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What Mercenarys are you using in your current guild army ?

I was thinking about Hans for more ranged support (because he is really cool), but Nino can nearly do the same

Student of conflict seems also interesting: Sonnia can cast 4 spells with her, Lady J also loves fast and so on. Might be a really good merc for us, even for 5 poitns.

Any other mercs you like ?

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The Freikorps Specialist is close to being a auto buy for me. It is very effective together with Sonnia, have some great utility skills (corps marker removing, paralyze/slow removing), a great weapon (blast and ignore cover) with very nice triggers and have freikorps armour...what not to like!

Other than that I have been thinking about Oiran, as wp boost could be very handy (especially if Sonnia goes friendly fire mode ;)) and access to lure could be golden, plus i like the look of the models very much.

I also thought about Taelor as she is a very nice model too with a lot of utility, especially against summoners who I often fight against.

Sadly I bought two Desperate Mercenaries at the end of last edition, but there utility have been somewhat changed so I can´t really use them at the moment..which is a bit annoying as I find them very cool miniatures (and I almost finished painting them).

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I play Sonnia when it comes to guild. The Freikorps Specialist is amazing. He does everything Sonnia could want. I never thought about using Student of Conflict, but I normally do not use the Purifying Flame, so that might be a good change if I have the SS to spare.

Desperate Mercs used to be my go to for Avatar Manifestation for anything that required a quick corpse. For Guild, I might be switching that to Guild Hounds when second wave becomes official.

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For support masters and crews with little to no healing I'd recommend Malifaux Child, as he can cast your masters support spells (own models can auto forfeit duels) and heal your key models in a tight spot.

Besides that, as have been said, the Specialist is fantastic. i don't like Hans in a guild crew, as they can get the cheaper Nino.

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Ronin also.

Sonnia loves them for bringing her more stones/cards from seppuku, especially if packing reincarnate where she tends to burn more.

LadyJ loves them for the extra pace they bring

also, Killjoy: I like to call this "really finish the job"

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I often bring Johan along, some of my crews lack effective condition removal so he's quite useful to have around, I'm also never going to say no to a model packing a Relic Hammer, especially as there is a LOT of Arcanist players in my gaming group. With that in mind if I suspect Summoners Taelor comes along for a ride and if I want protection from Casters along with some ranged support then Sue is always a nice addition as well to a Sonnia crew.

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