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Found 121 results

  1. Hi all. Can you give me some tips how to play Kaeris? I have a core box, Iggy, Carlos and burning bridges. Thanks.
  2. So I finished my Kaeris crew. I started by getting and painting the fire golem on a whim, and then realised that the Kaeris core box kinda gave me enough models to base a core crew off of that I could round out with some versatiles I already own. I have painted so much fire. Pretty pleased over all. the gamin's faces could definitely use some work but I'm rather happy with the golem, eternal flame and Kaeris herself at least! I have some WiP shots of several of the crew too but will leave it as the Crew hero shot for now.
  3. Malifaux is my first Miniatures game. Arcanist pretty much only faction I'm into. I was telling someone in my meta about the results of my visit toFaux Moines Soul Stone Tower & @Kaiser Senpai. I mentioned that I notice that have a few glaring problems with how I play with Toni Ironsides and my play style has had mixed results. This person in my group is new to Malifaux and has played the Horde/War Machine games. He suggested that I build my Toni crew and he'll do a Nekima crew and we each play the opposite. (( Me Nekima, him my Toni )) I've played against Nekima with Toni a few times without my playing style causing problems. Both in second and third edition. I want to see this as a learning experience- what should I be looking for? If he is trying to learn from me - what should I be showing? I feel I have too much home field advantage. PSST what is the Nekima crew into doing, anyway?
  4. Been dabbling with Malifaux and more recently got freed up to get more invested. The group at the store I play with is fairly diverse among the factions. My order of favorite Masters are Toni, Collette, Mei and Marcus. Rasputina Kaeris and Sandeep are only at the bottom because I haven't explored them. I have some sense of what they do, though. I favor mobilty for the crews. Tricks and shenanigans like Rail walking, don't mind me, and prest o change o are a few examples. Seen a few times in games and tournaments I think to myself "I picked the wrong scheme" or " I m not going to score on the strat because the crew is fragile" I also not homicidal in games where some have come from war games. Even if I run Toni and Howard or Marcus and a pair of Cerberus (example only) I don't systematically kill models. 1. How do I decide on who to bring to which party? 2. Do I need to be homicidal in games (I'd rather use mind tricks, smoke and mirrors) 3. What do I do if I run Toni or Collette and they have Parker and Mad dog or T.T. and Seven Samurai. ( Or at least 3 Sam with mad ninja skills = those were painful games)
  5. So, I had a bit of inspiration and over the Christmas Holidays made another homebrew crew. This one's based on the idea of an Arcanist Crew built around Wind Gamin's demise ability. Naturally the Wind Gamin would be considered GALEFORCE minions. STRIBOG - Keyword: GALEFORCE GAMEPLAY Stribog and his Crew are centered around high mobility and shock tactics. They are adept at moving both themselves and the enemy and have a lot of control over the positioning of all models on the board. They are however a fragile crew, with the majority of their defenses coming from their signiature Tailwind ability, giving them Shielded when they move beyond a Walk or Charge action. Stribog himself is shackled to his indestructible totem, and the two force each other to Place near the other when they move out of range. Stribog is easily moved by his own crew and the opponent. LORE The Creature now named Stribog was once a Witch Hunter. During the pursuit of yet another rogue magic user, a group of Sonnia Criid’s hunters found themselves facing a Golem of roiling wind in an Arcanist’s study. In the face of this terrible foe they used an injured member of their number as an auger to seal the creature into a book of stories. The Arcanist was apprehended, the book was stored into a Guild vault, and the fallen Witch Hunter became just another name on a Guild report written along with the words ‘killed in action’. It would be years before the Winds changed and this story became important. With the new governor general coming into power and the Arcanist raids increasing in frequency and ferocity some sites were deemed unsafe by the Guild auditors. The Governor General was no fool however, the caravans of artefacts would be targets. So Marlow set the trap, caravans of the objects deemed least important or least dangerous would be most heavily guarded, by disposable men. A target Kaeris would be unable to resist, they would lose some men, and some pointless trinkets but would take some heads in return. Sure enough the bait was taken and the caravans were targeted. During one fateful raid in which Witch hunters and their Witchlings