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  1. Can't wait to finally hold the two player starter in my hands.
  2. As an abyssina player doom seekers tend to mess up our elite electrocutioners as does keeping this unit out of glory. In general into abyssina you want to have something that can drop the opponent from glory be concious of the electrocutioners 12 gun range and be mindful to keep fireteams over 3inches from each other. This limits the effects of area.
  3. Hazardous is a damage nob in the game that is critical to the gibbering hordes. I'm not saying it can't be adjusted but one faction has a commander centered around it's interaction. The punishing part of that interaction is it activating upon entering and upon activating in hazardous terrain. That is indeed in many games too much dmg. TOS is a game where you can shape outcomes, that's why you buy your hand and aren't given it. That said I can see this interaction needing some further examination. Area I'm afraid I don't quite by as it's mitigatable through positioning and only does a maximum of 1 dmg. It's strong but it's also on a limited amount of weapons. I am not convinced area is a problem mechanic. Because it's capped already. The rhino is really hard to kill. Can't argue that if it's proving too difficult to peel off the table then yeah likely needs a look. Noodle worm. Ive not played against it enough to have a strong opinion on it. Abyssinia- still needs some of their incidental card draw removed. Remove the draw from the engineers. Rail gunner brought down to str2 base.
  4. Yes its a glorious interaction point with hordes.
  5. https://coordinatedstrikepodcast.podbean.com/e/coordinated-strike-ep-38-cha-cha-changes-errata-overview-and-in-depth-thoughts/ We look at the August Errata in depth. and crumpets
  6. Endless number now gives the unit your summoning back a reinforcement token
  7. My fan made campaign model for ToS enjoy with your friends family or in your slow grow Dead simple and unofficial campaign rules for the other side perfect for a slow grow leagues, buddies in basements or for a campaign in a day style "organized play" event. Dah intent: this is to allow a small group of players to play a campaign in the other side over a series of weeks days or hours depending on what type of event your running. This is to provide you with a simple, relatively balanced easy approach to a campaign variant for The Other Side these are unofficial, and purely for personal enjoyment. Dah rules: 1.) Linear campaign model: or going from Point A to point B over a series of games. In our example campaign were going to show two scouting forces intercepting each other at random leading to a more organized series of engagements between the two forces that culminates with a 2 commander battle. Because our narrative is about a scouting force finding the enemy into a skirmishing between the two forces leading to the whole of these companies engaging we will have our participants each create 2 1 commander list each featuring a unique commander with the ability to field both 1 commanders list they create together at the same time. This type of set up can be ideal for a grow league. So rules wise: at the start of your campaign determine how many rounds the campaign will be and how many commanders each player will field each rd. It is recommended you determine a theme and a location for this to add flavor I. Our example. We are following the events that lead to the eventual battle of the pyramids in Egypt between earth forces and the forces of malifaux. This will follow events over 3 rds 2 rds of 1 commander each with a unique commander list and 2 rounds of two commander using the combined unique list for each player. Determine attacker and defender in rd1- the attacker and defender will be determined in rd1 by narrative reasoning. So you can either have players flip at the start of the first game if it makes narrative sense for this to be random. Such as 2 scouting forces looking for the enemy or you can determine who is attacker by narrative mandate. As a go forward the winner of the previous round will determine attacker and defender there after for the campaign. This should make narrative sense as in our example campaign the winner will be the attacker having won vital intelligence over the opponent and being able to freely set traps and hazard the loser will have to overcome. Laying out your rd operations and deployments. As campaign organizer it is your job to determine the operation and deployment that is appropriate for each round of your campaign event this will include what the winner receives as bounty and or what the loser receives in disadvantage. In our example campaign were keeping it logical and simple. Rd1 set traps on killing fields. The story is two scouting parties are searching for the enemy while preparing the enemies likely advance route with boobie traps. The winner of this rd will receive the following bounties 1 additional starting tactics token at the start phase of turn 1 of the next game only. And will pick 2 enemy fireteams at the start of the game to receive an uncheatable str3 hits and whose unit receives a pinned token representative of successful setting traps on the enemies advance route. Killing fields has been selected because it offers large board space for the forces to find each other within. Because were looking at a scouting force this game will be a single commander Game. The next round should make narrative sense and aid in the story you and your opponent are crafting here we give the event organizer some ideas and guidance in a linear campaign setup we recommend just having a single path regardless of outcome meaning no matter who wins the next battle will be the same operation and deployment. If you want a more complex campaign experience a branching style campaign would have you playing a different operation and or deployment based on winner of the previous mission. Our example is linear style for ease. Example- rd 2 establishing a base of operations. In this second round we find the second half of our armies attempting to setup long term supply bases so that the entire force can establish dominance of this strategic piece