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  1. Can't wait to se a StormSiren and the Calypso performing in the Malifaux version of A Little Mermaid
  2. That's exactly what i was wondering since they leave web markers around.
  3. Courtesy of Wyrd's twitter feed Keyword: Preassembled
  4. Your LGS may want to look to see about obtaining stock directly from Wyrd https://www.wyrd-games.net/direct-to-retail as its been hard for distrbibutors to the breadth of products out there these days.
  5. Does Coppelius have a brother? a tongue thief?
  6. O scale or O-27 are the closest
  7. While he seems wrong as a tyrant, he does have the trait already. And would you admit to being one of the tyrants if your out in the open? I see him as he's choosing to bide his time to allow the herd to thin a little. After all with the big guys like December and Cherufe, wanting to really break out and take back what's their's by any means necessary and then finding out that well, maybe the good citizens of Malifaux that is, aren't quite the chattel like the citizens of Malifaux that was. As for zoraida trying to recruit him that could go two ways, 1) she doesn't quite realize what he is
  8. Most likely doesnt count because this is the same forum as the off-topic thread, and this section usually isn't just about Malifaux or other Wyrd games
  9. Nightmare edition crew consisting of nekima, black blood shaman and 3 tots, can be call it the Maternity Ward
  10. Wasn't a kid why Raspy got sent to malifaux in the first place?
  11. From the FAQ (Located here: http://malifaux.com/FAQ.php) Question number 2 Does the game end, if one side is completely destroyed? No. The player with models remaining can play out the remaining Turns, so he can complete any Strategies or Schemes he may have remaining. You still count up VPs at the end. It is quite possible to win the game with no models on the table. Note that this should not be used as a game delaying tactic. Often, it’s easy to walk through the remaining Turns to determine if objectives can be completed rather than taking the time to activate each and every model – be
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