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  1. Ok, makes sense, Deputy is generated after damaging, and Onslaught is generated after succeeding (although declared during the duel resolution), so the Deputy-generated action comes first followed by Onslaught-generated action 👍. Thanks for your time guys!
  2. What I mean is that Onslaught is declared at step d.V. (p71) and Deputy is declared at step e. (p71 and sub-step 5. from the damage timing on p70), but they both occur simultaneously after resolving? pheew this is complicated!! no wonder it took us 2h to play 1 turn!!...
  3. Wow, not at all what we figured out! But makes sense, please confirm I get your timing rationale: 1. Swarm comes first because it is after resolving current action, however the current action is not attack of the charge, but the push movement (which is then followed by another, free, melee action granted by the previous charge/push action, hence Swarm comes in between the pus hand the melee attack) 2. Onslaught and Deputy are simultaneous because they are both new actions that occur after resolving the attack action generated by the charge Oh ok, but isn't Onslaught generated
  4. Hey everyone! Here is the complicated situation we encountered during our last game: Rat King (with 2 wounds left) charges a model which is in range of a frontiersman's Deputy ability, and triggers Onslaught during its first attack. Once the push for the charge is completed and the Rat King is in base contact with its target, its Swarm ability is also generated. We struggled for the timing of the new events generated during/after the initial charge attack. We concluded that according to timing on p.70-71, the timing should be this: 1. Deputy ability, as it happens after damaging
  5. Thanks and thanks, yes I would have to declare the ss before the flip. Cheers and Plague on! 😁
  6. Hi guys! Little follow up question: Can I soulstone to add a suit that is already attached to the stat, to increase further outcome, if there is no limit to the effect? For example, Hamelin's Lure has the Taint trigger: "target gets number of blight token equal to the number of crows in the final duel". Lure has a crow built in, and say I flip or cheat with a crow. Could I also use one soulstone to get an additional crow, and end up with 3 crows? Thanks folks!
  7. Thanks Jesy! The first one is in the playlist already, I'll check out the other one 👍
  8. Hey everyone!! There are a couple of old threads for that I saw but nothing recent, so I wanted to plug this Spotify playlist which is think is a pure gem! It's got country, rock, traditional Irish with lots of weird and unusual stuff. Loving it, hope you enjoy it too 😊 If the playlist maker is around on the forum, keep it up, it's awesome and thanks for sharing your songs!
  9. Thanks Clement, that makes sense. Also I just saw that p14 highlights in bold that only the Walk action can be used to move vertically. Sorted! Thanks!
  10. Hi all! So I'm a little confused about Pushes in m3e: the rule mentions a Pushed model will stop when in contact with another model or impassable terrain. This would suggest that if the terrain is not Impassable (like a fence that is climbable), the Push would not end? However, listening to a podcast with the game designer, they specifically mentioned they wanted to stop players from charging over fences. So. I'm a little confused. Am I reading things wrong? Thanks for your insight!
  11. It does feel that the rats are now more of a side note to Hamelin, rather than a viable crew building option. I think that's actually nice (and possibly what was originally intended?) as whilst I love the theme of his crew, I just found taking many of the same model not to my liking. I'd rather take other stuff and see the rats just pop up occasionally 😊 and/or when needed, as with the stolen ability.
  12. Interesting, even if you don't take any rats and split in 2-3 bubbles to cover the board on both sides of the centerline?
  13. Hello folks! So, this a long way away for me but food for thoughts and wallet budgeting, but how do people feel H. fares in tourneys? Is he a master you'll feel confident to use for any strategy and against any crew? If not what would be a second master you would consider bringing, to have a chance given the strat at hand and/or your opponent? I was considering getting Jack Daw because I love the theme, but have no idea if he would be a good supplement to the Plague crew. Thanks for your wisdom, and Plague On!
  14. Thanks for sharing your experience! I was thinking of Bishop as my beater/scheme runner. With fast and option to double drop scheme markers whilst potentially punching hard, he seems a lovely choice. Hamelin does lack an in keyword beater, and I think Bishop could deliver whilst multitask. I thought for the second bubble, having Nix to cast blight and beat, bishop to beat and rat catcher to summon rats when enemy models die might work? Power to the Plague!! 😁
  15. Yes I see now how it might be a bit too messy. Hmmm... Henchman Hardcore doesn't appeal to me as players want to learn their master so that defeats a bit the purpose. I think the only option will be straight up team game, but with low soulstone crews to start, and maybe a time limit. I'm curious actually about the time limit of HH, does the turn suddenly end once you reach 30min in HH mode? How do you go around the "1 snail player Vs 1 speedy player"? Yes it was the 10ss double rush 😄😄 We did take our time and played leisurely with our pizzas in hand mind
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