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W.I.P. New december themed board


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After finishing contract town 27 i wanted to keep building but on something different and less complicated. no buildings (certainly no railroadtrack)

being a rasputina player and digging the whole winter themed setting and decembers cult i decided to build me a december board.

pics coming soon

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snowy pine trees, i found some in our old stock, could buy them for about 2€ for a bag of 5

i build them, brown armypainter primer, goblin green drybrush and then snow

the snow is a new product from tamiya we sell that i really love!




that are so-so from the side but from tabletop view (above :D) they look awesome as seen in the 2nd pic

i spayed them with tamiya pearl varnish but the effect is tu subtile, might resort to a wet coat of pearl varnish and some glassglitter

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Sensational vision as well, but please don't discount subtle if it doesn't show on a pic.

BTW - for anyone going to Cancon in January - I have a pretty fair sized boxload of those sort of trees that I saved when we dismembered a past Xmas tree. If anyone wants some, they're give aways, so just let me know before I travel there.

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