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  1. Wow, I havn't been on here since 2010. . .

  2. Love the flowers on Abby! Your Guildies are looking good!
  3. They look good! As far as suggestions go, though, paint Candy next (if you have her); she is clearly superior to all of the other puppets!
  4. After seeing your rats painted to look so feral, my friend, Thaehl, began doing the same thing, leaving their faces bald. Way to be a trend setter!
  5. Those mosquitoes do a number on anyone who likes having a control hand. (I hate those things so much...)
  6. Pandora is a master that, while powerful, relies heavily on her minions. If you deprive her of her minions then she falls apart. Her only defenses are her high will power and her ability to disable a model targeting her, and once her woes are gone you do not need to worry so much when you do choose to target her.
  7. I've seen you around on the forums quite a bit, recently, and I must say that I greatly enjoy your avatar! ^_^

  8. Have you tried sculpting at all yet? All we can do is make use of the resources available to us. I lack all of the bits from those kits, but I do have this polymer clay which I've made use of for the past couple of years. The inverse, I imagine, is true for you, having the bits but not the clay, no? All the same, the things you achieve with your models is something worth mentioning! Thank you for the kind words, Andrew.
  9. Kit or not, it looks really good! It has a strong compositional balance which I worry that the Wyrd model might not have. It looks impressive and doesn't feel any haevier on once side than it does on the other (visual weight, if you get my meaning). And the number of rats, I must say, do look imposing. Splendidly done!
  10. Is that the official Hamelin avatar sculpt, Andrew, or your own doing? Either way I think Terek will be enthused to get a look at this wonder. Kudos on the work; the tiers look good. If it is the official sculpt, it came out better than I was anticipating from the art in the book. I was really concerned that the tiers would look out of place.
  11. And now I offer to you all my completed Candy, the Petulant Youth! Overall, I am quite pleased with how she came out. Though, it always surprised me just how many inconsistencies there are that the camera brings out. It might be bias, but I'd like to boast that she looks better in person.
  12. I think you mean to say that you found a carving of a Stitched Together. It's looking good! Very fun!
  13. It looks like Sonnia has some new friends~ I enjoy them. It looks like that last one is coddling his Precious.
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