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  1. Armored

    Favorite models so far?

    The alpha crawler! Obviously! who doesn't love a model that picks up things off of its shoulder and then throws it at its foe!
  2. Hi! im seeking a Original Metal lilith model in pretty much any condition though unpainted is preferred. I guessing around 10$ USD for her but i am willing to negotiate. Also i am seeking The old alternate Lilith with the scythe Price on this piece i am much more willing to negotiate.
  3. Armored

    M2e Kaeris

    Grab & Drop sadly only targets enemy models but the wings of flame portion of it can really make a model fly down the table (quite literally).
  4. Armored

    M2E Ironsides

    Now i haven't had the chance to use Large Arachnid But i used soulstone miner often enough. It does make a great scheme runner durable as well if you want to burn the stones for prevention. That said i personally dont feel like it will brawl nearly as well as the large arachnid being able to eat scheme markers and scheme markers. while the Same SS cost they are hard to compare. but i will often bring soulstone miner even if there is no scheme needed for him as From below lets me place him in position that can put on a lot of pressure. For the Metal Gamin vs Steam Arachnid i dont think i would really start with either in my lists but i will gladly summon in More spiders over gamin with a Mech Rider simply because higher speed, higher defense, evasion, and latch on. Also with in my expierance armor 1 And armor 2 not being a huge difference when you are summoned in with only 2 wounds remaining anyways.
  5. Armored

    M2E Ironsides

    I think the purpose of the union miners if very specific schemes (Set Up, Plant explosives or anything that you need to get a good amount of scheme markers in a small space.) That being said i would be hard pressed to ever bring more then one union miner. Not that they are bad just I think that a union miner + performer will do so much more work in schemes then 2 union miner will do.
  6. Armored

    Choosing Colettes Upgrades

    Arcane Reservoir i tend to be big on for Colette all the time Then i tend to take Shell game and Cabaret Choreography As my general list. Cabaret giving me some dove i can summon if i feel like i don't have to prompt and to help me regain a bit of activation control if i opted for a more elite crew and sometimes All together now which can be used to great effect if you opt for a Union Miner and Mech Rider though personally i think i have never used the action. Anyways I like shell game for giving you a 0 of placing your doves/Mannequins around and of course giving you Surge on prompt. And arcane Res i just like cause i like having an extra to push my opponent into draining their hand. Though also she can be a great holder for Practiced Production as well replacing any of the above just for the face she can always use her 0 to place a scheme marker. And i agree with Jordon as All her upgrades are useful in the right pool.
  7. Armored

    An Adepticon Tournament Report - 1st

    As fellow Arcanists player ive been working on the same problem the best solution i could come up with is a dove Aionus and Colette just promted him to remove kill joy from the whole thing. But i will also say im not a big fan of a single model that abliet anyone can hire he starts to feel like a must own model which is bad for design space.
  8. Armored

    Facing more Ressers lately, pointers?

    Well Joss is always a boon when it comes to facing anything that is *tough* his axe alone can deal with most big things from Ressers. Also HtW only matters if you weak damage is low so The Captain, Johan and Howard are all great models as well for dealing with HtW as well. Also i must ask are there specific problems models?
  9. Armored

    Falling on another model

    In most instances of wargames that i have played it when you have to move and cant you normally move to the nearest possible side/location and resolve any effects after that. but for malifaux i do not believe there are actual rules for falling on models nor what to do if you cant place your model generally. Also the other option of wargames and you cant place something is remove that model from the game as a causality which in a game such as malifaux seems a little brutal.
  10. Armored

    Sad Cojo gets no love

    I agree with decker I don't think hes bad at all just situational at times. He can truly shine in the right moment but sometimes he can certainly feel like a huge let down (Curse you perdita!). But for things like when models need to be in the middle to score vp a models that push can get a extreme amount of value.
  11. Hi! I am seeking the older version of blessed of december please message or respond so we might work something out.