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  1. nerdelemental

    Losing players fast!

    I'm finding that I want to think Andromeda is the best thing ever, but that initial rush is interestingly a small boon for the Corp side, too. In order for Andromeda to maximize the potential of the hand she sort of builds immense resources, giving the Corp a turn or two reprieve before she launches. And, soon into the mid-game, any financial burst she got is expected but the Corp can set up their walls and she's lost her big advantage too quickly. I do want to love her most, but Santiago seems better balanced for an overall game strategy.
  2. nerdelemental

    Please Discuss Hamelin Errata HERE

    In fact, I think there's logic in building more rats in the hiring process as the summon/recursion is a bit mitigated now. Over the course of the game you might see the normal amount on the board (as before errata), but the Hamelin player may want to come packing several more to start. Especially since they're a bit longer in the tooth now that the RC can force them to lose Slow.
  3. nerdelemental

    Instinctual and Casting Question

  4. nerdelemental

    aViks issue resolved or no?

    LOL! Keltheos badge ninja'd me!
  5. nerdelemental

    The most powerful single ability in the game

    Companion. Maybe Reactivate.
  6. Glad you all seem on the same page with us. We do want to do it right. Not "fast" and not "just give the loudest guy his way" - we know the crew slipped a bit through the cracks of the first playtest (Outcast models have a tendency of that) but now we're entirely focused on him and bringing him in line with everyone else. He should still be strong but not stupid. And he should have good matchups and bad. Players should not flip game tables if you put his crew on it. Pshuh. No idea. We're busy as a dung beetle in a pole barn over here...(and this is a good reminder of why I don't want a stupid RM badge!) Sigh. PM me a link to any of these "Hot" topics and I'll see if my stick can reach the hornet's nest. ---------- Post added at 05:28 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:27 PM ---------- Yes. within a year. I promise.
  7. Be patient. Necessary revision of specific models is very much on our radar and the wheels are turning rapidly. Hamelin's revision, in particular, is very cross-model and so takes a bit more time, discussion, and testing to ensure we get it right. Thank you all for understanding. So: soon.
  8. nerdelemental

    Alternate Snow

    There are two Rasputinas out there. Use one as 'Tina and the other as Snow. (It's been something I've considered although I'm not against the real Snow, either - I just like messing around).
  9. Keep plugging away, man! You're doing a great job and I hope others in the area discover how much fun can be had up there!
  10. nerdelemental

    What is "Snow" from the snowstorm model?

    The Rasputina stuff is some of my favorite to write and deal with. Her combat with December nearly cracked the poor girl's psyche...
  11. nerdelemental

    What does a soul stone look like?

    Well, I was being a bit tongue-in-cheek with the periodic table ref. I'm no geologist and only peripherally care about crystal structures, but did stay at a Holiday Inn last week so that should make me an expert. [i'm still just kidding if that reference is lost on anyone. Just kidding. I kid.] It was to say: THESE rocks aren't normal. But, some things I take for granted are not taken for granted by everyone. These actually somehow suck out and store a person's soul for crying out loud. That, at least to me, should be enough to suspend everyone's notions that they are totally normal rocks. Where did they come from? How are they there? Why are they there? How do they work? I'm not saying. The word doesn't go much higher (I write the stuff), but, to be totally frank, I don't think many of us at this level of setting development have ever cared nearly as much as I think you do about these things. I'm not being snarky, really. You just seem to care about the nature of these rocks more than we ever did (it's my observation not criticism). Whether it is LITERALLY mining or archaeology, the miners call it mining. If you said to one of them: "Hey, you're now part of the Archaeology and Steamfitter's Union," I doubt they'd take you too seriously. Ramos may understand the nuances of the words and the nature of the stuff they're digging out of the ground. He still refers to it as mining. And he's kinda smart, so I'm taking his word for it.
  12. nerdelemental

    What does a soul stone look like?

    They're not gems. They're not naturally occurring stone veins. They do not appear on the periodic table. And, in our real world, there are many examples of stones that are not jagged that are buried that are all totally natural. If you lived near any region where glaciation bulldozed, buried, and/or dropped mineral deposits you'd know exactly what I'm talking about. But, essentially, they're not entirely without some magical properties. I mean - duh. How about a compromise: they're smooth edged?
  13. nerdelemental

    What does a soul stone look like?

    Although they are mined, they are not cut. They're pulled out of the ground as smooth surfaced things. Almost all would be white. As Ratty pointed out, there are some exceptions, but it's not been revealed in the fluff as to what they are or what makes them different.
  14. Ratty and others are working their nerdy programmer fingers raw on it! So.... "soon"tm