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  1. Aaaaand paid.
  2. Really, I couldn't have said it any better than our Lord of Malifaux here. Thank's for a great day, highlights include the first round pairing for Spooner and Eless's amazing comeback to him later on, I was laughing all through the day.
  3. Looks like a damn fun weekend to me!
  4. Huzzah! Permission has been granted. Love my wife and her ardent support of my hobby
  5. Pretty sure there's no risk of a Pandora box there
  6. Sounds amazing, checking for a pass now
  7. Hey there! Remember this? No? Well, it’s still a thing. A terrible thing I won’t do well in, but a thing nonetheless. As a recap, for the UK Nationals this weekend, I plan on using a different master every round. No, I don’t expect to do well. Yes, I do expect to be very drained by the end of it. So things have changed since I first thought of doing this. First, it will no longer be full faction thanks to the addition of Ripples of Fate. I think this is a great book and I love the masters in there, but the fact that I’m no longer able to claim that I ran the full faction of masters saddens me somewhat. Oh well. Secondly, in the summer I swapped back to Arcanists. In part, this was because I thought Titania would be far more prevalent than she has been and, by running Sandeep, I get to lob a sodding genie into people’s faces. Thirdly, and linked to the above, I kinda forgot my plan. I’d meant to practise the masters, taking each to at least one event and getting a decent feel for them. Did I do this before swapping? Nope, I got a little disillusioned, bought some gremlins and WHONKED my way through three events using Mah and Wong. Heh. Whonking things with spoons. It’s fun. So, this has left me with a couple of days before nationals to figure out what I’m going to do. My plan now is to come up with eight 30-35SS crews that I can then fill in at the table, plonk down and play. I think this prep will be sorely needed, especially by game 7 and my brain is mush. So that’s what I’m going to blather on about in the rest of this post. Ramos Easy master to start with, Ramos plays with a fairly fixed crew at the best of times. In fact, I might just write his 50SS list now and adapt at the table if it’s needed. Ramos – Under Pressure, Arcane Reservoir, Combat Mechanic, 5SS Pool Brass Arachnid Howard Langston, Imbued Energies Arcane Emissary, Mechanical Conflux Large Arachnid Performer Electrical creation So this is a fairly standard list I think. I have the Emissary instead of Joss and a Performer because they are generally awesome. The Emissary appears with a few different masters and, while possibly not the optimal choice, there’s something to be said for sticking to the same models. Thanks to Ramos’s summoning (coming from the dead Electrical Creation) I’m not worried about activation control. Rasputina Like Ramos, I find Raspy fairly easy to build for as she really likes her Frozen Heart models, limiting the pool to pick from. Are these the only ones to use with her? Nope, far from it, but it’s a starting point. Rasputina – Armour of December, Arcane Reservoir, Cold Nights Wendigo Snow Storm, Imbued Energies Arcane Emissary, Elemental Conflux Silent One 15SS remaining I’m not sure having both the Emissary and Snowstorm together here is a good idea, but they do add a lot of mobility to the crew. I’ve not yet played Raspy with the Emissary but I really like it’s upgrade allowing Raspy to shoot through it, and the fact that Snow can plonk it somewhere with a nice charge lane… yeah, I’m hopeful this will be fun to play with. Kaeris My first love of Malifaux. I currently own four different versions of her, just have the translucent plastic eluding me now… Ahem, anyways… Kaeris – Purifying Fire, Blinding Flame, Arcane Reservoir Malifaux Child Carlos Vasquez, Stunt Double, Imbued Energies Johan, Well Rehearsed Large Arachnid 18SS remaining Hello Carlos! Here’s our first appearance of book 4 cards. Carlos is a fantastic addition to Kaeris’s hiring pool and just a plain fun model. I mean, he literally plays with fire! Well Rehearsed gives Johan some free movement and an effective second hard to kill, which couples with his heal could make him very sticky. I might still swap the Malifaux Child for the Eternal Flame yet, it also plays with Pyre Markers and if I need flight/scheme markers I’ll switch Purifying Fire with Grab and Drop quite happily. Sandeep Desai Sandeep. You have a genie. How I love you. Our newcomer is a great toolbox that I’ve been enjoying lately and I may well go single master with him after the Nationals for a while. Sandeep – To Command Another Plane, Arcane Reservoir, Enlightened Soul Oxfordian Mage, Temporary Shielding, Blood Ward Oxfordian Mage, Temporary Shielding, Doom Ward Oxfordian Mage, Temporary Shielding, Nemesis Ward Performer Ice Gamin 22SS remaining Plenty of options still to hire, Cassandra with Warding Runes really tempts me. I always, always hire a gamin with Sandeep and will oscillate between Wind or Ice depending on mood. Yes, I have Oxfordians. I like them and I will swap out Enlightened Soul for Unaligned Sage if I want them to ignore LOS restrictions on Beacon. I enjoy using Sandeep’s 0 to teleport them, then have them unleash a furious cast, possibly at + flips to attack. Happy days. Colette Du Bois Uh.. I actually have nothing to say here. Moving on Colette – Shell Game, Arcane Reservoir, Practised Production Cassandra, Imbued Energies Howard Langston, Imbued Energies December Acolyte Performer 12SS Possibly the “filthiest” list yet and I have to admit, I’m not comfortable with it yet. Colette is a master I know is excellent but doesn’t gel with me all that well. I might tinker with this one somewhat still… Ironsides Ah Toni. If you want to hear her get bashed, go listen to the recent Arcane Reservoir podcast on Arcanists. She’s not the most thrilling of masters, but she is fun and I do enjoy