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Choose your Starting Master


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I think Lilith is gonna get popular once people see the rule book. She is a very nasty bitch. And her model is awesome, and who doesn't like demons.

Straight up - she's my starting Master.

Played some demo rules with Eric at ORIGNS and fell in love with her!

Her abilities were 'nice'... <weg>


It's gonna be good!


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:rolleyes: Twinkle?

That was the helfire - the spark of daemonic possession!


Yeah - if I'd planned for it, I totally would have dropped a special care package. You know I was hooked! I just could not stop coming back and pestering you guys. If only there weren't other 'customers'...

I want to pre-order NOW! :D


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Zoriada all the way. Although I can see Pandora featuring in my future. In fact I can see myself getting at least two masters for every faction, if not all of them. Sigh.....

I'm right there with you.

Marcus and ramos

teeth and viktoria

Zoraida and pandora

Ortega and Lady j

Seamus and Nicodemus.

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All three look amazing (duh!) but I'm torn between Lilith and Pandora. Pandora looks more advanced, however, so I think I'll start with Lilith :)

Lilith is a great start when looking for true beatstick of an opponent, Pandora will require a little finesse as you have to realize all the little special abilities she has and that she really can't stand much punishment in a fair fight.

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