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New Malifaux Crews.. The beginning..


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Thanks everyone!

@kbdrand I use alumilite products. http://www.alumilite.com/index.cfm

I use standard casting resin from them (tan) and I usually use quick set RTV for the rubber molds, but this time the store was out and I used High Strength 3 rubber and that seemed to work very nicely.

The one thing that sold me on Alumilite was the customer service. I once bought a starter kit from a local store (Hobby Lobby) and apparently it had been on the shelf 2 years, which made it usless. I did not know this until after I tried it. I was a little upset and just sent them an email about the condition of the product and they replaced it for free and sent it to my home. I had the box for 1 month before I had opened it for use and I had lost the receipt.

Alumilite is very helpful via email and really sold me on the product and support due to fixing a problem with such ease. I talked to the local store management and told them that Alumilite products have a shelf life of no more than 12 months according to the online rep. and the local store immediately ordered new items so that I could buy more and removed all current stock.

Anyways.. there are many mold making companies out there, but Alumilite was helpful and good natured about everything. Good people!

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2 more days til I get sliced and diced. I have made a little progress, but haven't concentrated on minis too much the last week or so.

Here is a primed version of Pandora after I converted her ever so slightly.



Here is my wife's first base for her Colette crew. Kinda slapdash, she was just doing a test base to start. I think it is coming out nice though. She was just testing colors etc.


Some sceneray that I have partially finished:








Oddly enough, A friend and I were working on the strange gears scenery before we ever heard of Malifaux. I think this clockwork/gears scenery will fit in very nicely though.

I hope to get at least one more post in before the big day.

All of you take care and hope to see you on the flip side :)

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Those gears are pretty awesome, and I can easily envision them being found somewhere like Malifaux. Like Ratty, I may well have to... um... borrow(?) the idea.

I'm really struck by your trees, though. You've given a lot more care to the roots than most I've seen, and I think it really makes them stand out. Also, you've done a great job in capturing that twisted feel that I see when I think of Malifaux flora. Especially the first one.

I'm not a religious man, so I'll content myself to say good luck and get well soon. I expect and look forward to seeing all this stuff and much more completed.

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I survived the cancer removal portion of my surgery today. Took a few hours 11am-6pm total. Have yet another One foot long incision under my ribs. At this rate, I will bw homw in a week and painting on a little lapdesk as I lounge about the house.

Thanks all for ther best wishes.

I am on large amounts of morphine atm, so I will go.

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Had to gt a photo of me with a Malifaux rulebook. I was hoping it would keep McMourning away :) I cannot begin to explain the pain nd whatnot that I am in, but I gotta keep my morbid sense of humor at all times :)

What better advertisement for Malifaux? Struggling cancer patient demands his Malifaux before his Morphine! News at 11.

I actual have been having small dream sequences involving Nicodemus and that sort of Necromancy... it must be the morphine. But you wouls think I would be having Dr. McMourning running through my obsessive little brain or Neverborn, because I love them sooooo much.

Well, time to pass out again... great big hetero man hugs to all of you!

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