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Cool range of Old West MDF buildings


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Saw these at the weekend and already ordered £50's worth (6 buildings). Will post some pics when they arrive, and when they are built.

Please take note that for Malifaux you need the Heroic scale buildings (not the 25/28mm ones which are a tad small), which only seem to appear on Sarrissa's website. Range is more limited in this cale, but will be expanded in the future.

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They are nice buildings, but a friend of mine owns some and they are unusable to Malifaux, or anything greater that 20mm scale really :(

Edit - seems he bought the 15mm ones, he's also got some of the heroic scale and they work fine it seems.

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So, as i don't have much time lately for hobby stuff when I saw this last week i couldn't resist.

Since i just wanted to test them I stuck with only three to get over the free shipping.

What can I say, ordered Saturday 21th, got a confirm of shipping on Monday 23rd, package arrived yesterday 28th (UK to Germany).

If you don't cut out some back doors like I have I would say the build time would be under 10 minutes per house. 5 If you don't glue.

Let the Pictures speak for themselves:






They are the heroic size small+ buildings, and are NOT painted.

The doors look a bit small but are actually on scale. Damn those bases under the minis.

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I've been using Citadel washes on mine, plus hand painted sign (rather than printing them out to retain the plank effect)s. Just need a few posters for the walls and I'll post up some pics tomorrow if I can.

They'll be used in anger next weekend at UK Games Expo.

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Those heroic scale ones seem to work pretty well. I was going to order some buildings for a couple of 15mm games we play, now I think I'll change my future order to a few of the heroic scales. For some reason when looking at the range I only spotted the 15mm, the site couldn't have loaded properly the first time I checked. Plus (as noted in the edit of my earlier post) the same guy I know who has the 15mm range also has some of the heroic and he says he uses them for Malifaux (I'll have to get a game with him). I wish he'd told me that sooner instead of saying they were all no good, pfft... :P

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Hmm... wonder about shipping...

If you go to Sarissa Precision themselves they say that orders below £30 are fixed at £2.50 and free shipping for anything over £30. This includes international shipping (it actually states that in the free shipping on orders over £30). I hope that helps :)

I'll be getting a few buildings off them in a couple of weeks ;)

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