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  1. I like your Oiran better than any I've seen. NMM, flower motif, sheer stockings...all good stuff. :Powerful_Puppet:
  2. Thanks for that. So Sarissa is basically the same as Battleflag? The Battleflag ones look a little small. Even factoring out the base, the door clearance looks low to me, especially in an era that saw a lot of hats. For most folks this is probably not an isdue; it is a "thing" of mine.
  3. A big +1 for that. If possible, please post some close up pics of Ht2 models next to the doors/windows while standing on the deck/floor. I don't get why the companies don't just do this on their own sites. I can't imagine Wyrd would not give permission; it would create a mutually beneficial advertizing relationship.
  4. I just got my first set of non-malifaux laser cut mdf buildings from a kickstarter that i helped fund. Damn they smell! It is like sitting in front off a camp fire! Do Sarissa's buildings have this problem?
  5. Great crew! You really make these figures pop! The stockings are freaking amazing. I an especially impressed with Collette's
  6. These are really well done & I will certainly be getting a deck. I hope that you got some $ for the work...or at least a HEAFTY online store credit. It is nice to see Wyrd is ready to capitalize on the efforts of their customers. I mean this in a good way; some other companies seem fearful of what their fans produce.
  7. I used that PP figure for a gunmage too: http://www.wyrd-games.net/showthread.php?30357-Iron-Heel-Kaeris-Crew If I hadn't already put a bunch of work into my Kaeris, I'd use CMON's Steampunk Tinkerbell: http://www.coolminiornot.com/shop/miniatures/limited-editions/steampunk-tinker-belle-limited-edition-350.html. She really would fit well with a bunch of miners and looks more like she has a connection with the M&SU.
  8. Accelerant compels models with burning tokens in range to take damage OR choose to take no damage, discard the tokens, and be paralyzed. Is this "choice" done before or after the flip/cheating or after the damage total is determined?
  9. Your painting is clean and crisp. I think that the next step for you is to play with washes. I've not used P3 washes, but use whatever you have and start experimenting. Even with the new GW formulated washes, I am finding that I want to thin them. If you put on a wash too thin, it will mean a you do it again after it dries. It a wash is too intensified, it may mean repainting! Thin by adding water and something to break the hydrostatic bond of the water (a drop Future floor wax does the trick). I'd recommend taking another SPA, painting the same way that you have the others ex
  10. I am looking to start a Levi crew and am on the verge of trading non mali stuff for the steamborg. Is he worth taking with Levi?
  11. Have your buddy check the completed listings on eBay. Be sure to pay attention to what they actually sell for, not just the amount asked for as I've seen some totally ridiculous asking prices for LE Mali stuff there.
  12. Nice work. I never realized how slight Alyce is! It is like she was made for Anima Tactics or some other system. I especially like the waifs and the blood stains on the pavement. What did you use for those? They are so dark while also being vibrantly red simultaneously.
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