of ground. The losers forces being slightly mauled by the winners forces on the way in. And the winners enjoying an early tactics lead thanks to having extra time to establish their base. We will play this winner being attacker with operation being supply cache and deployment being corners representative of the attacker controlling the deployment options of the opponent thanks to their traps from the previous mission. Size this is a single commander game using the yet unused 1 commander list Stakes: winner will receive one additional tactics token at the start of game on turn 1 only this bonus is not cumulative And they can have 1 non commander unit starts the game in glory and may distribute 1 reinforcement token and 1 inspired token amongst their units. This represents hard won battle experience and the benefits of being able to maintain your supply caches in strategically important locations. The loser if they lose by a difference of 5 or less will start with 1 commander in glory and places a shaken token on one of their units. If they lost previous battle by more then 5 then 2 of their units receive a shaken token. Low morale represented this way from lack of supply. Example 3rd Battle of the pyramids the earth side faction is always defender if no earth side faction is being used the previous rd winner is defending. Size 2 commander this is the combined 1 commander lists you used in the 2 previous games. Operation scavenge on confrontation This is the final battle for the pyramids so were looking to hold strategic points on the ground for longer then our opponent. Our whole forces are Assembled and how well we played in the previous rd has given us some help or hindrances. Stakes winner of this battle.gets plus 2 to their overall differential Winning. The campaign the winner of the campaign is the force with the highest overall differential at the end of the campaign special note if a differential in a single game is ever greater then 8 it is recorded in the final differential as an 8. You can also if you wish to play larger or linked smaller campaigns say that the winner of this campaign can get some bonuses in the follow up campaign such as adding an overall campaign stake of the winner of this campaign begins the next campaign with all their commanders in glory. Or receives 2 inspired tokens to distribute at the start of the first game of the next campaign. In a larger group it is possible to have 2 winners face off in the follow game for both or 2 losers if that is the case it is recommended to have a narrative direction for attacker and defender if each player had same result previous game. In the example battle for the pyramids the malifaux aligned allegiances are always considered the attacker except for the first game which is randomly determined. Hope you have fun with this and let me know what you think of. Again general recommendations around the stakes sliders are to use tactics tokens sparingly along with glories units, use the other 4 token types more freely. You make your fun, if it makes narrative sense do it. Start small and simple and build to complex. Quick branching example: recommended with smaller player count i.e. you and a buddy or 2 in base ment. Each round should have 3 outcomes: If earth won: then stakes x applies and do mission x If tied: then stakes y applies then do mission y If malifaux then stakes z applies then do mission z. This generally requires more organizer work and tracking but can lead your campaign interesting places. When should a rd end? A round should end when each player has faced each other campaign player this round or each player has played at least 2 other players this rd. Rd timeframes- if you are doing this as a compliment to a slow grow league I'd recommend 2 weeks a rd. If it is just people playing with already purchased and or painted forces reduction of that time is fine. Also totally acceptable to do in a day in leu of a tournament event. Attrition? I am generally not a fan of attrition in a campaign as it normally leads to snowballing of one player or allegiance. That said there are some very simple ways to show an attritional toll without undermining balance 2 heavily. This could be as simple as losing force taking more pinned tokens in their next match, fireteams suffering a dmg flips at start of game that give the attritional feel without a lot of book keeping or feels bad. As this punish shouldn't be more then you see from a stratagem. Feel free to mix it up your the general of your fun I'm just showing you a potential frame work from some quick easy campaign fun.
  8. Miss Aligned: TOS- Alt Engineer for Abyssinia that is female Miss Sighted: TOS- Female Variant of Charles Edmonton. Miss Fortune- Alt Female Doomseeker
  9. Captaincon 2020 events going in July Going bigger longer and uncut in 2020. 2 commander tournament (2) random doubles, a first of its kind narrative event. And some 1 commander quick draw events. And the Freaking Catalan Wine Mixer... our opening night event with a just a splash of sophistication. Check this space for more details
  10. During a duels modify step the opponent may use a shaken token to reduce the total by -2. Wording is very explicitly all duels. As it does not call out whose modification step just during the modify step. So simple included
  11. Okay this is a an easy one pg 9 small rule book explains abilities are always in effect but some only come into play when certain conditions are met. In this case an asset on a titan within 12" flipping. Pg 22 breaks down an action and says each action is resolved prior to going to the next of their are multiple. As is the case with artillery strike. Pg 24-25 go over duel resolution and most importantly when that asset flips. As soon as that asset flips you draw as your ability is always active and the condition has been meet. The player would then flip their next duel and the drawn card would be in your hand
  12. The kings hand is a closely guarded secret no one is certain if it is manned or if it is the largest automation yet constructed it is the result of unprecedented cooperation between kings empire, Abyssinia and the guild. The kings hand represents a radical leap forward in titan design.
