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  1. Poor timing with the current pandemic aside. The Plague is bringing in the Year of the Rat with a Chinese New Year theme. The Charm Warder is an Obedient Wretch because that model is too cool not to use. Decided to call this done for a project for a friend. Think I almost went cross-eyed with all the freehanding on this one but figured it'd be cool to see the stolen still chasing Hamelin around for his golden pearl in a dragon dance.
  2. My first post here but I've been scrolling through for a bit. I know it's a little past the holiday season now but finally found the time to finishing this up. Thought it's be cool to make The Old Ways... Of Christmas! Also sleeved up a matching fate deck, made some scheme markers, and made some ice pillars to go with the crew. I liked the thought of the giants jumping outa boxes or shoving other people in them with Thoon and yeeting them across the table. haha I was maybe going to turn a Boltungin into Rudolph too. Any idea what to do with the Geryon when they come out? Was thinking either painting them up as a piece of fruit cake or a glob of eggnog lol.
  3. I was a big player waaay back in first/first and half editions of the game, never really got into second ed. But, with the coming of third, I went through my collection and literally dusted things off to get back in the game. One thing I noticed however, was that having six witchling stalkers left me unable to use all of them at once, and I also happened to notice these new Witchling Thralls, which I don't like the look of. A proper witchling wears a hood and is likely all kinds of hidieous under that, so my crew simply cannot abide the new models. So I did what anyone with too many Witchling Stalkers, spare Union Miners, and far more patience than I thought would be required, and shoved them into a transformation circle and threw in some modeling putty for good measure (you'll notice my . . . lack of skill when it comes to the stuff). I'm fairly pleased with how they are shaping up, not entirely mind you, the chains still need a lot of work, but I'd say they're approaching the old table top quality I aim for. Comments welcome.
  4. I used air brush, freehand, water effects and more! This project had a lot of firsts for me, I'm really pleased with how it came out. I had so much fun painting in the light emitting from the egg and the sharp shadows on his coat and on the rocks behind him.
  5. After having no luck finding a Trixiebelle proxy I liked to use in my Brewmaster crew, I decided to try my hand at creating my own! This was my first time experimenting with kitbashing/green stuff and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! All of the parts I used came from the female multi kit from Through The Breach (I guess its not really a kitbash if it all came from the same kit? Technically I made a conversion of a Through The Breach model and I'm using it as a proxy in Malifaux? Whatever, it's semantics. ) I had to do quite a bit of trimming to get the model height to that of a gremlin (the female multi kit has some longer legs than normal Malifaux models to boot). I tried to match the height with the Moon Shinobi model that is doing the crane stance since all the other gremlin models I own are hunched over. First time using green stuff... It really is like modeling chewing gum. The ears... the ears ended up looking more like 1980's Gremlins than Malifaux Gremlins but any smaller and I would have probably given up the hobby completely trying to shape them. I think it will be convincing once its on the table. I wan't about to try to give the face gremlin proportions so she is going to have to remain atypically attractive for a gremlin. Her pose ended up being pretty lacking in personality for a gremlin but I tried to giver her equipment to match her skills/upgrades. I thought the hidden hand of cards was appropriate for her initiative manipulating capabilities and the revolver for her 'A Gun For a Lady' upgrade. Overall I'm pretty happy with how she turned out (again... the ears...). The torso and hip proportions still look a little funky and I need to do some cleanup on the legs but I think she will look good at tabletop level. Thanks for reading!
  6. Hey guys I'm working on converting alot of goodies from Pathfinder, D&D 3.5, World of Warcraft and more! Its going to be a large personal project that Ill be sharing with you guys. Feel free to use my creations in your own games and leave feedback. Opinions on everything from balance to phrasing, and even grammar are welcome! Craft Spell Scroll. Requirement: Literacy 3 or higher, A magic Skill 3 or higher. This character can use soulstone dust infused ink to scribe spells upon parchment for later usage. This process requires materials costing the spells target number in scrip plus 3 scrip per immuto placed upon the magia . The magia and immuto inscribed upon the Spell Scroll need not be in your active grimoire, but must be magia or immuto you have access to in a grimoire or are treated as always having in your active grimoire; the base magia must use a magic skill of which you have a rating of 3 or higher. A Spell Scroll may be used by any character capable of reading it, and its ink fades away after one use. The Spell Scroll’s casting AV is calculated using the creator's literacy+the magical skill rating used to create the Spell Scroll; however, the creator may choose to lower the Av if they so wish. Creating a scroll uses the following Ongoing Challenge: Craft Spell Scroll: Skills allowed: Literacy Target Number: 10+ 1 per immuto Duration: 1 Hour Success Requirement: 1+1 per immuto Failure Requirement: 2 Special: Calculate your Literacy AV for this ongoing challenge using the magical skill rating for the Spell Scrolls Magia in place of the appropriate Stat. This Challenge Automatically fails if Attempted without both a Literacy and appropriate magical Skill-kit available. Success: 1 Spell Scroll is created. If the creator wishes they may encode the Spell Scroll. An encoded Spell Scroll requires the bearer to succeed on a Scrutiny Duel vs Tn 10+The Creators literacy rating; unless they either know the Spell Scrolls code or have decoded the scroll in the past. Failure: The materials used are destroyed, and the scrolls creator takes half of the Spell Scrolls AV in damage(rounded up.)