had been deployed, the Guild began to overpower the attacking mages. That was until a mage got to a book, pulling it open in the hopes of finding a spell that could help or a source of power she found only stories of old earth myths. Until the seals snapped and the creature erupted. The furious storm that came from the fluttering pages of the book tore the hunters apart, everything with a ram-head pin upon it was shredded by the hurricane. The Arcanists however were untouched. To everyone’s shock, after the battle was done, the Wind spoke, and it asked to join them. The creature dubbed itself Stribog, a name found in the book that it is still bound to. Adorning a mask to give those it communicates with something to focus on it has joined Kaeris’ Arcanists, becoming somewhat of a general for her. The Oxfordian Mage who freed him has taken the role as something of a Personal Assistant for the new Arcanist, keeping an eye on him and helping him adjust to his new existence. CREW NOTES So the concept of this was based on the idea that the other Elementals that are part of a non-sandeep crew all have a crew that isn't so much based around the element as much as around their demise ability. (Mei Feng and Scrap markers, Kaeris and Pyre Markers, Raspy and Ice Pillars) so I figured that it could be interesting to try making a Wind based crew that made use of the Wind Gamin's Demise ability, and thus, a crew based about movement. I am aware that due to the positioning based nature of many of the Schemes and Strats a mobility based crew has the potentially to on a very passive level be absurdly strong. I've been aware of this and I think they are generally on te curve (though please bear in mind I have not done an appropriate amount of testing of the crew to ascertain this, and won't ever be able to myself) I am much happier with this crew than the previous one I designed. I feel like I have a much stronger grasp on the game at this point and the cohesion of this crew is much more effective, thematic and closer to the actual Malifaux crews. I feel like I may have broken some unspoken rule of Malfaux Design by making Stribog so inhuman, as I have noticed that every Master in the game is very distinctly humanoid... hmmmmm... There is an alternate concept in my head of Stribog looking a lot more Human but.. I didn't draw it. I have done a couple of playtests, and my main takeaways are this: Stribog is very strong as a model on his own, he has absurd mobility and having Shielded + Incorporeal can make him very difficult to damage, though he does still go down under focus fire, especially if you can remove his shielded condition. I don't really play double-master (being british) and he definitely works on his own as a model, and offers more support /to/ his crew than he recieves /from/ it. However Because you have to buy him with his Totem he becomes a 20SS investment as a second master. Which is likely waaay too expensive to ever be used, but oh well. Generally the crew wants to go first, the earlier they go the more likely they are to have shielded stacked, and the order of activations feels very vital to the crew. They have high potential damage but no min3s so while they /can/ do a lot, it is unreliable as to whether they deal it. The Wind Golem has felt a little weak in the games i've played, he goes down fast and doesn't feel like he quite has the impact that I expect of a Golem. However, I'm reluctant to change it right now, as the crew as a whole seems to operate well and I am aware my sample size is small. Leda has seen a few changes, mostly to make her feel like a part of the crew rather than just a tac-on ranged beater, which is what she felt like in her original variation. I've been considering the idea of giving her Run and Gun since currently she feels like a static turret, which hardly works for the crew. A few people i've mentioned it to have shown concern around the indestructible totem. From playing, I haven't found it to be a problem at all, primarily because it doesn't have any damage or scoring potential (at least directly) though it is a lynchpin for the crew. I personally think they are fun as all hell to play. I do have some additional ideas/lore/doodles for this crew which I will likely post in due time. I'd love to hear any and all critique, thoughts and feedback on them.
  6. https://www.facebook.com/Guild-Paintfinder-107631477241848/?eid=ARDOf_-WmPrzvWdfJv_m-TSDkCov2CVzUx_sR1ky6l0xOlEt9mifp-Qr7AIfHQSONJzQOXiAQvX0_k7p Hi all, recently started a new Facebook page just publicising my plastic crack addiction, if you could give the page a like and my instagram a follow(@guild_paintfinder) That would be amazing. The pages are mainly pics of painted minis and games of Malifaux but Im also going to going to be offering a small commission service if you like the look of my work! Thanks for reading guys!
