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Found 19 results

  1. Quick question. I tried my best to find the answer but couldn’t :( Can you “double move” through terrain if you are incorporeal? More specifically, let’s say you’re Move 5 and the terrain is 8 inches across, can you Walk twice to clear it? My reasoning was that you couldn’t because your first Walk action would end your move within the terrain but I’ve seen a batrep where the Kirai player did it with Ikiryo and wanted to make sure. Ty in advance
  2. Quick sanity check Does planted roots prevents a model being obeyed by an enemy model to move/charge? I think so but I'm not 100% sure if the "enemy effects" is only the obey (and not actions taken using it) and it only include direct movement effects lures, pushes and placements. Ty in advance
  3. So here's the situation: I was running a Lilith list against my friend, and I used the Transfixing Gaze spell to push one of his units into hazardous terrain. The ability says that the model in question takes damage if it ends the push in base contact with hazardous or impassable terrain. He argues that this damage is from the terrain and not the spell action, therefore the 1/2/3 flip replaced the 1/2/4 for moving through Hazardous terrain. My arguement is that the spell, as an opposed duel, counts as an attack and is the source of the damage, so both flips would apply. Maybe one of us is wron
  4. If a model is engaged and gets a push (e.g. Shastar Vidiya Guard's Mantra (traveler), which allows him to push 2" when he focuses), can it get out of engagement? Same with a rule like Butterfly Jump (move up to 3" after being targeted by an Attack Action): can it disengage with it?
  5. Afternoon gang, The Advance Order specifically says the unit takes an action, and then moves. Am I correct that that timing is specific, or am I missing something that says the movement can come before or after the action? In other words, all other things being equal, a generic "missile" unit can only target something that is in it's range at the start of it's activation, either with Advance or Focused Effort. It has no way to move to get a target in range and then fire in the same activation (again, generic and all other things being equal.) Is this correct?
  6. As an example, imagine the following scenario; A Rail Golem wants to charge Criid through a corridor. However, in between Criid and the golem is a Witchling. The golem still has LoS on Criid because of it's larger base, though there's less than an inch of room between the corridor walls and the witchling. Is the golem allowed to charge Criid, or can he only move against the witchling? What if there isn't enough room for the golem in the space between Criid and the witchling?
  7. Hello, wyrdfolk! So a rules question came up during my first game that we were unable to figure out at the scene. Can models with the Incorporeal ability end a move/push inside of Impassable Terrain? If no, what happens if an Incorporeal model is pushed into an Impassable piece of Terrain and the travel distance indicated on the rule that caused the push is insufficient to bring the Incorporeal model all the way through? I asked this question in a Malifaux facebook group and recieved several "No, they can not" and "That would be unreasonable" but nobody was willing to present any evid
  8. Case 1: A 30 mm model is starting its move in severe terrain 1'' away from its edge. It has Wk6 and it is moving directly towards the edge in a straight line. How long will it be able to move? 1 inch in the severe terrain and 4 inches in normal terrain? Case 2: A 50 mm model is starting its move so that half of the model is in severe terrain, and half is in normal terrain. It has Wk6. If it is going to leave the terrain, will it suffer some penalty for being in severe terrain? How much penalty will it receive? Case 3: same as in case 2, but the model will be moving along the edge of
  9. I would like an official ruling on pushes. I think it may be universally accepted that pushes that are worded as push toward/push away are direct in that they happen along the line between the center of the two bases. However, what happens when the wording is push into base contact? 1. @solkanand other good folk on the forums have presented a solid argument which is based on consistency in that (following from the vague wording in the book) all relational pushes (i.e. when direction is specified in relation to a different base) are done directly away or towards, pu