  7. I have felt, since the official release of wave 2 cards, that many players and their choice of master/faction are currently hampered by what is in essence a ‘buying limbo’. This point has been expanded, and discussed in far more detail here: http://wyrd-games.net/community/topic/106416-im-trying-to-be-patient-i-really-am/ There is the issue of models which are new (Vasillisa for Neverborn to name just one), and then there are those models who’s aesthetic has completely changed (All of the Effigys). If you were fortunate enough to have picked up the metal versions of the wave 2 models before production/distribution were stopped, then you are in luck. But if not, then you are forced to either; a) Trawl the 2nd hand market (A Coryphee pack went for £47 on ebay a few weeks back!!!) b ) Get lucky that your LGS has left over stock (highly unlikely in my experience) c) Not play that master (Sad face) d) Proxy This thread is concerned with choice D. It would be interesting to see the creative solutions to this problem that the community has come up with, whether it be proxies from other games companies, conversions or even scratch builds! I would also propose that people make requests for specific proxy examples or possibilities! Here are a few, by no means my own finds I must add, which I have found suitable: McTavish (Fon the hunter from Tale of war) Vasillisa (From Freebooters fate) Vasillisa (Tale of War again) I would like to request examples for: The Swamp Mother and Gupps!
  8. In a recent tournament there was a bit of upset feelings on a ruling where a player wanted to proxy in a model that hadn’t been released on the market. He inquired to the organizer ahead of time that he wanted to use an ‘alt ‘ of a different model and the request was politely denied because the organizer thought it might confuse opponents and compromise tournament integrity. Thankfully, there weren’t any hurt feelings and the player placed top 3 in the tournament but I wanted to share my thoughts and see what the community thinks in case I am ever faced with the same hard decision. Below I spew my thoughts in paragraphs. I based these opinions on the GG2017 organized play packet where they outline rules on Proxies and Conversions. I would love to hear your ideas and how you think you would go about the decision. Converted: To change (something) into a different form or properties; transmute; transform. Proxy: A person or thing that represents another or others. So Wyrd explicitly disallows models substituting for other models or what they call, “proxies” Their foreseen issues are compromises to tournament integrity, specifically and most notably “opponents not being able to ‘read’ the table” Makes sense, any abstract or on-paper-only representation without a visual to back it up would inevitably cause issues and a lack of fair play. With that said, conversions are legal. This is predicated on sportsmanship and fair compromise. The possibility of compromised integrity still exists so conversions are only ever “acceptable to use Wyrd’s label. Wyrd allows for conversions for two reasons they feel important: 1) They encourage players to, “show off their modeling skills” 2) They wish to allow players an opportunity to play with models that have been published but not released on the market. Wyrd lays out their stipulations in an attempt to accomplish the best of both worlds that allows players to create unique and personalized miniatures that still remain RECOGNIZABLE. 1) 66% of the model must be an original sculpt from Wyrd 2) If the model isn’t out yet, a CONVERSION may be fielded per the organizers discretion. My personal thoughts on conversions are that I like them. I like the idea of personalizing my models and making them unique from the rest as a way of- dare I say- affection towards my expensive pieces of plastic. I usually do this though means of basing and altering the pose. This allows for the original sculpt to be 100% the original plastic. My thoughts on the risk of and slippery slope of allowing proxy-like conversions. I think that by allowing proxy-like conversions has to be done with extreme discretion because it risks two detrimental scenarios. 1) The first is that if a conversion was made because a model wasn’t on the market than you run into the possibility of inconsistent or retroactive rulings when the model does hit the market. It might be discouraging to ban a player his or her previously allowed model because the model it was substituting is now on the market. It would cause feelings of discouragement or agitation because of the time and money invested. 2) The second scenario is that if it opens up the avenue for “decoy’ conversions. I think we have a very good player base here and don’t foresee this issue but in competitive tournaments, the ill-intent strategy of decoy-like conversions becomes viable and it would be ambiguous and difficult to draw lines. TLDR: Proxies: 1. NO Converted: (Stipulations) 1. 66% Original Wyrd sculpt if released on market 2. 66% Easily identifiable Wyrd model for unreleased models 3. Organizers approval
  9. I am wondering if there is a gameplay reason that we could not cut the models off the plug bases and model them on 80mm or 120mm dioramas (as a fire team). We could use wound trackers to mark remaining wounds, couldn't we?
  10. I just picked up a brand new Children of December box set as one of my first armies. Just getting into the game. I love the models, but the Wendigo really really bothers me... the Wendigo itself looks great, but the random dude getting mauled is... well its not bad, but it just isn't what I want on the table when I'm moving him around. It looks out of place on a gameboard, to me... especially if there are no Guild folks running around. Anybody have any pictures or suggestions for Wendigo conversions? I've found a way to do the left foot that I'm pretty happy with but I can't seem to figure out how to get his left hand. I'm not very good at sculpting, and I haven't had much luck trying to mold/cast his right hand and swap the thumb. The fingers are so tiny that the casting resin just doesn't fill the tiny mold very well, even with air vents. Anybody have suggestions or ideas?