  7. Elijah Borgman and Firebranded have the "Promised to the Flame" ability, which "reduce all damage suffered by this model" while it is within 2" of a Pyre Marker. Does this mean that these models take no damage from the Burning condition (or at least Burning up to +3) so long as they are close to a Pyre marker? Is the default damage reduction down to 0 unless otherwise noted (as minimum of 1 damage)? Thanks for the help!
  8. I have three painted Oiran models from M2e, but I cannot seem to find any cards for them. Are they just alternate Geisha models at this point? Edit: Nevermind. I think they are now Kunoichi.
  9. 35 ss battle between Arcanist Mei Feng and Guild Hoffman. Attacker: Arcanist Mei Feng, Kang, Forgeling, Metal Golem, Metal Gamin w/Magical Training, Arcane Effigy w/Effigy of Fate, 3ss Defender: Guild Charles Hoffman, Mechanical Attendant, Peacekeeper, Guardian, Hunter, Watcher, 4ss Deployment: Corner Strategy: Reckoning Schemes:Detonate Charges, Breakthrough (A), Assassinate, Deliver a Message (A & G), Vendetta (G, Hunter vs Metal Golem) Final Score: Guild 4 (1 on Strategy, 1 on Deliver a Message, 2 on Vendetta) Arcanists 3 (1 on Strategy, 1 on Deliver a Message, 1 on Breakthrough) Thoughts: Scrap. Scrap markers everywhere. The Giuild lost one model, the Watcher, while the Arcanists were left with Mei Feng and the Acane Emissary. This was the first time playing Hoffman, and there is seroous synergy in his crew. Careful positioning and the entire crew gets a power token every turn. The Arcanist crew did the best it could, but it felt splintered, with no models supporting each other. I would like to try Mei Feng again, maybe in a 10 Thunders crew.
  10. What Version of the Playtest Documents were you using? 2.6.19 Strategy Reckoning - 35 SS Scheme List -Breakthrough -Dig Their Graves -Hold up their Forces -Deliver a Message -Assassinate Time & Rounds Played 3 hours, 3 rounds Final Score @SAYNE: 5VP @targetedotaku: 2VP Forum Name SAYNE Leader Somer Teeth Jones Crew List Somer Skeeter x2 Lenny Georgy & Olaf Spit Hog Old Cranky Bayou Gremlin 5 Cache Strategy VP Scored 2 Scheme 1 & VP Scored Hold up their Forces - 1 Scheme 2 & VP Scored Assassinate - 2 If you could play this same Encounter again, what would you do differently? I'd probably have been more careful about where I stuck Somer Teeth. Also might not have pumped so much damage into the Firestarter if I knew how much he could be healed. Definitely first game against Kaeris in M3E. MVP model (and Why?) Lenny. Scored multiple big hits, managed to survive way longer than he should have (with luck). His cover aura never came up but Toss is so good. Frantic was absolutely bonkers. Forum Name TargetedOtaku Leader Kaeris Crew List Kaeris Eternal Flame Elijah Borgman Firestarter Firebranded x2 Fire Gamin 3 Cache Strategy VP Scored 2 Scheme 1 & VP Scored Dig Their Graves - 0 Scheme 2 & VP Scored Deliver a Message - 0 If you could play this same Encounter again, what would you do differently? Initial positioning of models, utilizing models differently, and now I know the game. MVP model (and Why?) Firebranded. Solid damage, great healing. Healed the Firestarter from a single wound to full in two turns. Concerns and/or Confusions? First time playing for TargetedOtaku. So "the everything". Unsure whether Third Degree Burns adds an additional burning, or just the injured. We played it as an additional burning (so each Marker gave +2 Burning, +1 injured for every action taken on a marker). Unsure how to score the objectives in this case, considering how new TargetedOtaku is. The middle of the board became so littered with Pyre Markers and Corpses that it was quite chaotic to move around in. Additional Feedback? Kaeris crew seems a bit odd. As you're quite sure how much burning you should place on your enemy, and then on yourself. In general lighting everything on fire works, but takes a bit (lot) of setup. For such a "long game" crew, they don't seem to have the defenses or expendability to make it all the way through. That said, the Pyre markers are scary, especially with Immolate and injured is just a death sentence which is good. Also not entirely sure about the firestarters Assist damage aura, and whether the Assisting model would take the damage even if not in LoS (Bayou Gremlin hiding behind a SpitHog and tried to put it out). New Somer Teeth feels strong and thematic, but I'm a bit worried about the upper models in the crew. Everything summonable feels right, but I feel like I'm missing one extra model that goes somewhere in between G&O and Lenny. In a 35 SS game I brought almost the entire keyword, and that feels a bit... slim? I understand versatility but I do want the Big Hats to stand on their own as well.
