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  1. The next three constructs - a Watcher, Hunter and Peacekeeper... I'm looking forwards to painting something non-metallic next! In my painting queue are a Hodgepodge Effigy, Philip and the Nanny, and Miss Pack. - Dave
  2. The first of four constructs I'm working on. The Soulstone Miner is all metallic so was finished first, but I've also done all of the bare metal on the Watcher, Peacekeeper and Hunter so hopefully they'll also be finished soon.
  3. Yeah, I think the individual pics were too big and showed off all the flaws. I've tried re-sizing them - hopefully that looks better. I'm struggling a bit since my computer died I'm having to learn to do everything on my iPad. Glad you like them though - thanks.
  4. It's been a while since I posted any new pics - a period of illness in January / February really brought my painting to a halt for a while, but recently I've been able to finish my Perdita crew. As you can see, I decided on a mix of the new plastics and old metals to get my favourite version of each character (I'll probably be putting the other 'half' of the crew boxes up for trade). I think Perdita and Santiago are my favourites, but Abulela is a very cool model too. And finally, a shot of the entire family... Next in my painting queue - a load of (mostly) Guild constructs. - Dave
  5. Are the cards for characters like Miss Terious and Alt Francisco going to be up soon? I know they followed about a week after the others last time - is the same going to happen this time. I'm holding off ordering until I can get cards for everyone I need...
  6. @AaronIt looks like the card for Death Marshal C has been missed - his description doesn't mention the errata on Wargame Vault. Think I'll wait until the cards for Miss Terious and Nightmare Tara & Nothing Beast are updated before ordering so I can get everything I need in one go...
  7. GMort is great for looking at sprues - I use it all the time, but not really what I was looking for. Googling for painted models is probably the best option but it's a shame Wyrd don't have a gallery to showcase the range.
  8. GMorts blog is great, but since it's not complete it's not a great place to browse the range - it is somewhere I'll direct my brother to once he's narrowed down what models he might choose so he can get a better look at them. I guess browsing stores is the best option...
  9. Over the last week or two I've been working on a Guild crew for McMourning. First up is Ryle; Then there's a Guild Lawyer; And finally a couple of Guild Guards; Next in my painting queue is Perdita and her family.
  10. I don't really like browsing on the store - the pictures are quite small and while you can zoom, it only zooms in on part of the image rather than showing the a larger version of the whole image (on my device at least). It would also be good if had a sentence or two at least about what the model represents. EDIT: Other games have a gallery page that shows the available models with a short description - is there anything like that for Malifaux?
  11. My brother mentioned that he's thinking of buying a crew to paint and was asking about the best places to look at the range of models available. The Malifaux page here is good for getting an overview of the different masters available https://www.wyrd-games.net/malifaux, but what's a good place to look at the whole range of models? There are plenty web stores where you can browse through the range, but does anyone know of any other good resources he can look at? Since I already know the game quite well I normally look at Pull My Finger when buying new models to remind myself of what's out there and then use Google to find images, but since he's interested in models to paint rather than the rules at the moment the wiki isn't really appropriate (and anyway, it often uses pictures of the old metal models or other artwork so isn't a great place to look if you want to browse the range of models). Am I missing somewhere obvious I should be pointing him at?
  12. It's been ages since I painted any Malifaux models but recently I've painted some more models for my Leveticus crew. First up, Ashes & Dust; Then there's Lazarus; And finally a couple of Warmachine models as proxies for a Trapper and Librarian. I didn't feel like the official models had the right look for my idea of Leveticus's crew. Nearly forgot - not a new model but I also made a new base for Miss Step. I've got a few more Malifaux models in my painting queue - Guild McMourning crew and the Ortegas.
  13. What are the LE metal Justice crew? Dead Justice?
  14. I was lucky enough to find an online store that still had some stock of the old metal models so I was able to buy the models I wanted. Thanks, Dave Morning, I'm looking to buy the original metal Perdita model (the one that came in her old crew box) and the metal Hodgepodge Effigy. Since they're metal I'd be happy to strip off an old paint job. Hopefully there's someone (preferably in the UK) who has bought the plastic versions but still has the old metal ones laying around somewhere that they're willing to sell. Thanks for reading, Dave
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