her. Ironsides – Arcane Reservoir, Warding Runes, Seize the Day Arcane Emissary, Ironclad Conflux Oxfordian Mage, Temporary Shielding, Blood Ward Oxfordian Mage, Temporary Shielding, Doom Ward Oxfordian Mage, Temporary Shielding, Nemesis Ward Johan, Well Rehearsed 13SS remaining It’s likely that I’ll just be adding scheme runners to this list, possibly some steam arachnids to keep the M&SU theme going. Toni and the Emissary here will be the target while the rest of the crew runs off, hoping to complete objectives… yeah, not the best of plans I know. Marcus I’m not a Marcus fan. It’s not that he is bad by any means, but his style and fluff just doesn’t grab me like other masters do. Still, I have a whole one game practise with him, let’s get a list down. Marcus - The Trail of the Gods (must not call it his happy trail..), The Hunger Cry, Feral Instincts. Jackalope Myranda, Obligatory Imbued Energies Performer Poison Gamin Silurid 19SS remaining Possibly needs another hitter in the crew. The Gamin is there to tank damage for Marcus if needed… I might swap it out with some tinkering but for some reason it feels like it’s not a terrible plan. I think I might be wrong. Also, no Arcane Reservoir! Boooooo! Mei Feng Remember how I’m not a Marcus fan? Well, at least I have one game with him. Mei is, as yet, unplayed and is my choice of master to not use this weekend for that reason. Mei Feng – Seismic Claws, Vapormancy, Arcane Reservoir Emberling Joss, Imbued Energies Large Arachnid Rail Worker Arcane Effigy 17SS remaining First appearance of the Effigy! It’ll no doubt make more lists, love that little guy, but at 4SS he’s easy to slot in. Joss will swap for Kang if I’m against ressers. Aside from that.. eh, that looks okay I guess? Yeah, really not planning on using Mei if I can help it. So there we are! Eight base lists to add to/adapt as needed. Each has some form of a plan to run with. It may well be a poor plan, but that’s better than no plan at all. Next step, to figure out what master favours what strats. Oh, and some painting. Quite a bit of painting. Oops.
  8. This last weekend, my first encounter with Swinecursed. "They have the magical condition and Sammy has Ooo Glowy so they get Regen and +1 Damage." ... Oh. Oh damn, yeah they do indeed. Noice.
  9. Ticket bought for Graeme Nicholls
  10. I have used this each time, usually at the end of turn one right after summoning the Gamin that grants + flips to attack. That scares people, doubly so if you stick him somewhere they need to be (Squatters/Stash markers etc)
  11. I love the model but it seems to be unavailable pretty much everywhere I can think to look.
  12. So, I'm back from a story encounter day and had three more games with Sandeep, so I thought I'd share my gleanings. First off, Kudra. Actually, first off some background. The day had the rule that if a named, non-master died then you flipped a card. If anything other than an 11, 12 or 13 was flipped then you could not use that model again. Also, as it's story encounters and we all played for fun, we shuffled the rulebook schemes (plus the Arcanist faction scheme) together and dealt two at random. So game 1, I got Frame for Murder and set it on Kudra. That's a long way of saying I only used Kudra for one game, and in that game I wanted her to die. She did, but not to Collodi (and he had no henchmen) so just 2vp for me. I remembered to use her 0 today! The forest was ok, did end up hampering me and I could have placed it in better spot if Kudra had lived. Still, it was a factor in the game and it is something unique to her. Her Butterfly Jump could have saved her at least once, but again, wanted her to die. There is potential here with her I reckon, I need to get Wind Gamin so I can try her at Ml7 and charge... In later rounds I replaced her with Cassandra who did all her usual amazing things. Banasuva. I only summoned him once per game, always at the end of turn 1 and he invariable disrupted the enemy. He's immense, though squishy and a great tool to use. I will always hire one gamin with Sandeep, as I often want the mobility to get Banasuva out/flexibility to not need an 8 as well as a 12 in hand. Give him a mid level target (and plus flips) and he can destroy them quickly, give him a heavier one and he can get them worried. Give him a Rail Golem and... not so much happens, but hey ho. He did get some wounds off it ready for... Oxfordian Mages. Three of these were my stars of the day. Furious casting with ignoring armour smacked the Rail Golem hard, as well as assorted other models. Being able to use Beacon to place for a 0 meant I could do this and get around cover, or I just had a gamin nearby giving plus flips to attack. I had liked them with my few, pre book 4 games when I had pulled them out and this has just solidified my love of them. Temporary shielding was used and meant... heh, now I think of it all three survived all three games. Cool. The would have performed better in game 1 (vs Collodi) if I'd had an M&SU Henchman though. Has anyone found a proxy for Amina perchance? Valedictorian. Highly mobile, she did... not much for me all day. It's probably more how I was using her rather than any fault on her part, but I missed her triggers on the few attacks she did get to do and contributed little. That said, Flight, WK6 and a 3" melee was all used and is solid. I'm going to experiment without her for a while to compare, mosty she's done for 12SS what the Firestarter could have done for 7 (and buffed the Oxfordians). That's about all for now except to ask again, has anyone found a proxy for Amina? I would love to try her out.
  13. Cheers for running things, Dave. I think I can hand on heart say that was the most fun single day of Malifaux gaming I've had yet. Thanks to Joel, Lee and Mike for great games and, no offence to Joel or Lee, but the highlight was playing Mike when he was in such high spirits and serenading the room with his singing.