  11. This is simply an observation after playing a recent game with Colette and crew vs Brewmaster. 😊 To begin with I love the way she and her crew plays!! The distracted condition is great and flavorful and really fun to play with; I really think they hit the mark with this one. However! I do have one issue I think should be brought up. I know Colette already got a nerf to her defense but I think she needs another tiny adjustment to her Distracting Illusion action. Either the stat number should be dropped to at least 5 (my personal vote) or the crow trigger for Mental Trauma needs to no longer be built in; simply because it's crazy powerful with her current playstyle. Case in point in my recent game against Brewmaster I was able to kill him on turn 2 in one activation! She was targeted by an enemy attack action, buried, popped up later in the turn next to Brewie (who still had all 12 wounds), gave him Distracted, used Distracting Illusion twice with the built in trigger when my opponent had no more cards in hand so he took six damage, then used Sword Trick, flipped severe killed Brewmaster and still had one more action left! While no everyone will be flipping severe on Sword Trick and some opponents will have more cards in hand (especially if they know what's coming), both my opponent and I agreed it's just a smidge overpowered. Like I said I'm loving the feel of Colette and how she's playing, she just needs the tiniest little change to stick her in that target zone of good, but not OP. 😀
  12. A similar topic that did not cover it is here: Cannot be moved and pushed 1) i read that as 'can be placed' so sandeep's 'place within 6"' spell allows the gamin to move on cast. 2) Magentisim "push this model 6" towards target construct, then target suffers 2 damage which ignores armour" Does this mean the damage cannot happen unless you are pushed the full 6"?
  13. Coge

    M2E Ironsides

    Hi there, maybe it is a bit old but could not see a thread for this crew. Maybe we can do it sticky and share tacs and crew composition ideas. Who to buy next, which schemes& strategies are they strong etc. cheers,
  14. My fiancee just finished painting her Collette crew (looks amazing btw) and she's excited to get her first game of malifaux in. She's worried about being destroyed in her first match. Mainly because it's with me and we tend to get really competitive when we play games together. Any advice for what she can play to do well? Ill be playing gremlins (I'm soloing Ophelia) so if you have any advice against them that would be good also.
  15. Hello fellow im just curious is to how would you guys go about making a competitive Arcanist list so we can wear our proud blue color around to the Malifaux events. I'm aasking as a newcomer and have only tried out 1 box and i love your game so much i want to get into the comp side of Malifaux but kinda need your help to get started
  16. From the album: A Rogues Gallery

  17. From the album: A Rogues Gallery

  18. Fictor

    M2E Sandeep

    PART I, SANDEEP In advance sry for my bad English and if someone want help me with the edition for the text can send me a mp with the changes and I will edit the post. Sandeep, or like a mate said one time 'Master of nothing'. He doesn't have one thing op, but can do all things good and can provide his entire crew of a lot of interactions. SANDEEP Card Front With his Arcane Shield and Impossible to Wound he's enough tanky to can move arround the enemy. (thx to @Adran for help me in this paragraph) His synergies with his crew come from Beacon. The ability allows other friendly non-Peon models within 12”and LoS to take Ca actions from his card with a -1 Ca. Each Ca action from his card can only be copied once each turn, but one model can use different Aps, like @Euclid said miniatures that can get suits are good in this, like Steamfitters, Oxfordian or Bishop and Student of All that let him do 1Ap when other copy with 1Ap, to give us great combos like the Effigy combo (thx @WWHSD) or others less important. Attack actions (1) Gada: attack that each limited upgrade gives an especial triggers or habilities. (1) Arcane Strom: a good attack that can be nice for copy with people like Cerberus that have to atack and dmg, and this have printed for chain with Student of All. (1) The Mind Among The Sense: can be used in a lot of things, my favourite is teleport another miniature and push Sandeep to give him more movility, and also with can heal. Tactical Actions (0) The Path To Salvation: