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  1. So, crew box and Gencon 2015 special release. Gotcha.
  2. $60USD (or the equivalent) Wyrd product at an LGS, on one ticket, at one store. Stop rules lawyering. :-P
  3. I do think that $25 would be the right price tag for this model, if it were a Miss Model version of Barbaros, aka Barbarella. But it's not. It's an improperly scaled Nekima model. I also appreciate the effort to appease many of the complaints with a price reduction / refund, but it's still just a temporary fix, not an actual solution. It's another case of the genie being out of the bottle, this time with us already seeing Nekima's art, well before Crossroads was released, and now that we have seen the bad scaling issue, again, so soon after mega-Hannah who can't even fit in her designated
  4. Let's see if regular Tara can take as long to show up as Avatar Hoffman did: Two years.
  5. Probably another reason why they're hiring someone who knows how to use Zbrush, so that the plastics can gain some actual textures while making the cuts a bit more logical in their placement.
  6. Is Georgia three days ahead of the rest of the country?
  7. Does that mean he owns the company now? :-P
  8. Yes, every year we have asked, and, yes, every year they tell us "no". Maybe this year we can start a petition or poll or something for Wyrd to see just how much of a demand there really is for a change in policy. So far, the only winner is FedEx, as they get moar shipping money. Wyrd has to take the time to process, package, and ship multiple orders. Customers have to pay FedEx multiple times. International customers may even have to pay multiple customs fees. If we could save money on shipping, we could spend more money on actual product, which benefits Wyrd directly. With all of the cha
  9. Yes, but then you still need the ultimate question itself.
  10. Keep it simple. Focus on your flagship product. Maybe look into the areas where snafus repeatedly keep happening, and actually go about fixing them. The "they're a small company" excuse only goes so far. Let's look at Reaper, as an example. They're also a small company. They make their miniatures in house, -and- yet they have their own convention, Reapercon, where people can tour the facility, see how their miniatures are made, and really feel like part of the brand. So, yes, keep it basic, but host your own gathering of Wyrd enthusiasts, at your warehouse or even rent a hall. Convention
  11. Yeah, $100 before shipping, unless they've changed it this year.
  12. Speaking of Puppet Wars and Nightmare models, when are we gonna see some scaled up PW Unstitched Teddies?
  13. And yet we still don't have the Teddy from first edition book 3 (iirc) on the page with Eric's letter. :-(
  14. Malsqueak has already written much of the mechanics for Through the Steam...
  15. Yes, please focus on the flagship product Malifaux and its immediately relevant spinoff Through the Breach. Maybe give Puppet Wars some love, but let the rest go, at least until next year. No more evil babies, no more jetpack unicorns, no more kings of artifice. Just pure, unmitigated Malifaux UNTIL every single model is available in stores. Then you can branch out and stamp your brand on everything you can get your hands on. If Gencon is your official Malifaux breadwinner, make Adepticon or some other convention your time to roll out the other games. Hell, for a company that's been around s
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