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Kaled's Malifaux crews


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Afternoon all,

I just finished my first two crews for Malifaux and, although I haven't yet managed a game with them yet, I thought I'd share a few pics.

But first an introduction - I started playing wargames and painting models about 20 years ago (other than a hiatus when I went to uni). In that time I've mostly played GW Specialist Games - Epic was a favourite when I was younger, but these days I mostly play Blood Bowl and Inquisitor. I'm also involved with the Inquisitor fanzine Dark Magenta and organise the annual Inquisitor Grand Tournament (due to take place in March at WHW in Nottingham).

I came across Malifaux a few months ago and fell in love with the models as they have a lot of character. It feels a little weird to be painting characters who I haven't invented - a very different experience to Inquisitor, but I'm enjoying it immensely.

As I said, I haven't yet played a game of Malifaux - I just picked models that I thought were cool and which looked good together - I guess I'll find out as I go along whether they're actually effective crews.

Anyway, on to the models - first up is my Seamus crew.







After Seamus, I painted a Lady Justice crew.







I've now run out of Malifaux models for the moment, but here's hoping that Santa brings me another crew - I quite fancy doing Collette or Pandora next...

Hope you like them.

- Dave

P.S. Sorry the pictures aren't the best - the light here isn't exactly great for taking pictures at this time of year.

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Some top notch stuff there, great execution all around, and I like your choices of color selection. And I've always said that it's the little details that really make a model stand out, and you've got that in spades (crows? :)) The effects on the birds wings is especially impressive. Looking forward to seeing more of your work, and thanks for sharing.

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Thanks everyone for the comments, much appreciated. :)

I really wasn't sure about the executioner at first, but decided to buy him as the model has some really characterful touches like the severed hands hanging from his belt - then when I started to paint him his flesh started out looking rubbish but after a lot of blending it started to come together and now I think he's one of my favourites too.

I got the Colette box for Christmas so expect to see some updates over the next few weeks...

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I've finished another two crews since Christmas - well, by finished I mean I've finished the starter boxes, but I've still got half a dozen models to add to each crew.

First up, Collette and her showgirls...





And then (alternate) Pandora and the legion of sorrows...





- Dave

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Wow some really nice work there. Love your take on flesh.

Gamesmistress can attest to how much i struggle and usually swear when trying to paint flesh.

Have to say i was scrolling down paused and had to scroll back whilst exclaiming...he gave him a hairy belly on your executioner. A bit of a random lol moment right there!

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Thanks, I'm glad to hear that people like them. Yesterday I finished the three mechanical doves and started Angelica, so should have photos to share of them in a few days. After that I plan to paint some non-Malifaux models, then I'll come back and do the Coryphee and the rest of Pandora's crew. I also need to decide what method to use to base the Coryphee - I've seen some good ideas so just need to decide which is right for me.

Love your take on flesh.

Gamesmistress can attest to how much i struggle and usually swear when trying to paint flesh.

I use a few different methods to paint flesh depending on the tone I'm going for. The basic method is a base coat of a mix of Dwarf Flesh and Tallern Flesh (the exact proportions depend on the tone I'm going for). I then wash with Ogryn Flesh (or sometimes Devlan Mud). The highlights are done by adding Elf Flesh or Bleached Bone, and then Skull White for the final layers. I tend to do a lot of very thin layers and build up the colour gradually. You might also want to listen to episode 3 of the Precinct Omega Hobbycast - there's a good section on there about other methods of painting flesh. Hope that helps you find a method that works for you.

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