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    @nagash, dude, that IS Danny Trejo... I wish they put in a machete on the mini.. LOL
  2. Since the Wave 3 (Avatar) beta is postponed/delayed will that also delay the release of the Wave 2 cards? It would be a shame if we have to wait until GENCON for us to have a chance to pay money to reward Wyrd for their work. I don't see any reason (aside from the art being uber slow) to delay the Wave 2 arsenal decks. I will still buy the Wave 3 (avatar and general upgrades) deck when it comes out. I'm glad that we're getting a Wave 2 book but my group and I would like to get our grubby hands on the Wave 2 cards. I'm not writing this to troll. I just want Wyrd to take our monies...
  3. I bring the convict gunslinger when I feel like I need more firepower. Any Freikorps model depending on SS Desperate Mercs still work as human shields that can shoot. I'm still building a list with Killjoy...
  4. Was thinking the same thing.. although I'm considering sticking the alt head on Carver's knife.
  5. wow... thanks I hope Carver's card would be in Wave 2 Arsenal.
  6. Perhaps but I think a few highlights and shading would make the mini details "pop". I'm considering not priming any models and painting Tara, Karine, Pandora, Candy and Baby Cade as I would normally (leaving some transparent pieces) while just highlighting, shading and washing the Void Wretches, Nothing Beast and Sorrows. I guess I'll decide on my plan of attack once I get the minis.
  7. I have the same question and ordered tara and Pandora as well (Green)
  8. Got it! Glad I waited an extra 20 mins... I got the ff: Smokey Tara crew Rules Manual The Carver Nightmare Teddy Pandora Box set (green transparent) Resser Arsenal Arcanist Arsenal Just over the $250 threshold... so Alt Perdita and Santana (finally!) should be hitching a ride with my order. Yahoo! I'm pretty much done with my mini shopping for the year.
  9. got in.. was able to add stuff in cart but now, i cant complete order. The Wyrd folks might miss out on impulse sales... when peeps sleep on it, maybe they'll decide to wait it out... i'll keep trying for maybe 10 more minutes.
  10. will stay up for the next half hour (PST). hoping for Smokey Tara crew NM Teddy Carver Mini Rulebook and other stuff... at least i got to add stuff 5 minutes ago so I just need the site up for 0 minutes so I can pay and complete my order.
  11. Wyrd Store servers keep flipping the Black Joker huh? I'm gonna sleep and hope that tomorrow morning would still have Tara and the other stuff.
  12. I agree. I just ordered the Rail Golem from my FLGS, I'm afraid that I might get the 1.5 card instead of M2E. I've experienced the same thig with warmachine where I still got mk1 cards which forced me to order the mk2 cards fromtheir website... Well, at least the single cards are available online.
  13. I'm hoping that Ratty would update his scheme cards pdf from 1.5 to M2E. Then I'll print it on card stock and would be happy. But a store for indivudal cards and upgrades should be an option. For example, I have 4 Death Marshalls (3 from the Lady J box and Miss Terious). I would like to have an extra Death Marshall card without buying another full Arsenal Deck.
  14. I think some people think that we government employees are Neverborn... but I choose to be the Guild.
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