  11. Welcome to my blog! More than one year ago I discovered Malifaux. After getting familiar to the game specifics and watching several great battle reports I got excited and decided to start my crew. This is a real challenge to the new player, however after some time of searching I stopped on The Swamp Hag starter. Even from the picture on the box it is clear what the models do: Zoraida casts hexes, Bad Juju solves problems in hand-to-hand and Silurids... To be honest, nothing was clear about them, but later I found that they are fast enough, which is great for some schemes. At last I received long-awaited parcel and started to assemble the crew. The first in the queue were the Silurids. According to the rules these lizards are stealth creatures with ability to hide in the undergrowth thanks to their camouflage till they swiftly leap to attack. However the poses of the models from the box do not reflect such appearance: the one runs at full height on its back legs and the other prepares for long jumping with its tongue put out. This matter and some parts, which are quite fragile, evoked me for conversion. I took the body of the running Silurid, both pairs of legs from the one, who prepares for jumping, and, in order to create really complex conversion, the head of the third lizard. In order to make the tail less breakable I made it bent above the base, on which I placed some leaves and twigs and put a small plant to represent the swampy area. The model is not finished yet and some gaps require filling prior to painting, but here is the WIP model, how it would look when assembled. Your comments are welcome! To be continued...
  12. Since you cannot buy the Avatar of Dread anymore I've started working on my own using a Mature Nephilim as the base.
  13. How about we get a new conversion thread going here guys ^^ show me what u did ill start off with my own Zoraida "Cthulhu" inspired swamp crew ^^ (its a treeman hand over the doll btw :P)
  14. I'm working on putting together a Colette crew and one model that comes up a lot is Howard Langston. Now, Hank is a great guy and all but I feel like he is a bit... out of sorts with the rest of the showgirls- and also I know that if I buy the Ramos starter I'll end up filling out that crew as well, which I should probably hold off on.) So I'm looking for ideas for something else that could be turned into a good conversion for ol' Hank. My best one so far is Hannah- with a bit of re-working to add some steam vents and mechanical cabling and claws (which is pretty doable, since I have a large box of spare bitz to work from) she seems like she'd be a very passable conversion, but I'm not married to the idea yet. Obviously anything I use will have to be on a 50mm base and will ideally be roughly the same size as him. Can anyone else suggest any good stand-alone kits that might work?
  15. I figured out why Wyrd hasn't come out with Malifaux Raptors in plastic yet--the Guild caught them all and put them to work with the Austringers. I decided to free one and set it loose on the Guild for vengeance! Freedom!!!!!! I have a few other views of this Raptor's heroic struggle for freedom over at my blog, check it out!
  16. So nothing against the Coryphee models, but I had a cool idea. Considering Colette's flavor for running crews as different shows, I thought I'd find/make some Blues Brothers-esque models and give them a smattering of spikes and blades. Conceptually, they'd be the start of a Rhythm & Blues show crew. Thus begins my quest. I know I've seen some Blues Brothers minis somewhere online, but I've had no luck in finding them again. I'm looking for suggestions. Really, all I need are two male models in suits. I'm fairly handing with greenstuff (enough to make ties, sunglasses, and fedoras if needed), so I figured this would be easy. The problem is I keep finding models with long coats. Who would have ever thought my long coat fetish as a good sci-fi/urban fantast fan would betray me!? So folks, any suggestions on a few suited male models, preferably in some interesting motion poses? Or, for some Wyrd specific possibilities, does anybody know if the TTB male box has a few options that might work? Or, even better, if there are pictures of the sprues anywhere? Any help or suggestions are very much appreciated.
  17. So this'll be my first proper post in this lovely place (I think, my account has been grossly inactive). So, as the sucker for tricky masters with steep learning curves that I am and given my recently discovered for martial arts... stuff, I am incredibly hyped for Shenlong. I've also fallen in love with the Mortal Kombat franchise and now I want to make a Mortal Kombat themed Shenlong crew, and this is where I need your help. I've got my sights on the crew box, and figured I'd make a Goro out of Sensei Yu, the High River Monks will all be one of the many pallette swapped ninjas (probably Sub-Zero, Scorpion and Smoke but nothing's really settled there). As for the peasants, I'll probably just keep them as peasants. Now, my remaining problem is the big man himself. I've yet to figure out a character that Shenlong would look good as. Keep in mind I am not looking to make immense, picture-perfect recreations of these kombatants, I just want to copy the look and feel and apply them to the Shenlong crew. I've also thought of using the Ten Thunders Brothers kit for characters like Kung Lao (the person with the incredible hat of course), and a few others. So. Thoughts? Suggestions? Merciless criticism against my harebrained idea? I'm fully aware that the models aren't out yet, but you know - Plan Ahead. (There's an action somewhere called Plan Ahead, right?)
  18. Please let me know what you think! And more stuff coming up!
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