This only be taken by Academics or Minions but are awesome positioning spell, need the but is a worth SS. (0) As Your Deed, So Your Destiny: the interact trick, with can be push before, and can be declared engaged. With out upgrades we have a durable master, that can give a lot of versatility to his crew, and can hit, can Ca, can push, can heal, can Interact, can teleport... and we doesn't see his upgrades... ( It sounds like a comercial, but seriously I love this guy ) PERSONAL UPGRADES Unaligned Sage: That allow to take Academics like Sanctioned Spellcasters or Freikorps Librarian, and let use Beacon regardless of LoS. Gives Sandeep (1) Action Though Inaction to draw when a friend discards to do Flurry or Temporal Shield and does 1dmg to Sandeep that can't be reduced, and (0) The Sight Beyond for no randomize in 6" of Sandeep especially usefull with Oxfodians. We have a lot of different Aps and only 3Aps (4Aps with Student of All) to spend, not bad upgrade but in my opinion we have better options. Enlightened Soul: A card draw each turn if we can kill one enemy and (0) The Formless Mantra to give Incorporeal, for me another time have better options, draw is situational, and Incorporeal unnecesary. Tutelage: Allows to copy Ap from friendly Academic (after discard if have Tutored condition), and (0) Give a Lesson to give Ca and Tutored condition, I think we have a lot of Aps to need copy something more, but a Tutored Howard that can do The Path To Salvation + Nimble + Flurry can be fun A Moment Of Weakness: Give our Gada burning +1 or if we doesn't have Banasuva in play burning +2, and Risks Taken in Anger to can be Toss by Banasuva or Ice Golem if we are crazy and have one in the crew , and two triggers on Gada to summon Banasuva or push Banasuva and give burning if was engaged with an enemy, for me the worst option to summon, you can't summon Gamins and must be in combat. To Behold Another World: Give Gada Paralyzed on Moderate or Severe and (1) To Behold Another World to summon on 8 all Gamins except Poison, 9 Poison Gamin, and 12 Banasuva, within 6", we must add an upgrade (we have 3 to give our Gamins), and if we can't, we can't take this action, for me this is worth on hard Interaction game, for the rest of the games is better Command. Visions in Earth: Shackles of Earth: can't be moved or pushed, and Constant Yammering: so good to prevent enemy Interactions, and pay atention, you cant move or be pushed but can copy (0) The Path To Salvation to teleport. Visions in Flame: Shackles of Flame: can't Cheat Fate, and Don't Mind Me: can take Interact while engaged, another time to heavy Interact schemes. Visions in Wind: Shackles of Wind: may not take Attacks, and Life is Brief: that allows to Interact the turn it's summoned, can give us a Vp if the enemy doesn't pay atention. To Command Another Plane: For me the best option by far, ok, like said before if the schemes are heavy Interact it's better To Behold Another World, but rarely we can see that, up our Gada to a nice 3/4/5, and the summons 8 all Gamins except Poison, 9 Poison Gamin, and 12 Banasuva, within 6" with the same restriction that To Behold Another World. Commands in Earth: Shackles of Earth: can't be moved or pushed, and Reach Of The Heavens: to give +1 or +3 that it's good on Fire Gamin to shot better or Banasuva to engaged with a lot of models thx to 3, and pay atention, you cant move or be pushed but can copy (0) The Path To Salvation to teleport Commands in Flame: Shackles of Flame: can't Cheat Fate, and In Flame Redeemed: to give Slow Inmunity that can be nice if we haven't cards to Cheat Fate to give our Banasuva 3Ap on summon, thx his Melee Expert Commands in Wind: Shackles of Wind: may not take attacks, and A Mighty Vengance: give other friendly models 3 to attack, really nice summoning near to our hard beater like Banasuva or Howard or our Oxfordian gunline. OTHER UPGRADES Arcane Reservoir: If you play Sandeep you can see he is a monster hungry of card, one card more for summon, trigger Student of All, or a random Flurry can make your day, a must on him in my opinion. Seize the Day: If your playstyle is agresive you mut take this upgrade, for 1ss one of the best generic upgrades in the game, if you want play a little more slowly, or defensive you can change this for something else. For me the only to be respected, in the other hand this upgrades are a beast in my crews, and in Sandeep I usually play To Command Another Plane + Arcane Reservoir + Seize the Day