  10. How do you guys run von Schill and the Librarian together? I tend to think von Schill likes to be reasonably far upfield and get in people's faces. He seems to be a master where if he does on turn 4/5 it's not so bad because they're probably spent so many AP taking him down that it's worth it - but he always has a fair chance of surviving, so lately I've been pushing him fairly far upfield (I also take the upgrade that gives him hard to kill, on top of 'shirt comes off', of course). Initially I'd keep vS back to keep the Trapper within 10" for "I pay better", but I don't thin
  11. I can't imagine this hasn't been answered somewhere, but sadly my search abilities are not up to the challenge. Fuhatsu's Braced Ability states that "This model is immune to movement and push effects that are not caused by this model taking a walk action." So my question s whether Lilith's Tangle Shadows -- and "place" effects in general -- are movement effects? From the big rule book, page 42: "Any time a model is moving across the table it is called movement." Which sadly doesn't clarify for me whether a "place" is "moving across the table" or not, since all the other aspects of "moving acr
  12. You are faced with guild austringer, he is 20 yards from you and you have heard how deadly the raptor he is accompanied can be. He sends the majestic bird at you and now you only have 9 turns before it gets you..... wait what? So... In the Fate master's almanac (page 137) Austringer's raptor has some peculiar stats with Walk 1 and Charge 4. Meanwhile the Raptor from Into the steam (page 225) has Walk 6 and Charge 7. Do austringers feed their birds too much or has there been an mistake? This also has ruined the image I have of the Austringers in Malifaux, instead of raptor taking off
  13. I've started to use the Rogue Necromancy's STALKED ability but the rule states I have to move as close to the stalked model as possible. Does that mean I HAVE to move into hazardous terrain if that would take me closer than going around it? It sounds kind of silly but perhaps that's the case? Also the movement from Rotten Belle's Lure: It's not a Wk action but it's still slowed by terrain since it's not a push, correct?
  14. Hi, guys! Having collected a large force of Outcasts, I have decided to move away from laser-shooting steampunk necromancers and mercenary Hulk Hogan-lookalikes and venture into the world of big moustaches, big knockers and big six-shooters that is the Latigo Posse. I’m not big on the gaming-aspect of Malifaux but it’s still fun to play once in a blue moon, and in those few instances it’s also fun to have a crew that is actually half-decent as well as awesome-looking. One of my favorite models in the Guild’s arsenal is that lovable tub-o’-lard, the Executioner – however, I’m starved for ideas
  15. How are Ht1 terrains such as small walls or crates treated during movement phase? Or local community agreed to simply decide before game whether they are climbable and impassable (thus allowing to move through with some penalty, but stopping pushes) or severe terrain (simply applying movement penalty but without stopping pushes). Is there any official rule we might have not noticed on how they should affect movement?
  16. So, in our playgroup, there is a disagreement and I'd like the honourable forum members' opinions: When models move through Severe Terrain, each inch moved costs 2" of movement (p.61, big rulebook). When something is divided in Malifaux, the end result is rounded up to the nearest whole number (p. 29, big rulebook). So, if a model with Wk 5 moves through severe terrain, can it move 3" (5/2, rounded up), 2,5" (those 2,5" costing 5" of movement), or 2" (4" of movement buy 2", the last inch cannot be spent because it doesn't buy a full inch)? Thoughts?
  17. How far can one get with Collodi? Staring of with a few basic questions regarding the movements: Q1: Marionettes need to be within 8" of collodi, is this the entire base or not? Q2: Is it true that you can place Collodi anywhere as long as it is in base contact with the marionette when using "Pull strings" Q3: Is the same true when using the marionettes ability? Q4: Does a wicked doll have to have the entire base within 2" when using its teleport to puppet master ability? Cause then one should be able to with using collodi as the first miniature, trigger fast dolls and target one w
  18. Hi I will just like to know if a model can spend two actoin to walk twice
  19. After the link is established, when/how is it broken? If a movement effect such as Lilith's transposition spell moves the model the manniquin is linked to, does the manniquin move as well? or does it have to wait for the model the manniquin is linked to, move or activate (and complete its activation?) What if the movement effect occures after the model the manniquin is linked to already activated, and the game turn ends? If the models are not in b2b contact in the turns closing phase, does 'link' break?
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