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  1. you can only remove enemy evidence markers.
  2. It does not, it will only score starting turn 2 if you revealed it turn 1 "At the end of every Turn after the Turn this Scheme has been revealed..."
  3. Mats are from Urbanmatz except the swamp mat which is from Frontline Gaming, Urbanmatz also has a swamp mat now which is darker than the one from Frontline and does not have cobblestone areas, both are of the same very good quality. Depends on your terrain which one will be more fitting. The 3-4 buildings are from Tabletopworld although they are the out of print ones, they have new and better ones now
  4. To finish off this amazing Malifaux Year in Syren, we'll be holding our first Henchman Hardcore Tournament as per alternate tournament format on December 16th 2016 at 8 P.M. 3-4 Rounds depending on attendance. Rules document can be found under Wyrd Resources Registration over T3
  5. I like him with Seamus. He can help out belles with the condition and can support Seamus up the field.
  6. I agree, Well, as i play Seamus, i don't mind some more love for my hat, but when ever i am called to a table because of an "what ability kicks in first" question, i take out my rules manual and open it on page 51 and read the General Timing box. as both upgrades state "after suffering damage" i was led to believe that attacker's ability kicks in first... Anyway, glad my hat is so awesome!
  7. Hello, I would be glad to welcome you at our second tournament in Syren, Luxembourg on January 14th 2017. It will be a 16 player 50ss tournament using the Gaining Grounds document. Registration happens on T3. https://www.tabletoptournaments.net/lu/t3_tournament.php?tid=17760
  8. those exact houses are out of print, but you will find their new range on http://www.tabletop-world.com/
  9. http://www.urbanmatz.com/c/3-x-3 Dirty roads by Urbanmatz is awesome for the carnival. You can find pictures of our dirty roads mat with dark carnival on it here
  10. This is as i see it too. Running schemes against her which require you to get into the opponents half of the board will be really difficult. Thats where i would be hiding corpse candles for her to use and take out scheme runners or just use her speed. In the game i played against her, it's when my opponent got frustrated not having corpses to attack through and he decided to charge her in that i was able to jump out my 2 Necropunks with "fast" to score covert breakthrough. My necropunks had been trying to find an opening for 3 turns before being able to do their job. Vincent on one side and Reva in the middle were a scary prospect for 2 scheme runners, as good as necropunks are. Even with Vincent's debuff, a ss-user will still be able to cheat a few DF flips if needed and survive a beating. I am far more scared of Sonia Criid with a Papa loco on dmg hitting a minion and doing blast damage on nearby models 3x a turn than Reva. But sonia has far less mobility than Reva and either needs burning or shoot her own models to take out hiding models.
  11. I had Nico with undertaker, love thy master, and maniacal laugh, mortimer with corpse bloat, sybelle with not too banged up, the vulture, 3 belles and a nurse. (summoned 2 necropunks, 2 punk zombies full health discarding an additional corpse token each time and focused on giving my models fast. She had guises of death, blood mark and not sure about the third one. Vincent had deal with death. (i edited my first post so quick reminder : Edit: If 2 of your models are standing 2" apart, when the first model dies and you place the corpse marker on the opposite side, the second model is now more than 3" away from the corpse marker and is "safe", atl east from long range attacks. )
  12. If this can help somewhat, i played with Nico in a tournament last week-end against Reva which ended 6-2 for Nico. (Reva, vincent, anna, 3 shield bearers and ubume). I produced my corpses behind a building out of LOS of Reva. I lured/killed her corpse candles as soon as they came close. I made sure not getting my models killed (like take your meds with a nurse and recalled a belle with sybelle) and played to my strat and schemes which were breakthrough and exhaust there forces, the strat was headhunter. I picked up the only head that dropped (from one of my models) and recalled the belle that picked the head up with Sybelle to avoid here standing next to a corpse marker. Maybe the strat was not the best for Reva, but i played defensively not giving her corpses by killing unnecessary models and trying to keep mine alive and made sure i get my points on the s&s. Granted, there was no Emissary with double shards so i can't comment on that. What i took from the only game i ever saw her in action, if she hasn't got a corpses up the field to attack through, she isn't that much of a threat unless she charges in. It's nice to have an option to remove corpses, 40mm or 50mm bases can stand on markers to prevent LOS to them and well keep away as much as possible from corpses... Edit: If 2 of your models are standing 2" apart, when the first model dies and you place the corpse marker on the opposite side, the second model is now more than 3" away from the corpse marker and is "safe", atl east from long range attacks.
  13. Great Tournament, great people and great prices, i had a lot of fun.
  14. Looking forward to it!
  15. We'll be holding part 3 of our monthly league in Syren starting on November 1st 2016 and ending on November 30th 2016. League games are played on Friday evening or Saturday afternoons at the Club Le Cercle d'Aléa Place de l'Eglise L-5899 Syren Rules: Players score League Points in 2 categories: I. Hobby achievements and casual gaming: 1 LP - Play a game of Malifaux Once per month achievements 5 LP - All figures used in casual and competitive games were painted and based 5 LP - Paint a crew box* 3 LP - Play with a newly painted figure not sold in a crew box* * Achievements involving painting, follow 4 rules, the mini/crew box was not painted at the start of the league, it has to be painted by the player claiming the points, everything has to be based and each crew box or single miniature type only scores once during the league. II. Competitive gaming 2 - LP Play a 50ss League Game of Malifaux (Gaining Grounds 2016 document) +1 LP - for winning that game è Competitive games have to be agreed upon with your opponent beforehand with an agreed time limit of 2 or up to 3 hours. Players will report Factions, Masters, and the final score after each game. A form for this purpose will be kept at the club. è In the case of 3 or more players attending for competitive play, the Henchman reserves the right to assign opponents randomly, or according to the win-loss ratios or just numbers of competitive games played; favoring those with fewer played games.