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  1. Great news. i applaud "Models are now hired based on their Keyword, which encourages more thematic Crews while also allowing for abilities that more closely tie thematic models together" On the other hand, : "Faction models that don’t share a Keyword with their leader can still be hired, albeit at a slight penalty", i am not so keen on. Please remember from past mistakes, a slight increase like a 12 points model costing 13 will not solve anything. So i hope that abilities will actually be greatly limited to keywords and not "friendly models" or "target models".
  2. Region lock Luxembourg - on Android
  3. 50 ss GG 2017 Tournament December 17th 2017 LCA Club House Place de l'Eglise 5899 Syren Luxembourg Doors open at 9h00 Round 1 9h45-12h00 Round 2 12h45 - 15h00 Round 3 15h15 - 17h30 registration on T3 https://www.tabletopturniere.de/eu/t3_tournament.php?tid=20399
  4. Congratulations, good luck and enjoy. (Hope you brought a coat, shitstorm has starter ).
  5. Both! Why would you have to chose? Rotten Belles are less ressource intensive and obviously better at moving models over large distances. Doxies have a higher TN and might compete for that 7 with other TN abilities your models will have, but her push has more uses and the occasional awesome trigger to boot. Having them die also gives out fast which is amazing. I like to summon doxies with molly, especially if my model will come out with 1 wd or i need a push or i don't have the 11 for a Punk Zombie. Often, Molly/Archie/Val/Rogue ends up with the Fast condition or the doxie is ignored on purpose by my opponent.
  6. I had people complain about my Nicodem play and the summoning. Apparently the fact that Nicodem didn't kill a single model but needed 7 ss to start the game and Mortimer costed 12ss with his upgrades to be sitting next to Nico and produce corpse markers, doesn't count.
  7. Their Last Breath (2ss) on Nicodem only works in friendly living models unfortunately.
  8. As per Faq, "2) If a model is killed by a Condition, which Crew counts as having made the kill? No model or Crew counts as having made the kill." This is clear for something like poison, burning, or any other condition on the target and damaging it. What about Flaming Demise on Sonia's Inferno tactical action. "This model gains de following Condition until the end of Turn, "Flaming Demise": When this Condition ends, all models in 3 suffer 3 damge. If this model is killed, all models in 3 suffer 6 damage instead." Is it still a neutral condition making the kill, or is the pulse centered on Sonia changing anything? Pulse reads: "A pulse is an instant effect that is centered on a model and radiates out in all directions from the edge of the model’s base. All elements within the pulse’s area, excluding the model it is centered on, are affected by it. A pulse has the same Ht as the model it comes from unless specified otherwise. When a pulse is part of an Attack’s description, and the Attack misses the target, the pulse is not generated unless its description states otherwise." Thanks for any help
  9. Rapid Growth League in July Starting the 30.6.2017 till the 4.8.2017 Le Cercle d'Aléa Place de l'Eglise L-5899 Syren
  10. Since it's Ramos' action causing the damage i would say it's Ramos doing the kill.
  11. I get what you are saying (it is how it is handled in most tabletop games), and most people i asked agree with you. But, no one is pointing me out to a section in the rule stating "while within" or "any portion of the base going trough... page 44 reads "To move a model measure from the point of its base closest to the direction it will be moving. Determine how far the model will be moving, and then move the model that distance, ensuring no part of the model moves further than that distance." So the model moved the distance from the point of the base closest to the direction it will be moving up to the point it ends the movement. so the distance between those 2 points is as i read it on page 74 the area where terrain would be checked. "Severe - Areas of severe terrain slow a model’s movement. Moving through severe terrain costs double the distance moved. For instance, 1” of movement would be treated as 2” of movement." Now, if i compare the wording to hazardous terrain. "Hazardous - Terrain that is considered hazardous deals damage to models that Activate while within it, or enter it (if they are pushed, moved, or placed within the terrain). ..." I know, it might be lazy rule writing and both would have to mean the same thing... in which case i blame the wording
  12. As i said, i might very well be wrong... i just don't find anything pointing out that you have to take into consideration the back of the base when you are leaving severe terrain, nor that it state any portion of the base. Page 44 mainly states you perform the movement by measuring from the front of the base, then move the model that many inches, any movement going trough severe costs double. In other words, movement = the way ahead of the model. If you have to take into consideration the back of the base, well the rules aren't clear about that from what i was able to find.
