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Hey guys, for those of you that haven't seen the art work for both Ironsides and her buddy the Captain, go look it up, theres a thread floating around called Ironsides artwork.

First of all I just want to say, they aren't bad looking, it's just not my style.

So lets start with the easier one. The Captain.

Now how many of you imagined the Captain to be an awesome pirate lady with a relic hammer? Well I did at least, and it makes a little more sense for her to be a pirate rather than a stuffy old bloke with a tank of something strapped to his back. Most of her abilities are based around storms and things (baring vapor trail which is a plane thing =/ ).

Next is Ironsides, and she just completely misses the mark for me. She's meant to be the bruiser of the M&SU except she looks a little too slight for my liking, also not a fan of the clothes or her face. the only thing I can say that I like is her brass knuckles which are suitably brutal.

So what my plan is, is to convert or find suitable alternate models for these two ladies, so starting with the capt'n then.

This is more what I had in mind when I imagine the captain:


So I've dug around a bit and I've had a think, I think she'd be the easiest to convert out of say... the Viktoria's crew.
I could either use Gun Vik's body and legs as the base and nab Taelor's hammer, give her a hat and change out the head. Or I could go for the full conversion and sculpt a jacket, corset, hat, gloves, trousers and boots onto one of the ronin (of which would probably end up horribly)

and Ironsides. Honestly I have no ideas for her... Other than taking Mei Feng, reposing her, adding a jacket to cover up her armored gloves, bending the fingers into fists, change of head and adding some brass knuckles.

Let me know what you guy's think, or if  you have any suggestions, cause honestly, I need them

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Wow.  I dunno what's going on in here but The Captain was never a Pirate Chick in my head.  There was nothing that indicated gender and it seems bizarre to assume that a model named Captain would be a pirate before a military officer.  For what it's worth, my opinion is the art style on The Captain (if that's who that actually is) in the downloads section was that it was just fine.  Would've preferred some wing action, but otherwise just fine.

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Having problems posting images today... I'll try again later when I'm on my real computer. I've got a line up of my proxy, two old metals, and two new plastics, and she's within' the height/width variable. She looks "normal".




Do you have a link to that art you were talking about? I haven't seen it yet, so I couldn't tell ya. I made the proxy a few weeks back, maybe even a couple months. Basically right when the captain was good in every arcanist crew ever. :P


When I read the card, and talked to my hench about it, he said something about a airship crew theme, and so I imposed sky pirate more than military rank- though the military title route feels flimsy. There's already a guard captain in the guild, Captain Dashel, and there isn't really a military like organization in the m&su from what I've seen. More like specialized agencies. So, I went airship captain, and started looking for models that fit that description.


And just because it never said anywhere that the captain was a woman, there were just as few hints that the captain was a man. So we're all sitting at a 50/50 chance. :P



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Right, I think I've worked it out. I'm going to use plastic sonnia as the base for my captain. Going to replace her sword with a relic hammer and her lantern with a pistol (pirates and that), give her a new head and a hat and boom captain. Still need to acquire a Mei Feng to butcher into an Ironsides, different head, repose her arms so they're in a boxing pose, give her some brass knuckles and we're gold.

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