  19. Hi dudes! and welcome to 2018 and new tournament waves. This year I want to go for the best player of my country again, and have in mind go all tournaments arround the country has I can. As allways, I come here to discuss abaout crews to play, we have 2h for round, so rapid crews are welcome. Tournament rounds and schemes: R1 OURS - corners guarded treasure hold up their forces inescapable trap undercover entourage public demostration R2 SUPPLY WAGGONS - standard punish the weak public demostration set up show of force search the ruins R3 PLY FOR INFORMATION - corners surround them vendetta recover evidence take one of the team dig their graves
  20. A while back, I ran a campaign for a group of players that were part of the Arcanists with a focus on treasure hunting and finding Grimoires and Artifacts. For their campaign, I made a Grimoire-centric Advanced Pursuit focusing on the resources of the Arcanists and the M&SU. The Pursuit sadly wasn't able to be play tested too much, so criticism is welcome. Curator: The title of Curator is given to the Arcanists who oversee the Grimoire Vault. These historians and researchers have devoted their career to the discovery, recovery, and mastery of Grimoires and Artifacts. Requirements: In order to become a Curator, they must first be a member of the M&SU and show a profiency with magic. This included paying monthly dues and having a magical theory other than the Tharlarian Doctrine or The Whisper. Once they have proven themselves as a trusted operative of the Arcanists, the potential Curator must make a substantial donation to the historical research of the M&SU. This usually involves donating a Grimoire or Grimoires totalling 6 or more Magia. The Curator gains a step in the Advanced Pursuit each time the donate a rare Grimoire, Artifact, or Soulstone to the Vault. Talents: Vault Historian - The Curator is given special access to the Grimoire Vault of the Arcanists. The Curator is immediately given a Grimoire containing two Magia and two Immuto of their choice. With the help of a fellow Arcanist, they may swap out the Grimoire for one with the same amount of Magia and Immunto. A Curator may also request to borrow a Grimoire of stronger power with a Bureaucracy check (TN 12 +2 for every addition Magia or Immunto beyond 2.) If they receive a Margin of Success, the requested Grimoire has an additional special effect determined by the Fatemaster. If they lose a Grimoire gained from this Talent, they may only use it again after donating an equal Grimoire. Antiquarian - The Curator gains the following Tactical Action: (1) Quick Attune: The Curator discards a card and can attune to any Grimoire in their possession for the rest of combat or for 10 minutes of narrative time. They may use History instead of the Attributes for a number of time based on the number of the discarded card. (Once for 1-5, twice for 6-10, and four times for 11-13.) The Curator can still only be attuned to one Grimoire at a time. If they have the Traditional Method Magical Theory, this action costs (0) but still lasts for the same duration. Artifact Studies - The Curator gets to any flips to identify, locate, or discover knowledge about a Grimoire or Artifact. In addition they gain an artifact of their choice, or via random Flip. - Bizarre Talisman: While carrying this medallion, you may use History in place of Evade when determining your Defense. - Wretched Totem: While carrying this effigy, you may use History in place of Toughness when determining your Wounds. - Abandoned Scripture: While carrying this testament, you may use History in place of your Centering when Determining your Willpower. - Eerie Facade: While carrying this cameo, you may use History in place of your Notice when determining your Initiative. Occult Affinity - When the Curator uses the Quick Attune Tactical Action, they add the suit of the discarded card to the spells they cast from the attuned Grimoire. Dual Attunement - The Curator may attune to two Grimoires at a time. Any bonuses and penalties from one Grimoire affect the other. (Ex, a locked Immunto is locked for spells cast from either Grimoire. If such requirements prevent spells from being cast, such as multiple locked Elemental Immunto, it means that the Grimoires are in conflict with one another. Grimoires aren't exactly keen on sharing a caster.) Each Grimoire must be attuned separately, but can either be attuned properly or by using the Quick Attune Tactical Action.
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