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  1. Carver - 2011 GenCon Prize $50 Carver - Black Friday Edition $25
  2. 2014 Adepticon Fate Deck - Includes Strat and Scheme Cards
  3. Sure can. I'll be able to post those photos within 2 hours, at the most. Please PM me your address and I can give you a shipping estimate.
  4. HUGE Collectible Sale After some soul searching and after some changes in my life, I've decided to part with my Malifaux Collectibles. I put a lot of time and effort into building this and I want to make sure they are going to folks who appreciate them. Each item is new in original condition (unless otherwise noted). They are all in original box/bag. If they came in shrinkwrap, they are still wrapped. Prices as listed. Buyer pays shipping. In most cases a USPS Priority Flat Rate of either $6.80 or $13.45 will get the job done in the U.S. I accept PAYPAL and will ship internationally if the buyer has a good reputation. Shipping within 1 business day. I am NOT looking for trades. Please feel free to message me with questions. Thanks! ** UPDATE ** Prices reduced further *SOLD* Hanna - TTB Kickstarter LE *SOLD* Miss Pack *SOLD* Santana Ortega - LE *SOLD* Hanging Tree - 2012 GenCon LE Herald of Obliteration - 2013 GenCon Nightmare Edition $80 $60 *SOLD* Dead Justice - 2011 GenCon Nightmare Edition *SOLD* Foil Fate Deck - Sealed LE *SOLD* Miss Terious - 2012 GenCon LE Whiskey Golem - 2014 GenCon Nightmare Edition $60 $40 *SOLD* 2012 Bellingham Warhamsters Fate Deck *SOLD* 2013 Adepticon Fate Deck (some box wear, deck like new) *SOLD* 2014 Adepticon Fate Deck (some box wear) *SOLD* Carver - 2011 GenCon Prize *SOLD* Perdita - Alt Kissing LE *SOLD* War Rooster - 2012 Easter LE *SOLD* Carver - Black Friday Edition *SOLD* Miss Demeanor - 2011 GenCon LE *SOLD* Miss Ery - 2014 GenCon LE *SOLD* Miss Step - 2013 GenCon LE Hamelin the Plagued - OOP $20 $10 *SOLD* Pandora Avatar - Original, Metal OOP, 30mm base *SOLD* Pokey Victoria Puppet Wars promo (metal) Art of Malifaux Post Cards (McMourning, Rasputina, Ramos, Nicodem) $10 $5 *SOLD* Puppet Coloring Book *SOLD* Wyrd 2011 Catalog
  5. Due to the increasing difficulty in keeping track of inquiries, unless you've already PM'd me, these items are not currently available. Look for my auction threads for further sales.
  6. Cadilon's Fine Malifaux Auctions and Sales: Nightmare Edition Metal Teddy Read more about my auctions HERE. Here is something we haven't seen in a while. This is the Nightmare Edition Metal Teddy released at Gen Con 2011 (not to be confused with the NE Plastic Teddy released at Gen Con 2014). This item is out of print and with the move to plastics, you'll never see this in metal again. This is in NEW, SEALED condition. Item: Nightmare Edition Metal Teddy Auction Starts: Now Auction Ends: Last call starts at 8:00pm EDT (12:00 GMT), July 6, 2015. Starting Bid: $0.01 Payment Method: Paypal Shipping: Actual shipping via USPS Priority Flat Rate Box to US address; Actual shipping cost to other country. ( I have no intention of making a profit on shipping, but I will not be able to quote you a shipping price prior to your bid) Eligible Bidders: United States Residents; or non-US residents with excellent reputation with either eBay or other trading site. Description: It is in NEW, SEALED condition with no known defects in either the figure or card. This is an extremely rare item that has been available on these forums and eBay rarely, if ever. eBay suggests a value of up to $100. Auction Terms and Conditions: - Introductory Information - This auction will run during the time period indicated above. - To bid, send me a private message. I will note on the forum the current high bid. - As with live auctions, I will make a final call for bids once it seems like bidding has topped out. In no case shall I make a final call for bids prior to the date and time listed. This being the case, it would benefit bidders to bid what they would be willing to pay prior to the final call. - This item will ship once payment has been made and has cleared the Seller's Paypal account. - This item is sold AS IS with all defects and faults, and no warranties or guarantees of any kind will be given by the Seller including no warranty of fitness, merchantability or suitability. - No Returns will be accepted for this item. - The Seller intends and endeavors to honor the successful bid for this item. In the event circumstances outside the Seller's control arise, the Seller reserves the right to cancel this Auction or alter the terms or duration of this Auction at any time.
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