  13. I don't read it that way! page 44. Movement Model movement is an important part of any Encounter. Models jockey for positions from which they can Attack one another, or rush to grab the critical objectives needed to win an Encounter. Models may change positions on the table in several ways. The most common way for a model to move is when it spends AP to perform the Walk or Charge Actions. Any time a model is moving across the table it is called movement, or the model’s move. To move a model measure from the point of its base closest to the direction it will be moving. Determine how far the model will be moving, and then move the model that distance, ensuring no part of the model moves further than that distance. Movement & Terrain All terrain in Malifaux has a base. Areas of terrain can effect movement which occurs within the terrain’s base. This is defined for each piece of terrain when players discuss terrain while setting up an Encounter (see pg. 71). Some terrain will have the severe trait. This is any terrain that constantly makes movement more difficult, such as muddy ground, shallow water, or even snow. Moving through severe terrain costs double the distance moved. For instance, 1” of movement would be treated as 2” of movement. The way i read it, the movement starts from the edge of the base closest to the direction you will be moving. If the edge of the base is on the edge of severe terrain, and you move out of the severe terrain, you should not suffer the double movement. I cannot find anything about any portion of the base still being in terrain when trying to leave severe terrain being affected by it. I might ofc be wrong, but the rules as written do not indicate that you have to switch from measuring from the back of the base.
  14. Luxcon - Information and Rules The tournament will take place during the Luxcon (saturday 22nd of April 2017) in Luxembourg. The doors to the Luxcon will open at 10h00. Registration fee of 10€ and includes a ticket for one day at the Luxcon. Format: ⦁ 50ss Gaining Grounds ⦁ Single faction: You declare 1 faction for the whole tournament ⦁ No pool limitation: free choice of Masters and crew for each game Painting and Modeling rules: ⦁ All models have to be painted to at least a basic level Registration over T3 : https://www.tabletopturniere.de/eu/t3_tournament.php?tid=18864 Schedule and more info will follow.
  15. ok, so i guess we were both agreeing...
  16. @Ludvig So you are saying that an executioner that made a walk can't discard the upgrade for a (1) charge in his own activation?
  17. 81) If a Guild model has the Vengeance Bullet Upgrade and is temporarily controlled by an enemy (for example: during Obey) can the enemy choose to discard the Vengeance Bullet Upgrade if it is taking an Sh Action against a model which can use Soulstones? Yes. Vengeance bullet and Ready for Work both read : "When this model declares ..." It looks like you can.
  18. Saturday 11th of March 2017. Format 50ss GG 2017 16 Spots Location: Eurocamping Nommerlayen Rue Nommerlayen L-7465 Nommern
  19. (2) You have to move in a straight line but not directly towards the target. "Target a model within LoS. Move this model up to its Cg in a straight line. This model must end the move with the target model within its engagement range or this Action may not be taken." (page 39)
  20. You mean i can "forget" to score hunting party the whole game and in the last turn remember i had it and then score my 3 vp?
  21. you can only remove enemy evidence markers.
  22. It does not, it will only score starting turn 2 if you revealed it turn 1 "At the end of every Turn after the Turn this Scheme has been revealed..."
  23. Mats are from Urbanmatz except the swamp mat which is from Frontline Gaming, Urbanmatz also has a swamp mat now which is darker than the one from Frontline and does not have cobblestone areas, both are of the same very good quality. Depends on your terrain which one will be more fitting. The 3-4 buildings are from Tabletopworld although they are the out of print ones, they have new and better ones now
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