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  1. And here we go again... Second period (March-April) scores are finalized and raffle tickets distributed. Scores are reset and we're starting the third period. Rules are still simple : Get busy with all your masters and play with and against as many masters and factions as you can during the course of this year. Have fun and keep the reports coming...
  2. Time for another Malifaux event. The different factions are at it again, Trying to defeat their opponents in a head-on battle, sending their henchmen on secret missions and pitting their best brawlers in the pit to get some money in the bank. You can find us at our LGS Oberonn Kempische Steenweg 27 3500 Hasselt (Belgium) when : April 22, 2018 Start 10:00 - End 19:00 Planning: 1 50 ss Game 2 Henchman Hardcores 2 Enforcer Brawls (With some betting on the side) Entrance is free (spend it wisely at the LGS ) Price support will be available
  3. First period (jan-feb) scores are finalized. Slates are wiped clean and we're starting over for a next run. (mar-apr) ready? Go...
  4. A new year and a new challenge. Get busy with all your masters and play against as many masters and factions as you can during the course of this year. A link to the scoring document (including the rules) can be found here : https://www.dropbox.com/s/078zeoieds4a5wv/Malifaux Masters Challenge 2018 Roster.xlsx?dl=0 Get your gaming hats on and enjoy. You can find us at our LGS Oberonn Kempische Steenweg 27 3500 Hasselt (Belgium) when : every Wednesday from 19:00 till ... or join us on our (Flemish) Facebook page to plan or pin some Malifaux games https://www.
  5. When : 11th of February 2018 Where : SpellenBeurs, Pastorijstraat 4, 3500 Sint-Lambrechts-Herk (Hasselt - Belgium) Additional info and registration : http://www.tabletoptournaments.net/be/toernooi/hunt-for-the-golden-guilders SpellenBeurs SpellenBeurs is a board and card game convention. The convention starts at 10:00 and closes it's doors at 18:00. For additional info : Website : http://www.spellenbeurshasselt.be/ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/events/647280152149116/ Malifaux Tournament Format: - 50 SS Gaining Grounds 2017
  6. Or just let your hinges sink into the wood so they are flush with the top level of the wood. That's how they are worked in into my board and works fine. One remark: I've used he same thickness of wood for the base board and it makes it a fairly heavy table, certainly after basing and flocking the complete board. Making the base board only a half inch tick makes the board less rigid but sure makes it easier to transport. I do not have a solution for this other then using the lightest kind of wood that has the least chance on warping. Just my two cents.
  7. Strategies and Schemes are made available. Check them out at T3: http://www.tabletoptournaments.net/be/toernooi/it-s-our-world-2017 in the ruleset section. Select your Faction and Master(s) and start plotting your way to victory. Have fun!
  8. Region lock in Belgium - Android - One plus One
  9. Love the model collection ability. Would this include an overview in counts/percentages? Existing / owned / painted models. If it does that would be really amazing. Very much like the application feel currently. Must have for me ...
  10. Got the message from several people that they would like to attend but the timing was unfortunate. Since there were quite a few with the same request a little poll was organized and the result was a date most suitable for the people who voted. I presumed the other could attend any of the suggested dates ;-) or I hope anyway. Date has been updated in the initial post and on T3, I'll let you all know with a message in your clubs' facebook groups. And here's the link for T3: http://www.tabletoptournaments.net/be/toernooi/it-s-our-world-2017 see you soon. G3ck0___
  11. It's that time of the year again; Malifaux tournament at Oberonn is nearly there. Malifaux 2nd Edition Tournament Fixed faction Gaining Ground 2017 ruleset. Where :Oberonn Kempische Steenweg 27 3500 Hasselt (Belgium) When : 18th November 2017 Doors : 10:00 AM Start : 10:30 AM End : 06:00 PM Entry : 6 / 8 euro Enrollment : tabletoptournaments.net or Oberonn And those who've been there know: Entry fee will be used as prize support and then some... See you there. G3ck0___
  12. Looking forward to see this table in it's final state. Looking really great. Keep us updated please ;-)
  13. G3ck0___


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