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  1. EntrepeNinja

    Already have a problem

    Also, @rancor709 has already started a tOS podcast you can listen to if you're a podcast consumer. See Joe?! ADVERTISING. You're welcome! http://coordinatedstrikepodcast.podbean.com/e/coordinated-strike-episode-1-lists-to-get-you-started/ ENinja
  2. EntrepeNinja

    Your Gibbering Paint Scheme thoughts

    I'm going to go with deep sea and amphibian creatures: For instance Spotted skulkers I think are going to be like poison dart frogs. Karkinoi I'm hoping to do like mantis shrimp. This game is going to make me learn to airbrush... O_O
  3. EntrepeNinja

    January 2017 Errata

    Opens up hiring restrictions, and frees up an upgrade slot. Nothing beast can now stone to prevent, and gets another upgrade, giving him more longevity and flexibility.
  4. EntrepeNinja

    January 2017 Errata

    Right? We as community organizers can make sure to remind/inform people when this stuff comes out, and help new players get 'caught up' when new information is presented in the crews they select. I'm pumped about many of these changes! (And the ones I'm not pumped about is because I don't play or play against the things, so I don't have any feelings about it).
  5. EntrepeNinja

    Mei Feng Summoning Crew

    If you're really looking to emphasize a Toshiro Summoning list I would look at the following models: Obsidian Oni (Shifting Loyalties). They drop scrap when they hit with the CA action that can shoot into melee. The trigger is built in. Mechanized Porkchop (Shifting Loyalties): They drop a scrap after taking a walk once per turn. You can get two scrap in key positions on turn one without needing any resources. I've done it before, I think it was likely a reconoiter game or something. It's pretty good, though it'll never hold up to a ramos or a nico. Not flexible enough, and without the extra AP you'll find yourself getting stuck in a "Do I move or do I summon" quagmire. ENinja
  6. EntrepeNinja


    I really want to see a Mei with Sparks vs. Colette fight. Sparks' "Hostile Work Environment" looks real good against prompt. ENinja
  7. EntrepeNinja

    ONI, any interaction so far?

    Fair Point. Redundancies are redundant. ENinja
  8. EntrepeNinja

    Shadow Emissary

    I've been really into trying it... I am even thinking about just magnetizing my Dawn Serpant so the 40mm base can click into a 50mm blank... The things that look most exciting to me are McCabe- Getting an extra McCabe upgrade to chuck around, and another model able to cast take this seems really good. I'm also excited about all the different auras... I think it's really well designed- "What master are you playing? Need poison? Burning? We got you." So, Mei would be fun. Might be hard to find points in a Brewie crew, the way I play him. A lot of promise there, though, yeah. ENinja
  9. EntrepeNinja

    ONI, any interaction so far?

    There's one Black Sheep that's Guild only, Master Queeg can only be hired into thunders as a McCabe player. ENinja
  10. EntrepeNinja

    10t Mcabe - Any guild models I should pick up?

    I hate to say it out loud, but I think double austringers is a trap. Then again, I think core lists are a trap. There are very few schemes or strats where they'll be bad, but to go into a game thinking, "Okay, I have 33 stones to play with after glowing saber, badge of speed, promises, and two austringers"is limiting. Again, I'm not saying that I don't usually take one. There have been games where I didn't and I wish I had. But there have been games where I did and ended up thinking, "You know... a thunders brother right here would've been great..." Food for thought. Eninja
  11. EntrepeNinja

    January Community Contest

    Derrek Schute Neverborn Stolen Sleeper Derrek Schute was a curious kid. He grew up in an orphanage wishing for a family, convinced he’d never get one. He was always in fights, he was always dirty, he was always just “worse”. So to say that his adoption came as a surprise to Derrek is an understatement. He was adopted by a couple who were unable to conceive a child themselves, so turned to adopting to finish their family. His mother was a math teacher. His father, a smith and accomplished machinist. He was also, secretly, practicing enchanting, a magical technique that got him in trouble with the Guild. One night, they came, confiscated all of Derrek’s family’s possessions, and dragged his parents off, leaving Derrek for dead. Derrek found his father’s Coat and Notebook, and began to try and decipher his scrawling to trace back the source of his father’s power. He went on the lam for a while, hiding out in temples, and mining communities, he learned to smith and craft on his own- he also picked up some skills from a friend- how to fight in the Three Kingdoms style. Eventually, he also learned some of what he had been searching for. His father’s magic was based in the Darland Theories, though slightly modified. What his father had learned was a way to overclock the amount of aetheric energy that coursed through the machines he had made. Balanced correctly, it allowed him to press a magical device to its limits. It could also be purposefully overloaded for devastating effects. He began making devices designed to deliver large bursts of magic that he could integrate into his martial forms. Pneumatic fist loads that could deliver all sorts of magical effects- High Capacitor Electricity to stun his opponent. Vicious biting ice blasts. Intense jets of flame. All with but a single use. They then had to be built from the ground up again. Using his newfound powers, Derrek has gone in search for his adoptive father, not knowing there’s a much deeper plot surrounding him. His biological father had put him in that orphanage for a very specific reason. It had been no accident he had been adopted by the people he now knew as family. The Neverborn have always felt jealous of humanity’s technological advantage over them. Derrek’s mission, though he doesn’t know it yet, has always been to steal the magic and machinery from the humans, and bring it to bear against against them. When the Neverborn come calling, will Derrek answer? Will he have a choice…? (image googled- not mine. Closest representation I could find.)
  12. I gave an expiremental jetpack to an ice golem. 0 action leap, fly through the air, 3ap SMAAAAASH.
  13. You can only relent on an opposed duel with a friendly model. We got a page number for that? It's one I've heard a couple times, and it'd be nice for something to point to. ENinja
  14. EntrepeNinja

    Henchman Hardcore crew discussion and tactica

    The way we played was you could hire what you want so long as it was 20 stones, and you ended up with 4 models. I'd never heard the one hench rule. :/ ENinja
  15. EntrepeNinja

    Illuminated vs punk zombie?

    Maybe if there was a way for Toshi to summon 'em... Hm. Yeah. I like the illuminated a lot. The zombies may be better at hitting, but they die quickly. They have hard to kill so maybe with a low river Yu to keep 'em up? Or something like that? Yeah, I haven't tried 'em. Mostly 'cuz I don't own any, I've played against them quite a bit, tho. ENinja