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  1. Looking for the old metal puppet models from the previous version/expansions of Puppet Wars. Specifically looking for Moleman, and other Arcanist models. Interested in basically anything I can get my hands on really. UK based.
  2. I used to be a henchman, but burned out in 2014 and took a break from the game. I've been back playing occasionally and decided to organise a Story Encounter for the weekend of my 34th Birthday. Normally I would attend the big war-gaming event in Edinburgh called Claymore. I haven't really enjoyed it the last few years, so I thought I'd do something a bit different. To that end, I created a Story Encounter themed around a Gala for the Governor General, with 3 rounds based on different party aspects: gifts, food, and the party itself. Here, I am asking for feedback around 2 areas. 1) the rounds itself - is there anything clearly broken or possible fine tuning needed, and 2) The pop culture themed achievement league. I am looking for suggestions for achievements, with a suitable achievement title. Let your creative side loose. Link to the event, and the document for appraisal. Bear in mind it's a V1, and subject to review.
  3. Event Title: The Birthday Bash Date: 05/08/2017 Location: Common Ground Games, Stirling, UK (Map link) Format: Story Encounter - 50ss / 3 round Gaining Grounds 2017 / Fixed Faction Start time: 11:00 Finish: 18:30 Ticket Price: £12.50 per player. Payment via paypal Paypal: davidkerrsmith@googlemail.com Background: Malifaux's Governor General is hosting a gala to celebrate his birthday. Nothing but the grandest event of the year to celebrate his highness' birth. Anyone who is anyone in Malifaux will be looking to lavish gifts on him in the hope of outshining fellow Malifaux class elites. Painting award: A single 30mm cake marker, or a selection of 30mm gift markers (up to 5 max) Gaining Grounds Format: Where possible, the event will follow the normal Gaining Grounds rules for event construction and running, with the following exceptions. 1) Strategies and Schemes: Selection for this event does not follow the normal Gaining Grounds rules or rotation. Instead they are picked for thematic value as this is a Story Encounter. 2) Proxies: allowed with agreement from 1) The TO in advance of the day, and 2) your opponent. Event Document (v1) LINK (Subject to testing and revision) 1) David Kerr-Smith 2) David McGuire 3) Paul Campbell 4) Joe Taylor 5) Dave Reekie 6) Ross McGinness 7) David Hamilton 8) Martyn Nicol 9) Jonny West 10) Victoria West 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) 16)
  4. Galleries Prizegiving Painting Competition Gallery Round 5 Gallery Round 4 Gallery Round 3 Gallery Round 2 Gallery Round 1 Gallery
  5. Hamelin box set. Yay! Is the Hamelin model completely separate from the plague cloud? I'm not loving the spell effect and don't particularly want to have to chop and re-sculpt the model.
  6. Finally got round to uploaded all the images from the weekend and posting a few closing thoughts. http://malifauxscottishgt.wordpress.com/
  7. Behold! V2 GT document is now available. https://malifauxscottishgt.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/scottish-summer-gt-2014.pdf
  8. Finally managed to get through the end of year coursework, Here is a quick attendee update Saturday 1) Dave Reekie - Paid (Weekend) 2) Ewan Smart - Paid (Saturday) 3) Steve Clarke - Paid (Saturday) 4) Jonny West - Paid (Weekend) 5) Martin Cairns - Paid (Weekend) 6) Andrew Smith - Paid (Weekend) 7) Paul Campbell - Paid (Saturday) 8) Murray Anderson - Paid (Weekend) 9) Barry Deans - Paid (Weekend) 10) Greg Piskosz - Paid (Saturday) 11) David Hamilton - Paid (Weekend) 12) James Cruise - Paid (Weekend) 13) Malcolm Smith - Paid (Saturday) 14) Andy Mac - Paid (Saturday) 15) Mark Bonatti - Paid (Saturday) 16) Andrew Weakland - Saturday 17) David McGuire - Paid (Weekend) 18) Rory Gemmell - Saturday 19) Jamie Gemmell - Saturday Sunday 1) Dave Reekie - Paid (Weekend) 2) Jonny West - Paid (Weekend) 3) Martin Cairns - Paid (Weekend) 4) Ben Cairns - Paid (Sunday) 5) Murray Anderson - Paid (Weekend) 6) Barry Deans - Paid (Weekend) 7) David Hamilton - Paid (Weekend) 8) James Cruise - Paid (Weekend) 9) David McGuire - Paid (Weekend) 10) Andrew Smith - Paid (Weekend)
  9. Updated the list for entrants 30/03/2014
  10. Ah, you beat me to it Andrew, I was just going to drop a line to you and see if you were still attending.
  11. I have no problem holding the first game up for a few minutes to give you time to get settled in. The details of the first game and the pairings will all be sorted by then so you would just need to turn up and get your models on the board. I would appreciate you getting the later train home as it gives me a chance to get the final results sorted, prizes given out if needed and the raffle drawn. Sundays I can't do much with Joe, I don't want to have the day finish any later than needed so people aren't traveling home too late on Sunday night.
  12. I wasn't planning to give out the awards until the Sunday afternoon. Results will be established pretty quickly after the final round, so if any people win a prize, who are only there 1 day, I'll make sure you get the prize before you go. It will still be a push to get you there for that train. We'll be drawing the raffle prizes during lunch as well to make sure you get the change to win stuff. Is there a later train home, if so, when is it?
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