  13. What I used at captaincon Abyssinia Garrison 1 commander LORD OF STEEL AND PRINCE UNATHI MEDAL OF HONOR 2. SOULSTONE NECKLACE 1 TOUGHNESS 1 TOUGHNESS 0 MECHANIZED INFANTRY 8 ELECTROCUTIONERS-10 MEHAL SAFARI-9 Crow runners-6 2X ABYSSINIA ENGINEERS-2 1X rail gunner -2 1x basotho cav-4 Stratagems Medic Activate defensive coils Overclock Soulstone detonation Behind enemy lines Expert training
  14. Some of the degenerate interactions between kings empire commanders and keep calm and carry on. Namely the volume of tactic token generation coupled with the stratagems that directly affect operations. The rhino exists its very strong piece but its effect is restricted to its threat. The tactics token volume generation combined with the stratagems that directly lead to points swings means I have far less concerns for this. Additionally I have concerns about the volume of card draw possible with the mechanized infantry really Abyssinia card draw in general. Additionally margaret belle a resource free up to 16" place combined with a free tactical action with access to an asset that allows for you to force the opponent to hit themselves in a faction with resource advantages. I'm not meaning to minimize the rhino and its affect but for myself, I have far less concern around a strong single fireteam then I do with significant resource advantages. Does the rhino need a look yes, but it's not near my public enemy number 1.
  15. I'm sure something will come. I also know it's good to let things breathe a bit see what bubbles to the top and adjust at once instead of piecemeal. The rhino(s) are good they die to area without assets and that dmg by passes their tome power. Their are far more incidious and degenerate bits then the rhino. Although it's quite good.
  16. Game is Fantastic I Main abyssinia and Gibbering hordes just bought cult of the burning man. Against Kings empire ONE or Two- this game is built for 2 commander play it's where it really shines. I like 1 commander but TOS is a Cadillac at 2 commander Overall impression- Love the game love the system. Have done a podcast specific to the game for nearly a year. Like dislike- I like the asethic and the mechanics. I dont have much dislikes on it I have a few pain points around endless number but nothing that halts my enjoyment Concern- nothing rules based simply getting people to see it. Looking forward 2-more allegiances and more players
  17. We will be using the Fields of Glory and the faq as no errata for Captaincon https://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2019/1/31/the-other-side-faqerrata-and-tournament-docs-january-2019-available-now
  18. Placing a unit in front of him that is base to base to itself keeps him from being seen while allowing him to see over it. This helps his survival factor immensely. Remember in hordes he can just eat a friend to glory. You can bellow commands at any unit friend or foe. Horo loves alpha crawlers in its lists
  19. Good morning party people CaptainCon 2019 Operations and deployments FRIDAY Rd.1. Supply Cache on confrontation. RD. 2. Pitched Assault on sideways Rd 3. Scavenge on Corners Saturday RD1. Set traps killing fields Rd2. Scavenge on confrontation Rd-3 Pitched Assault on corners
  20. Good morning party people CaptainCon 2019 Operations and deployments FRIDAY Rd.1. Supply Cache on confrontation. RD. 2. Pitched Assault on sideways Rd 3. Scavenge on Corners Saturday RD1. Set traps killing fields Rd2. Scavenge on confrontation Rd-3 Pitched Assault on corners
  21. Hi all wanted to make sure you were aware we have two tournaments firing for Captaincon this year February 8th February 10th. Our Friday event is half sold out and Saturday has about a quarter of tickets pre sold. Don't miss your chance to play in the First The Other Side Convention Tournament in US history. RAFFLE FOR PRIZES. Commemorative trophy Glasses for 1st-3rd and best painted and our last place player wins a bottle of whiskey to drown their sorrows. And every player gets a set of event specific objective markers. Sign up early as our space and a 3rd event depend on our presales which is going well get it done before the holiday rush.
  22. Back at this week with a Look at the Cult of Burning Man Allegiance Box and how it matches up into the 4 operations and the 3 other allegiance boxes. Enjoy as we explore how deep this allegiance goes. https://coordinatedstrikepodcast.podbean.com/e/coordinated-strike-ep-25-cult-of-the-burning-man-allegiance-box-strategy-deep-dive/
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