7 obeys with your 4-7 wp models. It's free VP, falling in the same category as the old raptor+practiced production or the piggapult lobbing models across the board. Unless i am mistaken about the intention behind this scheme, it is not working as intended, namely getting your opponent to kill a specific model in your crew.
  10. Take one for the team

    Could we add the wording "controlled by an enemy crew", so that obeys can't score you 3vp on turn 1? If the chosen “sucker” model is killed or sacrificed by an enemy model controlled by an enemy crew, score 1 VP. You could just change "enemy model" to "enemy crew", but then you would not be able to deny the scheme with obey anymore. Whenever i played with Zoraida, FFM were auto 3 VP for the cost of a whisp. And Zoraida is not the only model able to score like that. As in "take one for the team" a higher soulstone model will give up 3vp, this will be even easier.
  11. New Designer - Matt

    Congratulations, good luck and enjoy. (Hope you brought a coat, shitstorm has starter ).
  12. Musing on Always Scheme

    Activation control denies this scheme though. Especially summoners like molly, sandeep and the like will deny this scheme hard. But maybe that would be fine? Lately, i have come to think that if Aaron would want to errata Aionus so that he doesnt drop enemy scheme markers next to himself, a refined form of collect evidence would make a good always scheme? Not sure if i am overlooking other models droping enemy markers next to themselves.
  13. Belles or Doxies

    Both! Why would you have to chose? Rotten Belles are less ressource intensive and obviously better at moving models over large distances. Doxies have a higher TN and might compete for that 7 with other TN abilities your models will have, but her push has more uses and the occasional awesome trigger to boot. Having them die also gives out fast which is amazing. I like to summon doxies with molly, especially if my model will come out with 1 wd or i need a push or i don't have the 11 for a Punk Zombie. Often, Molly/Archie/Val/Rogue ends up with the Fast condition or the doxie is ignored on purpose by my opponent.
  14. Supply Wagons

    Why not just use any good or popular strategy out of GG15 or rulebook for rotations and leave the worse iterations of the same strategy behind. The text could make it into the document even if they are in the rulebook.
  15. Challenge

    What if you would not need to challenge anyone, score a vp if a model killed a model of the same type? Minion - Minion, Enforcer - Enforcer, Henchman - Henchman, Master - Master? Or just someone equal or higher up in the food chain.